space mission


< DivineHuman 7QA > There have been many, many what you call space missions in your time. There is a great curiosity about what happens outside the realms of your Earth, what is in space. This is natural. One of the things that the scientists and governments learned quite a while ago was that things are quite different once you leave the energetic blanket of Earth, when you get out into space. What they learned is that there are tremendous energies that can be tapped into.

Kryon speaks of these energies in a type of cosmic lattice. There are great energies that can be tapped into. It is very difficult to tap into these when you are on Earth. So, they have been conducting experiments for quite some time. They are making connections. Sometimes they think it is with alien beings. They are still not quite sure. But, they are feeling and being able to actually sense vibrations. They are feeling surges of energies that come in. And, they are trying to understand what these universal energies are and, more than anything, how to bring these back to Earth.

In the past when they have tried to collect these energies… think of them, in a sense, these energies that we speak of here, like vibrations and tones in very specific patterns. They have been trying to decode these for better understanding. They think it is a language, although it is not. There was the assumption that it was a language from other civilizations, what you would call aliens. But, it is not. What they have discovered is when they can tap into these frequencies and these vibrations , it delivers a type of potent, but yet very safe, energy.

Dear friends, there is all of this work to go into space. Do you think they are going there just to learn how to grow bigger corn? (audience laughter) Or to see if rats live a few days longer? No. They have discovered, in a sense, New Energy. (sighs and aahs from the audience) Yes. And, they are using it in their experiments right now.

(chuckling) They understand that WE know. They even listen in on our talks here. They are trying to understand what we already know, to help them to understand better what they should know. So, we would like to greet them today. (audience laughter) Thank you for listening in! (It was later discovered that there were 70 Internet hits during this channel from the U.S. military).

They are using a type of water-based substance to try to collect this energy in space. They know it is very potent. While they are on their space missions, outside of the strong magnetics of Earth, they can utilize this energy. But, past efforts to try to bring it back to Earth have failed.

Now, as you know, the grids changed. Things became different just a month ago. They went into space, quite recently, knowing this. Dear friends, they understand that the grids have changed.

So now they tried to bring this very potent New Energy back to Earth. They tried to cross through the planes. They tried to bring it back into the atmosphere of Earth. And, it doesn't work so well. It doesn't work so well. It is something yet that needs great understanding.

In a sense, you could say that the consciousness of humanity will not allow it to be brought back here. It is too potent for human use right now. It makes your nuclear weapons look crude, crude and small. There is enough consciousness and vibration of the planet to know that if this was brought back now and put into hands of those who have agenda, it could be very catastrophic. There are those who were aboard the Columbia, in a sense, that, yes, did give their lives today to assure that this wasn't brought back at this time.

There will be more explorations, but rest assured, for the time being, that the governments of the world will understand it is difficult to bring back that energy from the outer realms to the Earth. They will continue their experiments.

Now, why is it that on your news this morning you see flashing, while the reporters are talking about this incident, "If you find any debris, do not touch it. Stay away from it." It is because they are not sure what it is. There will come out in your news a wide assortment of speculations about spy projects and about all sorts of things. This also serves a purpose, for it does open the truth. Yes, there will be investigations. And, yes, there will be some who come to realize that they were doing things in space that they didn't talk about back here.

Now, dear friends, we don't want you to get too wrapped up in this. We are trying to get you to understand what is happening at a deeper level. As you release the duality, and agenda, and drama from your life, then it is much easier to share all this because we realize you will not spend too much time focusing on it.

But, yes, we told you many months ago, many months ago that they were starting to understand what New Energy was. You were creating New Energy. We told you back then that it could not be utilized by you right now, but that you were creating New Energy, and that it was taking form out in your universe. Here is one example of this.