; interconnection;
energy patterns and structures that you use at the core level to build anything;

< Clarity 9 > Let us talk about energy networks, energy networks. Everything is a network. All energies. Your body is an incredible energetic network. It is made up of cells and molecules and DNA. It's made up of organs. It's made up of all of these things that compose the network of your biology. The network isn't just the tissue and the bone and the blood of the body. That is part of the network. But the network involves all sorts of energetic and electric and magnetic fields that would be far too - how to say - it is far too intricate to try to get into all of these. It absolutely makes no sense to go into all of the details, other than to know you are a network. A biological network.

< Clarity 9 > In the biology, the network generally contains information and has knowledge of all the rest of the components of the network. Within the cells of your liver are all of the informations and all of the knowledge of how the kidney works. The cells, and the energy surrounding the cells of your liver right now, are liver cells. They are part of the liver network, but they could change at any moment to become part of the kidney. They are very adaptable. That is the way networks work. They are aware of all of the other portions and, when need be, they can shift their own identity to go from liver to kidney. They can go from a heart energetic network and can quickly change into brain, if need be.

< Clarity 9 > You are this massive network, interconnected. There's an interconnection between all of the vital organs. Within the blood itself is a very elaborate network, not just of cells, but of all the communicators in the cells. The cells that communicate with the other like cells, and the cells that communicate with totally different types of cells.

< Clarity 9 > When we look at you we see you, not as a physical being... we don't see your flesh, we don't see your hair. What we do see is energetic networks - billions of energetic networks that comprise your physical body - all melded together, all coming together to create a single physical network. What we are saying here is networks can meld together, networks can cooperate together to create even a larger, bigger network. That is your physical body.

< Clarity 9 > You also have a spiritual network. A network that connects you to the other realms. A network that has connected you to the Field. A network that connects you to what you term your Higher Self. And by the way, sometimes that definition of Higher Self is very limited. It is very elementary. Sometimes your definition of your Higher Self or your Angelic Self gets very religious actually, very much associated with what has been taught by the churches, tends to be parochial. So we want you to understand that even your true Self is much different. It is actually much more. Things are MORE than what they appear or what they seem to be.

< Clarity 9 > But you have an elaborate spiritual network, as well, and that spiritual network interconnects with your physical network. Some of you are actually seeing very appropriate pictures or getting the feelings of these massive amounts of energy units working together, creating networks and then melding with other networks. It is all very intricate and it is actually not important to understand every network and how it works. It is not important to understand all of the unique attributes.

< Clarity 9 > The networks tend to do several things. They tend to maintain themselves. They are designed by their creators, or you, to maintain themselves, to build an identity and then to maintain it. Not only maintain it but to protect it. So there's another elaborate network that goes over any network. It has to do with maintenance, protection, continual feeding and continual reinforcing its identity.

< Clarity 9 > You are a brilliant creator. When you 'created' yourself... when you created all of these micro and macro networks... as the Creator, as YOU, you said "Take form and shape, take identity. Feed that identity and protect that identity." And that is exactly what is happening. You've created tremendous identities or alternative networks for yourself. Past lives; projects in this lifetime; your identity in this lifetime. This identity of yours is nothing but a massive network. And in that network, again, charged with, or given the responsibility to, create identity and then maintain it, you see.

< Clarity 9 > And here we are now, with you in this Shoud, in this series talking about clarity and saying it is time to take down the networks - all of them. All of them. And you see what happens - the moment we say that there is a reverberation, there is like almost a shock that comes into your networks and it says "Get out your defenses! Someone's coming in here and trying to tear us down. We were designed and we were programmed to defend ourselves." Deep programming, which we're going to talk about over these next few months. Deep programming. So you've created all of these networks and your networks then feed off of things like the Field - which is just an energy network - and you're starting to disassemble all of those. You're starting to let those go.

< Clarity 9 > You've allowed, in some of the portions of the network, a certain amount of intelligence growth. But again there was a programming attribute that was built in there, a long time ago, that has limited it, that has created dead ends and locked doors. So even when you have tried to grow your Self and your consciousness, some of these locks and restrictions that were placed on there keeps you from going beyond. And, quite frankly, it is probably a good thing, because in this New Energy, you are not going to need networks anymore - at least not in the old way.

< Clarity 9 > You, as a god and as a soul, are not a network. You are an essence. And over these next few months we're going to discuss the difference between "essence" and "network." You're an essence. You cannot draw this or chart an essence on a piece of paper, where you CAN draw out a network. You can plot the energy movement of a network. Sometimes it is very complex - lines and energies and everything, moving every which way. But your essence is not a network. Some of you have been led to believe through, what we would call training or teaching, that you, as a spiritual being, are a type of energy network. You are not. You are an essence, and there is a big difference. An essence is raw. It is simple. It does not NEED structure. It does not need networks.

< Clarity 9 > You are an essence, but you have built this elaborate maze - in the body and the mind and the spirit - you've built this elaborate maze as your way of creating. It was your crayons. It was your magic markers. It was your watercolors. It was called "network building." Now you're letting go of all that. The Field was part of the network. The Field fed your old systems and structures and networks. It fed the old highways and roadways and lines and grids and everything else that has been your way of creating and manifesting.

< Clarity 9 > As you know from your human physics and earth physics that you know it appears solid. It is not. It is spinning... atoms and micro-atoms and sub-atoms that are all spinning. A magnetics... we're going to deepen every physical object that's below this - subatomic particles are a very interesting or different type of magnetics than you would generally think of - but it is magnetics... and they are all spinning and moving. And there is great distance between them, as you know, between the physical parts. But they create a network, interconnected to each other, to then manifest as a chair.

< Clarity 9 > As a creator of your networks and of your creations, you also coded in, or put into any one of your networks, that sooner or later that it would have to dissolve itself, un-invent itself and return back to pure essence. So it is a natural path for you to disconnect. As a creator you were bright enough, intelligent enough, wise enough to code in its own disassembly. It is a very natural process and it is happening right now. Even though the fear comes up, even though some of you feel uncomfortable, it's happening anyway.

< Clarity 9 > Let the disconnection continue, even if you're observing some of these things about fear. A big fear, a very obvious fear, is "What if I disconnect from my old way of making a living?" You call that a living?! (laughter) Let yourself disconnect from that. Do you really need that piece of paper on payday, that little morsel of energy, that "just enough" energy. Yes, you feel the fear of "How will I feed myself?" literally. "How will I buy the groceries?" You're going to be feeding in a whole new way where it doesn't require dependence on outer, or even your own inner, networks.

< Clarity 9QA > Indeed, not at all, not missing the point at all. However, however, you are still - you and so many other Shaumbra - you're still so embedded with old belief systems and overlays and fears... you're still interconnected to so many old networks... you're still operating in the 3-D world from an old sense of duality... that now you find yourself fighting the very systems that you're actually a part of.

We're going to say this: First, disconnect from all of these old things first, before you go out and attempt to fight the system, because right now the system is very strong. Right now - how to say - you're fighting duality from within it. Allow yourself to fully disconnect and ascend and then you're going to find out that, in a way, the system doesn't even see you anymore. Right now they see you! Their energy is focused on you. You are very obvious to them.

Go ahead and take care of these - what I would call - incidental things, so that you can focus your energy on this process right now of disconnecting from Old and activating your essence, because right now it's going to be very difficult for you to do this work if you're so tied up in these rather mundane things. All of you are going to find out, after you let go of old consciousness and overlays and old networks, that the system doesn't even see you. You don't have to "not" pay your taxes - they're not going to know that you should be paying your taxes in the first place.

< Clarity 10 > And here you are, being asked to disconnect. You are asked to go back in within yourself, to find the heart, the core and the essence. To let go of all of those things that have been feeding you and everything you've been feeding everything else. The process is a natural one. You don't have to force it. You don't have to even try to manipulate it. There's no particular exercises that you have to do. It just happens, and that is where Shaumbra is right now. Slowly, gently, with the assistance of all of these angelic beings, letting go of those old connections.

< Clarity 10 > You say, "But how long will this process take?" It could take several years. It could take through the rest of your lifetime. For some it may even take into the next lifetime. But it is happening and it is happening naturally and gently. Nothing you need to force. If you want to do anything to facilitate the process of disconnecting, it is just to do the conscious breathing and drink plenty of pure water.

< Clarity 10 > One of the things that you're going to notice in this whole process of disconnecting is the lack of cycles that take place. Energy flows and works and then manifests in cycles. Nature has its own cycles, for instance. It has its summers and its autumns and winters and springs. And the cycles keep repeating themselves over and over and over again, because that is the way the nature network is programmed. And humans, therefore, have learned to accept that.