< Creator 4QA > The symbol simply would be a photograph of yourself, without judgement, without agenda. Simply use that as a symbol, place that in the oven, and allow grace to work throughout your entire being. We remind you, all of you here, that while you do this, and even though Cauldre may have thought this was 'corny' (chuckling), you will begin to feel the manifestation of this. If you place the symbol of your biology in this oven, dear friends, do not become bewildered or surprised several days later when your body feels different. Initially it may release things that may be somewhat embarrassing, but this is part of the process. Initially there may be discomforts that you may wonder about, but this is part of the process.

< Creator 5QA > In your specific case, no. It is not appropriate at this time. Your body needs this extra energy and balance for a period of at least another year to allow for the changes you are going through. As you know, you do not have the strength right now to endure the rigorous changes that your physical being are going through. You need this weight for the extra strength and energy. We ask you to bless your physical being instead of cursing it. The weight serves a purpose for you. It is there to protect you, in a way. Bless it, and bless yourself. The proper balance of biology will come to you as the fourth element integrates into your being. As we discussed last night in our channeling, expect these changes and bless them.

< Creator 11QA > This is an issue that challenges many, many of you and there are quite a few reasons for it. First of all, the weight itself is a soothing factor in the changes that you are going through at the deep levels within. The extra weight literally helps pad the changes that are taking place. So we do not recommend you getting mad at yourself for this. Your body knows well how to regulate itself. It knows very well. It is saying that it is appropriate to have this weight.

We are somewhat troubled by you and by others who do not love yourselves for all that you are. This image that has been created by humans of a perfect biological being on the outside has become so important that you do not love yourself when you look in the mirror. To tie into Lesson Eleven that we discussed today, give yourself thanks. Give yourself thanks for all that you are, for the miracles you do, for the creating you do. Thank your body for having the wisdom to have the certain protections, to have certain balances that it creates for itself. We are sad to see that there is so much guilt here on your part and there are so many struggles to try to obtain this ideal look. Accept yourself for who you are. When you do, when there is not so much battling within, the weight will go to the next level of balancing. This means your body can drop the weight it has been carrying around to protect itself from you, and from your thoughts of guilt.

< Ascension 2 > Own your divinity through your body by being playful with your body. You get so serious! You diet and hurt yourself. Do you know what causes you to be fat? It is your damn diets! (audience laughter and applause) You hurt yourself and your body by the thoughts that you put through it. Your divinity is coming up from within your body. Play with your body! Feed it those chocolates! (audience applause) Oh, we know we will get this thought mail from many who will say, "Oh, Tobias, medical history and science has proven these things to be bad." No, what is bad is some of the thoughts that you have, some of your rules and regulations. (audience applause)

< DivineHuman 8QA > The weight has been an issue for so many of you. It has been a protection, as you say. But now you can let that go. You can tell your body that it does not need to protect you anymore. You can release that now.

Again, we know we resort to the simple tools, but they are effective. Breathe in. Breathe into your biology and your body. Feel it all the way down. Tell your body that it can release. There is such a memory that is built into all the cells and tissues that said, "Protect. Protect. Store. Store. There may be difficult times ahead, so we have to store food. We have to protect ourselves."

< DivineHuman 9 > Yes, why do you get headaches? It is because you worry so damn much about everything that you do. Why have you been gaining so much weight when you eat food? It is because you worry too much about it. You worry about everything.

< NewEnergy 1 > One of the greatest energy imbalances that you are going through right now is this issue of weight. And, we are so tired of it. God loves you fat or skinny, tall or short. Have compassion for you. Can you have compassion for yourself? Can you find joy in your physical being? Can you look at the challenge you set up for yourself? If you can find compassion and love for yourself in a body that you gave yourself, that body will come back into a blessed balance. Release the concept of what you think you should look like, and allow your body to rebalance itself in the most divine way, greater than anything you can imagine right now. And, that is a challenge for you.

< NewEnergy 6 > As you live in a safe energy now, you can drop the weight. The body fat has been part of the protection because you haven't felt safe. You started to develop it, so many of you, when you were children because you didn't feel safe anywhere. You especially bought into it over these last few years of all of these changes going on around you. You didn't feel safe moving from Old Energy to New. So, you packed it on.

It is safe now to drop the physical weight. How do you do this? Without effort! Try a diet, and it's going to backfire on you. Do it without effort. Do it through the breath. Do it by choosing to do it now for your body. CHOOSE to do it, and then own that energy. Choose to do it because it is safe now to BE WHO YOU ARE.

< Embodiment 1 > In these days to come, as the OH energy integrates on a very careful and safe level, it is not going to all come in at once. It does not want to overwhelm you. It is going to come in safely, slowly, gently into your being. You are going to feel full, full in your body. Some of you are going to be thinking you are gaining weight, but then the scale shows that there are no pounds that were brought in new. But, you will feel full in your body. And, a funny thing happens when your body feels full, your physical body. It doesn't then need to store… it doesn't then need to consume great amounts of food. And, indeed, indeed this provides the perfect energy to lose weight. Your body will feel full because you are bringing in all the aspects of yourself.

< Embodiment 3QA > Indeed, this fullness that you speak of in the body, and particularly the physical body, is what we have discussed several months ago when we said, "As you learn to re-embrace what you have called the darkness, in other words, that compassionate side of yourself that has held all of the negativity, you will feel a fullness in your body because you are filling it back up with everything that you are." As you release the Old stories from past lives - or even this lifetime - you will feel more of a fullness, an aliveness in your body because they are coming back to fill the empty spaces.

It is interesting - some of you have such empty spaces in your biological body. And, you try to fill them with food. And, then you wonder at times why you gain weight. But, there is an emptiness within you. And, you are experiencing what it is like to have a full body. Some humans… they complain about this; they don't understand it. There is some confusion with it. They don't understand how empty they are until they start to fill up again. It is a whole new sensation as you understand in the body to feel it once again, you see. You feel aches and pains, Shaumbra, but you don't really feel your body because it has been empty for quite a while.

< Clarity 4 > So often we are asked these questions about the weight and about diet. It isn't necessarily about the specific food that you put in. It is about the consciousness that you have. There is a direct relationship to the beliefs that you have as the food is going in. Now, we felt some of you almost cringe or shudder when we talked about nothing but sugar. "Well, that couldn't be right." But, that is a belief that you have. That is only a belief. And, it is subject to change. Perhaps, in years from now, perhaps there will be new books and new scientific studies that come out, 50 years from now, and say that these diets, these pure health food diets did actually more harm to the physical body than a pure sugar diet. Who knows?

< Clarity 9QA > We're going to ask all of you not to focus on things like weight. The body has it own network, it's own way of handling energy. And, in a sense, when we were saying in the Shoud today that "Let everything come natural," when you start interfering with things like worrying excessively about your weight, it tends to inhibit the natural process that is taking place. You're going to find weight fluctuations just like you find sleep fluctuations and everything else.

There are certain expectations that you have, which are in themselves overlays or consciousness networks, about weight and body and even your doctors tell you that too much weight is wrong. But as we said, science right now - the facts of science - are not always true. Your body knows exactly what to do. Your body knows how much weight and energy it needs stored - stored in this level and the other levels. The body is going to balance itself. Particularly when you stop worrying so much about it, it's not going to feel the need to carry all that weight.

< Clarity 10 > It is not authentic to think that you have to be a certain weight. That is a lie and a deception and very misleading and is causing so many of you so much trauma. And you'll never be able to fulfill it, because you focus on "I will only be good if I weigh a certain amount." That is a cycle, you see, and you can never weigh that amount, because even if you reach it for a short period of time you're going to go right back into cycles, you're going to balloon out again. It is a self-perpetuating cycle, Shaumbra, and weight is not the issue. It's a deception. It's a distraction, and you're not being authentic with yourself if you think that you have to be a certain weight.

< Teacher 2 > Sometimes... there are many, many reasons for the weight, but sometimes it is because you are out of energy balance with yourself. Therefore, you have to feed somewhere, don't you? Well you feed on literal food and then you store it, trying to re-balance yourself.

< Teacher 4QA > We're going to say the first thing to look at is your wounds that you have had from a type of sexual abuse in the past in this lifetime. Most of it was not physical. Much of it was psychic, a type of abuse, and it's caused you to put on all this weight and keep it there as a barrier. This was reinforced by, what you would call mass consciousness, that leads you to believe that you have to have now restrictive diets which are nothing more than suffering. So you're saying to yourself basically in order to get through some of these energy wounds and violations that you've had that you need to suffer. You've let yourself slip right into this whole Old Energy belief system and hypnosis.

Your body is a sacred thing. It knows how to process energy going into it and it knows how to eliminate what is not needed. So it is time you get very, very much back in touch with your body as well as with your masculine/feminine. When the masculine and feminine energies inside of you are balanced and when you are loving your body, which you do not do right now. When you are loving your body and balanced in the energies, you can't possibly have large amounts of extra weight. You cannot possibly be obese. Your body will not balance out of weight like it is right now. It will maintain a very appropriate amount of weight to your body height and your body structure.

< e2012 3 > It's about taking a little quiet time with yourself, giving your body permission to do its cleansing, to take care of itself. It will. It has the intelligence. It knows how to do it. It just needs you to allow it to happen. It will clear out cancer, will clear out old stuck energy. It'll clear out even the parts of it that store energy for later use. It will clear those out, which is going to feel awkward at first, because you're not going to need storage facilities in your body for energy anymore. New Energy is very much in the Now, so you don't need all the old storage places.