anti-matter / anti-gravity


< Teacher 9QA > The real issue here is that that consciousness of the anti-matter - anti-gravity - was tapped into. It is available now in the consciousness of humanity tucked, indeed, in some far off place, but very discoverable. I have talked for quite some time about the whole application of gravity as an energy form, into the physics of anti-matter and more accurately into the fact that energy moves in and out of definition. Once the scientists and the physicists and the metaphysicians begin to truly expand their energy to understand this is all absolutely possible but not always definable, then it will bring it more into this reality for practical applications.

As we talked about in our last gathering with Tesla, he is back working with a specific group right now to advance some of the findings that he had. And this is not the only, what you would call, scientific being or inventor who is back on Earth right now in non-physical form working with various groups. There is a call that has gone out for New Energy to come in, and it is coming in via consciousness, as we have done here today. It is coming in via inventions and it is coming in via a variety of different portals that, by the way, you don't have to go and open. They open according to the demands of consciousness itself. These tools are all coming to Earth right now. No government, no religion or no rich and wealthy groups can stop it because consciousness is asking for its own expansion.

< e2012 2 > It shows that when they collide matter - you know what matter is, because it matters - and antimatter, which you don't know what it is. It's invisible. Nobody really has a good grasp on it yet. A lot of theories about it, but you know it's the antithesis, because in duality consciousness, everything that appears here has to appear over here. Everything that has a high has a low. Everything that is light has a dark to it. Every goodie-two-shoe aspect of yours has a bad-ass aspect to it. It does. That's the way duality consciousness works.

< e2012 2 > So here we have the scientists zapping little particles from their laboratory in Switzerland over to a laboratory in Italy, smashing the particles together. What do you think happens? (someone says "Faster than the speed of light") Faster than the speed of light!! I thought that nothing was faster than the speed of light. Oh, Einstein, there is! There are many, many things faster than the speed of light, including your consciousness - starting at your consciousness - going into even your thoughts, going into feelings. Those are all faster than the speed of light.

< e2012 2 > When you reduce or slow down the energies, then it becomes light. And then from light it suddenly reduces down into the electrum spectrum and reduces down eventually into this reality that you're sitting in. But the interesting thing also, this reality isn't at the bottom of the pile. It's not where everything descends down to and finds the bottom of the barrel. That's a very dualistic way of thinking about it, because it's a circle. It's not a pit, because even when energy finds its way down to this reality, it continues to evolve. Not to go back up to where it came from, but to evolve beyond. Consider the implications of that.

< e2012 2 > In these experiments also, you had antimatter and matter forced into each other. What was the net result? It says right in the article. Pure energy! Pure energy. Pure energy. Haven't we said for a long time that when things are released from its stuck state or its state of expression - you're a state of expression - when thoughts are released from its state of belief, when aspects are released from their state of torture, their state of wound, it is very similar to the same experiment, in a way. So here you have these matter and antimatter smashing into each other. It goes back to pure energy. What happens when you release something from its state of expression, its state of being? It goes back to pure energy.

< e2012 2 > What they haven't seen here yet but you know, when there's another element that comes into it - consciousness and more so conscious choice - enters into the equation, into the experiment, it also produces truly New Energy. These experiments based in duality are releasing energy from a stuck form, returning it back to the pure state, as we talked about the energy cloud. What they're going to discover is that something else was created. They're going to see another element at some point. They don't have the tools to really measure it right now, because the new element travels faster than the speed of light.