reconnective healing

from "The Reconnection" (the title of one of Dr. Pearl's books);
safe space healing; reunion of everyting that you are where energies can back into balance;

< Creator 12QA > The healings that you see, especially with your family of Lightworkers, will become quicker and quicker. For all who are healers and facilitators here, we remind you that you are simply a conduit of energy. You are simply bridging the potential of healing of a person with their own time and desire to release those lessons of disease. Those who are ready now for healing - and you will see many this weekend, for they have come here for healing - they have come here to release, and the healings will be quick. Others, dear friends, as you have learned, are not quite ready. They are looking for many outside solutions and cures. They have not taken the deep, inner look yet. And it will be difficult. Remember, it is not about you. It is not a measure of your own effectiveness as a healer. You will learn tomorrow (through Dr. Eric Scott Pearl) of very powerful healing techniques and exercises that you can perform. You can learn to be that conduit of the potential of healing that is here. And yes, it will be quick.

< NewEnergy 04QA > Indeed, and - how to say - we, the Crimson Council work closely with this one that you call Dr. Eric Pearl. Such an interesting background he has… such interesting work he has chosen for himself. He has, in essence, come in for a very specific reason - to simplify a divine process. In previous lifetimes, and when he was back on our side here, he saw that there was a need to let go of all of these very tedious ways of facilitating, of allowing a healing process within a healing space.

So, he came in with something very simple. The challenge for him has been that it is so simple most people don't believe it's real. They want to have elaborate ceremony. They want to have to study volumes.

Healing is so simple. If there is one party who chooses it, and another party who helps facilitate the energy, it can happen. It is no longer a miracle. It is New Energy medicine happening instantaneously between two people.

Now, he also understands that those who practice this technique of "reconnection" need to understand they are just a facilitator of the process. They have to recognize they are not healers. There are no healers. There are facilitators, and there are those who choose to be healed.

But, we work very closely with those energies. And, we see - how to say - these two - the Crimson Circle and the work of Dr. Pearl - coming back together again in the very near time. Thank you. Very effective work also.

< Clarity 2QA > Indeed… we are going to ask you, all of you, to clear for a moment here, to feel the energies in the energy, to go beyond the obvious, to go into the other realms, and clear so you can see what is truly happening. When we said that the work of Shaumbra and that of the Reconnective Healing would be coming together, it indeed has. There are a tremendous number of Reconnective healers that are now part of Shaumbra, many Shaumbra who have learned the Reconnective techniques and are using that, integrating them together. So, the meld, the unification, has already taken place. It is not that it literally means that these - how to say - even workshops have to be done together, but the crossing over of venues from Shaumbra into Reconnective is already there.