not staying; changing; transformation; evolving; expanding; transformation;
accepting and releasing; get in and out; breathe in and out;

< Embodiment 12CC > You've been embodying in every way, learning to embody those people that are close to you in your life. And, sometimes you found out that embodiment actually is release, the acceptance of them, the acceptance that they were your partner, or your child, or even for some of you your parent. You embodied them. And, then, you can release them. What a blessing that you don't have those connections, the Old Energy connections, with them… what a blessing that you can let them go because when you let them go, you also let yourself go. These are beautiful, simple principles of energyNew Energy… beautiful, simple principles of Spirit… the continual creation… a continual embodiment… and the continual release. It is the flow. It is what brings about the synchronistic life.

< Clarity 1QA > We are going to ask you to be very open, in particular, to allow the imagination to come in, even if you think these are - how to say - crazy thoughts or even crazy voices. Don't suppress them. Let them flow through. You can be clear about them. In other words, understand their root energy. But, don't suppress them. Let from flow through. This flow right now, in particular, is so important that we are going to ask you to do breathing in particular this next month. That is a physical way of keeping the flow going. Breathe on a regular basis.

< Clarity 1QA > All of our energies are interwoven. And, we're all back here right now to do a couple of things: a) was to awaken into a new consciousness. That was the primary mission of you and of Shaumbra: to awaken in this lifetime, awaken essentially in the cocoon and to emerge out of it. Then, from the awakening was to go through the release, to take structure off of Old Energy so that it could flow once again.

And, finally now we come into the third phase of our work as Shaumbra. And, that is to express and bring into reality all of the tools, all of the things we have learned together, to bring to Earth now the fact that you can live multi-dimensionally, to bring to Earth now that the human experience doesn't have to be filled with suffering and sickness and disease. And, it is so important right now to bring the concept to Earth that it is not about force anymore. New Energy is a non-force. We don't have to do this by preaching or evangelizing or trying to recruit. We do it simply by being.

< Clarity 3 > Listen to that sound of the water. This is our maintenance tool, by the way. The sound of the water, the energy of the water, should give you some clue how you can do this on your own, whether it is a bath, a shower, sitting by a lake or a river, tremendous flow energies in water. That's what water loves to do, by the way; it loves to flow. It doesn't so much like to evaporate. It loves to flow. Let it flow through your body. And, don't try to guide it or direct it. Don't tell it to go to your knees or go to your shoulder or any particular place - now you are changing a natural flow. It knows where to flow. Just let it go there.

< Teacher 6 > A new energy pathway has been created in the collision of the two opposing elements smashing back into each other. An energetic pathway that allows in an energy that exists in a different dimension. Current understanding and the current consciousness of dimensions is very, very crude - very crude and very rudimentary. Many humans equate it with being simplistic - we have the third dimension and the fourth dimension, the fifth. It doesn't work like that. Dimensions are an amazing thing. It's a flow. It's a swirl of energy. Dimensions don't necessarily know limits or boundaries unless they have been structured that way by the human belief system or consciousness.

< Master 4 > Anything that's manifested - meaning consciousness drew an energy, brought it into a reality - it has to move. It has to keep flowing. Your manifestation, your creation - a book, your children, no matter what it is - it has to keep flowing. The flow is a natural part of the energy that you brought in up here (consciousness). See how that energy flows? It wants to continue to flow here (from "manifestation"). By doing so, in an unrestricted flow, it reorients or reshapes itself. Your creation keeps growing and keeps adjusting to the point where … (Adamus draws a circle) I'm going to represent your manifestation or creation as the circle, once again, going back to the original. Going back to the original.

< Master 4 > And it does funny things - energy does - when it needs to flow. It doesn't care how. Your consciousness, in a sense, is the same way. It has to keep expanding. It doesn't care how. It doesn't know high or low; it only knows. It doesn't know heaven or hell; it just is. It has to keep flowing. And if it stops flowing and you keep limiting it, it will explode. Pow!! It will create a big disaster, if it has to. It doesn't care. It will express itself that way - you will express yourself that way. That's drama, kind of fun - once or twice but not millions of time. It will explode. And that's what happens to so many humans, and that's why we are having such an issue right now with mental illness in this world.

< Master 4 > When energy is finally released, cleared, it has a life cycle to it that it continues its expansion or expression up to a level, and then at some point it returns back into pure energy. But it's different now. This energy here that's been stuck and is now flowing doesn't necessarily go back up there into the neutral field - and this is a little bit difficult explaining - it stays here (gestures to the consciousness and manifestation area of the drawing). It stays with you. It returns back to neutral, but it stays with you. It then calls out, just as you have called out, it calls out to the big "N" - New Energy.

< freedom 1 > Now, a creation is not something that you have to construct in your mind. A creation is not something that you have to plan. You really can't plan creation. Planning is a very human – very human – mental thing. Creation is the allowing of the free flow of energies, no ifs, ands or buts about it. But what happens so often is there are a lot of ifs, ands or buts, or worse yet – let's add it to that list “if, and, and but” – “I just don't know.” That's probably even more dangerous or more painful than “if, and or but.”