own your divinity


< Ascension 2 > And you say, "Tobias, but how do we own it?" It is simple to own it. How do you own a house, or a car, or your talent, or your love? You simply accept it within your being. Why has it been so difficult for you to accept your divine rights and your divine heritage that are here? Lesson Two of the Ascension Series, before we go any further: Own Your Divinity. Take ownership of it.

< Ascension 2 > We have seen since last month that you do not want to own it (divinity). You want to throw it out the window! You want to deny its existence! You want to deny the very power that you have. You want an angel to appear before you and they do on this day, and there are some who still do not believe it! You want an angel to appear before you and take you off in their arms. The only way you are going to see that in your lifetime on Earth is through death. Other than that, do not expect to see the angel who comes, to take you and to carry you away.

< Ascension 2 > We have stayed away on purpose. We have not manifested before you. We have not come forth to you in vision for a reason. Oh, yes, there are others who see us, who see others. There are others who have appearances by those on our side. We have not done that with you. And you know why. It is because we love you. It is because, dear friends, we do not want to distract you from your own journey.

< Ascension 2 > There is one person here who begs almost nightly for us to show up, to give her a sign, and then she will believe. She says that when we show up, and we give her a sign, then she will believe. But dear friends, that is not believing. That is not believing. That is dealing. That is bargaining. Take ownership in your own divinity. When you do… when you do, then we will appear to you, and we will shake your hand. We will thank you for the work that you have done.

< Ascension 2 > How do you take ownership? What do you do? We hear you asking now, frantically, in your mind. "How can I own this divinity?" First of all, you will never own it through your mind. You will never own it through your mind. Your divinity - and it is there - we can see it all around you. In many of you, we can see it emerging from within, because you are breathing it in. There is person who is reading this, and continues to intellectualize everything we say. He breathed three times, and because great miracles did not occur, he was upset. And he says, "So, Tobias, this does not work so well." And we remind him - this is an ongoing, conscious process.

< Ascension 2 > Your divinity exists all around you. Each one of you here, including those who are reading this or listening… we can literally see it emerging within you. It is not a concept. It is not just creative thinking. We can see it. We can see it now rising from within you. For some, it looks like a flame within you. For others, it looks like a type of beautiful plant that is growing. And in still others, it is a ball of light that is coming through. Each of you is somewhat different. There is not a single type of expression of the rising divinity. It is unique to each one of you. It is there. Take ownership.

< Ascension 2 > This thing called divinity is like a child. Even though it is you, it is the essence of you from as far away a time as when you left Home. It is your divinity. It is your Full Self. And, we have to interrupt here for a moment, but we ask each of you to stop imagining your Golden Angel, your True Self, as some external, twelve-foot tall, winged being, for it is not so. As long as you continue to think of it that way, it will be difficult to integrate a twelve-foot being into yourself! (audience laughter) It is not an external thing. It is within you. It is not an outside angel. It is the essence of who you are. It is making its way through your body, your DNA, your cells. It is asking for expression through your body.

< Ascension 2 > Own your divinity through your body by being playful with your body. You get so serious! You diet and hurt yourself. Do you know what causes you to be fat? It is your damn diets! (audience laughter and applause) You hurt yourself and your body by the thoughts that you put through it. Your divinity is coming up from within your body. Play with your body! Feed it those chocolates! (audience applause) Oh, we know we will get this thought mail from many who will say, "Oh, Tobias, medical history and science has proven these things to be bad." No, what is bad is some of the thoughts that you have, some of your rules and regulations. (audience applause)

< Ascension 2 > There are some now who even shake their heads, who say, "Tobias, you do not know what you are talking about." And we say to you, "Fine. Continue your game of rules and regulations and self-punishment of your body." To the others we say, "Go have fun!" Allow your divinity to come up. This is how you own it. You own it by playing with it, by playing with it.

< Ascension 2 > Your divinity is like a child. Even though it is your essence, even though it is all who you are, it is being rebirthed. You died. You died, and now you are being rebirthed, and that is what is happening inside of you. You are birthing your own divinity in your body, in your mind, in your emotions. Play with it! How would you treat a child? Would you give a two-day-old child or a six-month-old or one-year-old child a list of rules and regulations? Some of you may! (audience laughter) Most of you would find joy with that child. Most of you would take responsibility for it, hold it in your arms, look at it lovingly, feed it, nurture it, and look forward to every moment you could play with it. That is how you take ownership of your divinity.

< Ascension 2 > You have forgotten how to play, haven't you? You have forgotten! We knew it. Our lightworker Rachael forgot how to play, because there was so little of it in her lifetime when she was young. There was so little. She had such a serious contract, as all of you have had. We are jesting with you on this day. We know you came in with serious contracts, heavy contracts, challenging contracts. We know you took on the most difficult things that you have ever taken on. That is why you have forgotten how to play. You had so few games when you were young. You had to be so serious about life at such an early stage and work so hard. Even those who came from well-rounded families, even you… you had to prove yourself early in life.

< Ascension 2 > No, we are here to tell you that it is not that way anymore. You have ascended. You have left behind that old way of doing things. It is time to play. And certainly, many of you will feel guilty about this. You will allow yourself five minutes per day. You will structure it and organize it. And we are particularly jabbing Cauldre when we say this. (audience applause and laughter)

< Ascension 2 > No, it comes from within. It must be owned from within. Before you can go too much further in this process and truly enjoy all of the benefits and all the good things from ascension, you must take ownership of your divinity. The way to do this is to treat it like a child, to play with it, to nurture it, to find time each day. Each day, dear friends, find time to spend with yourself. Find plenty of time.

< Ascension 2 > It is hard for many of you to accept the fact that you are in this new ascension status. You are trying to deny it. But it is so. It is truth. It is here. It is time to accept it. As you play with it (your divinity), it becomes expression. It is expression that moves throughout your being, and it moves into all things around you. And as we have talked of in our last series (the Creator Series), it then brings the appropriate things back to you. Stop struggling so hard. Stop struggling to bring these things to you. They will come. Now take ownership.

< Ascension 2 > At this very moment, dear friends, each of you, breathe in your divinity down to your feet and own it. Do not let it leak out, but own it, embrace it. Understand that you are spiritual beings. Understand that the past is the past. It does not have to cling to you anymore. Because something was difficult in the past does not mean this new energy and this new way of ascension (new ascension status) needs to be so. Now when you breathe in this time, own it, hug it and nurture it like you would a child. Breathe in deeply and own your divinity. Own your new ascension status.

< Ascension 2 > Sometimes we ask, "What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for?" And then we see you are waiting for a grand being to appear. There are others, not in this room, but there are others who are waiting for these little metal ships (UFO's), and waiting for green people (alians) to get out. And we say to ourselves, "They will wait a long time. (audience laughter) They are still giving away their power to something on the outside." And it amuses us, because we can see your divinity directly within you. We can see how powerful you are, what beings of light you are.

< Ascension 2 > Now, hold that flame. Play with it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Walk from this room on this day with a new attitude, with an attitude of enjoyment of life. You have reached your goals already. You have fulfilled your contract. Allow yourself to enjoy. When you do, you change the cycles (vibration) of energy. You change the way that the outside world reacts to you. And it will start reacting differently. It will start coming back to you more joyfully. It will come back to you with more fulfillment. The things that come to you will not be so hard and difficult and challenging. You can drop that from your energy makeup right now. You can drop that difficult, challenging setup (old contract) that you brought into this lifetime. You do not need it anymore. It is, above all, for each of you, the time to play, and the time to enjoy. And that is how you will truly take ownership of your divinity.

< Ascension 3 > When the darkness comes up, and the fear comes up, and the snake comes up within you, own your divinity. Breathe it in. Stay in your balance. Do not try to change something that you do not quite yet understand. Do not try to kill it. Do not run away in fear. Hold and own your divinity. Ask the darkness within you why it is there, what needs to be released. There is an imbalance of energy within you that needs addressing. Perhaps there was an old remorse. You do not need to go back into lifetime after lifetime to know exactly what it is. That would be a waste of time and energy. But, there is perhaps an old remorse or guilt. Or perhaps it is part of a wisdom that it is not fully complete, so it stands in imbalance within you. The snake will come forward at the appropriate time to let you know that there is something within that needs to be released.

< Ascension 3 > When darkness comes to you on the path of enlightenment and ascension, own your divinity. Hold it. Breathe in and ask what it is you should know. And understand all the time this is about releasing and transmuting an old energy.

< Ascension 7 > You were still not accepting your own strength and your own power, and the fact, dear friends, that you are divine humans. You were not owning the fact that All That Is … is who you are.

< Ascension sp > Be in a place of peace as things happen around you. You are ones who are open to feelings, to energies, to shifts. You have opened yourself well to these. But, in opening yourself, you become fragile, when there is not the deep inner ownership of your divinity. You become very fragile, when you are not allowing your divinity to express.

< DivineHuman 1 > We, Shaumbra, take responsibility for our creations. We don't blame it on others. We understand that we are the ones doing this. We take responsibility for who we are. We own our divinity. We, Shaumbra, answer our own questions, then we look to those all around us… to Tobias… to Mary… to the others. We look sometimes for confirmation. We look sometimes to simply see the expression on their face. But, we answer our own questions first. We go within, for the answers are contained there. We, Shaumbra, have our own solution.

< DivineHuman 2QA > We suggest to all of Shaumbra not to worry about these entities. If anything… if there is any influence that many of you have had, it is not from these earthbound entities. Rather, it is from aspects of yourself from the past who do not want to let go. They are trying to hold onto their identity, and they are trying to, even though they are dead, they are trying to continue living in you and through you, and they are trying to influence your life. That is much more likely to happen for Shaumbra.

If you feel the influence of these hitchhikers, simply release them. If they do not leave, then demand that they get the hell out of your energy! (audience laughter) And, they must. They must. When you are strong within yourself, they have to go. They will scream and kick. And, they will cause some commotion in your life. But, when you are taking ownership of your own divinity, they have to go. They have to go.

< e2012 8 > Humans beings are wonderful until they get in an organization. Any organization – a company, a church, a benevolent foundation – I don't care what it is. What is it about humans? Wonderful individually, but the moment they organize, you have control issues, power issues, hierarchal issues. This is where the sexual energy virus comes in. It loves organizations. Once humans organize it brings out sometimes the very worst of them. Why is that? Beacause it's not meant to be organized. Ultimately, sovereignty is about loving, accepting and owning yourself.