One Breath


< Clarity 8 > We have to let you know that it is not always easy to come in this close. It is getting easier and easier for us but, for instance, if we're doing a very intensive gathering with you where we were breaking new heaven and earth, it is sometimes very difficult for us to maintain our energy this close. So, for instance, with the recent workshop we had about energy abuses, after totally pouring myself into Cauldre, into each one of the attendees, into the staff, my own energies felt depleted. So, whether it is I or any of the other angels, we find that we have to back away for a little while. We have to do our own form of rejuvenation.

< Clarity 8 > It is not like we are sleeping. We definitely don't go to - how to say - other facilitators. We know how to find the space within us, the space of what we call the One Breath, the space of our own crystalline realms, to rejuvenate our energies. The Earth is very draining - very, very draining on any energy. It is not just the magnetic pull of Earth, it is not just being in matter. But the way that Earth and humans and those who are in the near realms feed off of each other. It becomes very draining.