reverse vibration / reflection of the wave

the reflection of the waves of love vibration that comes back to you;
they bring back to you all things that you need, that are appropriate;
synchronisity; new paradigm; divine guidance system; divine balance;
new way of living; J'encore; law of attraction;

< Creator 9 > Dear friends, as the waves go out and affect all things around you, there is also the reflection of the wave that comes back to you. The energy will come back to you in the best possible way. All of the time these waves of love vibration are going out from you, they are being accompanied by the ones that we call "runners." The runners are assuring that these waves are finding the proper place. The runners are the go-betweens, the facilitators between the energies. As the waves reflect and come back to you with the facilitation of the runners, they bring back to you all things that you need, all things that are timely, and all things that are appropriate. Then you will hear a bang at your door like you have never heard before!

< Creator 9 > We are going to make it so very simple for you. Take your broad brush. Create a stroke. This begins a vibrational sequence at the highest levels of spiritual physics. When your passion is added to this, the waves of vibration go out. They affect others who are ready for it. They change the nature of things outside your new house, if the recipient is ready. Then the reflection of these waves brings back to you all things that are appropriate. This could be people, relationships, abundance, or health. The waves will bring it back. The runners facilitate this process to assure that it gets back to you, in spite of things that may try to block its way.

< Creator 9QA > There are angels who work with you day-to-day, ones who work in the background with the energies that you are creating. The runners that we spoke of earlier are angels who take these vibrational waves that you are now beginning to send out from your new house. They are here to escort these waves on their journey. They are here to help assure that these vibrations you are emitting get to the right place. They fly along side of these vibrations. But more than anything, they are here to maintain the appropriate balance of the reflection of these vibrations. This is what comes back to you.

< Creator 9QA > It is somewhat of an interesting and difficult task they (runners) have, for in the return vibration of what comes back to you, there are many things that attempt to block its way back to you. Take for instance the ones who gather in the second circle today. They will be touched by your vibration, and they will begin a journey of finding their way to you. There are many things that will get in the way of the journey. It could be issues like money. They may not have the money to pay you for your service, perhaps not even the money for the car or plane or bus journey to get to you.

< Creator 10 > After initiating the process with a broad-brush stroke, after taking in your passion which is the fuel, then vibrations go out of your new house, out into the world around you. These are vibrations of love and compassion and wisdom that you emanate to others. It is like a light that is shining out to them, but there is also a reverse vibration that comes back to you. With the assistance of your runners, this vibration brings back all of the appropriate things to you, to the front door of your house (Lesson 9). This is part of the creation process. It is being in your new house, it is saying I AM, it is initiating a process that then is fueled by your passion, then goes out into the physical world around you and what comes back are all of the appropriate things for you.

< Ascension 2 > Now, hold that flame. Play with it. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. Walk from this room on this day with a new attitude, with an attitude of enjoyment of life. You have reached your goals already. You have fulfilled your contract. Allow yourself to enjoy. When you do, you change the cycles (vibration) of energy. You change the way that the outside world reacts to you. And it will start reacting differently. It will start coming back to you more joyfully. It will come back to you with more fulfillment. The things that come to you will not be so hard and difficult and challenging. You can drop that from your energy makeup right now. You can drop that difficult, challenging setup (old contract) that you brought into this lifetime. You do not need it anymore. It is, above all, for each of you, the time to play, and the time to enjoy. And that is how you will truly take ownership of your divinity.

< DivineHuman 11 > You are an energetic force. You attract everything to you, and you send back out your vibrational signature to everything around you. There is a completion of the circle in your energy. We will talk about that today.

< NewEnergy 6 > But, there is an interesting element of expression that comes into play here. It is part of the New Energy. You see… in the Old Energy you thought of expression as being an outward exerted energy, an outward flow. New Energy expression is also the receiving back. That's where we have this whole principle "if-it-comes-to-you." As you express your beingness in your world, in your life, expression comes back into you (reverse wave)… you see. Expression is inward and outward. Expression is the feeding also. It is the coming back. As you allow yourself to express who you are now from this safe space, you'll be amazed at how the universe expresses back to you… a direct correlation… a direct correlation.

< Embodiment 11 > Now, you sit here now, or you read this in your Now moment, and most humans, even most Shaumbra, are radiating, are allowing their shining, their Creator energies on a very limited basis, very limited. So, what happens is that your life is also limited. What comes back to you is limited. When you take the controls off, you radiate this beautiful energy. It is a living energy. It is so living that everything that you touch, everything that you come in contact with, everything you think about, is affected by your Creator energy.

< Embodiment 11 > Now, as you radiate energy, you shine forth a potential that has no agenda. It is simply divine potential. As you create things, bring them into reality, and then give them their own right to continue evolving, it changes the whole flow of energy back to you as well. A very simple piece of New Energy physics: when you control energy coming from you, energy will be controlled coming back to you. You could say that quite literally the omniverse is literal. It is literal. So, if you control, you then are controlled. If you control energy within you and flowing out from you, everything will come back to you as control. When you open up, take off your own controls, and begin this new graceful radiant type of creation, everything comes back to you as graceful radiant creation.

< Embodiment 11 > Now, what comes back to you is a free-flowing energy that absolutely serves you, absolutely serves every need and desire that you have. It comes back to you as clear and as pure as what you allowed to go out from you. It's the very nature of Creator-ship - taking raw potential, bringing it into energy form, creating with it, and giving it life. Where so many have run into difficulties is that you are beginning to understand the nature of energy and the nature of Creator-ship, but you are still limiting your creations. You are not allowing them their expression. You are trying to limit and restrict and to hold ownership over them. Let them go, Shaumbra. Let them go. Watch how this whole new flow occurs. Watch how the synchronicities become the way of life, rather than the exception of life.

< Embodiment 11 > So, we do this quite simply through the breath. Take the breath in and allow yourself to take that leap of trust, even letting the fears go, the worries go. When we say letting it go, it doesn't mean trying to block them out. Just let them go. Walk right through them. This is about the knowingness that you are so divine. You are such a blessed Creator that you can live here on Earth in this human condition. You can be a Creator of New Energies, of new concepts. You can grant them beingness. You can grant them their own existence and that everything then comes back to you, graceful, pure.

< Embodiment 11 > You're the flame. You are creating. You bless your radiance. You bless your energies that are going out with livingness. Then, the flip, or the turn, the transmutation - whatever you want to call it - occurs as the flame just radiates, just glows, just rejoices in creation. Then, everything comes back to you. That is the synchronistic life. You never have to define it. You never have to structure it. You never have to worry about it. It is that simple.

< Embodiment 11QA > Now, when you play the game of "I'm-going-to-struggle-with-it," it responds to you. And, the energies that come back will be the energies of struggle. When you say, "I'm going to learn what it's like to have to push for creation," that will present itself in your life. But, you don't need that anymore… if you choose.

< Returning 10QA > Because you have and you told yourself that "I will never, ever do that again." Now you have a vow, it's an aspect that is created out of the vow, and you're not going to do it again until you disavow, until you let it go. But right now it's at work for you. You created it, it's serving you. It's on its hands and knees serving you - "I will screw up your life so you never have to do that again," you see? So take a deep breath and decide when you're ready to disavow. Let that one go. In this New Energy … I don't want to go off too far here, but in this New Energy you almost can't do wrong. In other words, it will come back on you. If you decided you were going to take some of these wonderful teaching and use it as Black Magic against others, it won't work. It used to work, it won't work now. So get over the fear that you're going to do it wrong.

< Master 7 > Let's say your energy you release, your old consciousness you release, goes back into your soul reservoir - now it doesn't just come back as the same energy to serve you again. It has a component of wisdom; it has a component of grace attached to it, if you are aware. If you're aware that there's a release when you let go of all of your past lives, when you let go of who you were yesterday and then you're aware today (rewriting of the past), now you can tap into that magnificent new component that has been added - wisdom, love, ease - whatever component you want it to be. So when you call that back in, it comes back in to serve you. However, something brilliant comes in with it. New Energy. New Energy.

< (Next) 3 > And I don't blame you for not wanting to hurt others. In a kind of a theoretical philosophical way, you can't really hurt others. In another very New Energy way, even if you tried to right now to hurt others, you couldn't. You couldn't. Even if you tried - make a conscious choice, which is very unappealing - you cannot hurt someone else right now. Your consciousness, your connection with your own spirit will not allow that.

< (Next) 3 > Your soul self wants to be with you, and you've called out for it. And when you did, that brought about a dynamic that's unstoppable, and it's going to happen. And thank god that there's wisdom in your soul that's going to … now, your soul didn't create these accidents, but it was an energy between you and your divine, an energy that was put out there and brings back the manifested experiences to make this all possible, and will continue to bring those experiences in.

Now, what gets in the way? That humanoid aspect. That human aspect that doesn't like change, that doesn't want to move forward. That human aspect that doesn't believe its own self. It really doesn't. It doesn't believe itself, because the human aspect is not real. It's manufactured. It's an act, and it really doesn't believe itself because it knows it's an act, but unfortunately you don't know it's an act - yet.