safe space healing / silent prayer

reconnective healing
; prayer of potentials;
reunion of everyting that you are where energies can back into balance;
everything (every potential) is already here… I need only to accept it;

< NewEnergy 6 > Imagine sitting in a totally safe space… safe for your physical body that it can rejuvenate itself and rebalance itself at any time. Yes, your body will continue to go through things. You may pick up a cold, or a flu, sometimes a disease. But, it has the ability in the New Energy to rebalance. It is safe. It is safe. But, when it comes time to leave your physical body behind - what you call death - it will be a choice of yours. It won't be inflicted on you. You will choose when to leave and how to leave. You will honor and love the body, and it will honor and love you back.

< NewEnergy 10QA > We called it a healing space. But, really it was about simply a safe space. We had two humans sitting together in a group, four humans sitting together in a group. And, there were three that held the safe energy, and one that simply allowed themselves to be in that, allowed the natural healing processes to occur. The physics behind this are quite simple. Your body wants to heal itself. Your mind wants to balance and evolve itself. The emotions want to heal any wounds and go into new levels of emotions. The soul wants to evolve. The past lives want to heal. The entirety of who you are wants to evolve into the New energy. These are all natural desires.

So, it is about creating a safe space for this to occur. When you are in the safe Now energy, your body naturally heals itself. It can't do that very well when you are caught up in the past and the future, when you are filled with fear. When your imagination is not allowed to expand, the body then goes into its pain and the disease because it is not receiving the proper flow of energy. But, when we sit together like this, in this safe Now energy - right now - and when you breathe it in, the body heals itself naturally. You don't have to focus all sorts of energies on it.

< Embodiment 1QA > Now you are at a point where you move beyond - what we call - even healing. It is not healing. It is a type of rebalancing. It is a type of creating the space for your clients - or for yourself - a safe energy space where the energies can come back together in balance on their own. It is not about pushing energies. It is not about trying to see how many miracles you can work. And, we know you all understand what we are speaking about. It is creating a safe space where energies of the imbalanced individual can come back into balance… if they are ready.

< Embodiment 11QA > There is so much work in this area of cancer research. It is helping society as a whole truly understand what energy and unbalanced energy are all about - the reason why this cancer research goes on for so very long when you would think that with the time and the money that's been poured into it would've solved it by now. But, it is literally helping the researchers understand how imbalanced energy works, how it responds. They are learning more about other things that have more value than the cancer itself.

Ultimately, through the efforts of Shaumbra, through the Shaumbra researchers and facilitators and healers, they are going to learn how energy can be brought back into balance very quickly without need for all of these difficult and strenuous treatments. There are going to learn that cancer is simply a type of - how to say - an unbalanced energy that actually is very susceptible or suggestible to coming back into balance very, very quickly. The safe space healing that we have talked to you about is ideal for this type of cancer work.

< Clarity 1 > We have talked about these things called "the silent prayer" or "the safe space healing." Quite simply there is no force going on. The silent prayer is no prayer. It is the acceptance that everything is already there, just waiting for you to invite it into your reality. Prayer is pushing for the most part. Prayer is forcing.

< Clarity 6 > The Silent Prayer is the "prayer of potentials." We called it that at first, and Cauldre had no concept of what we were talking about, so we had to change the name to the Silent Prayer. The Silent Prayer basically says, "Everything is already in my reality… everything is already here… I need only to accept it… to bring it into my conscious reality… the love that I seek is already in my life… I just need to open the door and let it in, rather than sitting, complaining about why I don't have it. The abundance that I choose in my life so that I can do this work, so that I can be a living, wealthy example of Spirit on Earth is already here".

< Clarity 6 > Some of you say, "But where, but where?" Oh, it is there. It is here. It is a potential that you weren't focusing on, that you weren't realizing, but it is there. The health of your body… the Silent Prayer says your body is already healed because the potential, the shadow, for the healed body is already there. You have had every one of these within you all of this time. They are here now, Shaumbra.

< Clarity 6 > The Silent Prayer is a prayer of potentials. Maybe we want to take a look at putting that as a subtitle to the Silent Prayer. Maybe when Shaumbra does the Silent Prayer… which is not a prayer of asking or begging… it is a prayer of realization and acceptance. "I realize that my life is abundant in every way. I realize that I am in every way." Perhaps, Shaumbra, it should be the Prayer of Potentials where you don't have to ask for anything; you just have to open the doors for it to come in. It's an amazing thing.

< e2012 3 > It's about taking a little quiet time with yourself, giving your body permission to do its cleansing, to take care of itself. It will. It has the intelligence. It knows how to do it. It just needs you to allow it to happen. It will clear out cancer, will clear out old stuck energy. It'll clear out even the parts of it that store energy for later use. It will clear those out, which is going to feel awkward at first, because you're not going to need storage facilities in your body for energy anymore. New Energy is very much in the Now, so you don't need all the old storage places.