flu / cold


< Creator 8 > You are becoming much more sensitive to things around you that are of the invisible nature. Yes, you indeed are becoming more sensitive to others' thoughts. When you are in a group of people, it seems to affect you more than ever. You are becoming more sensitive to imbalances in your Earth. When you have something that occurs within you that you do not understand so well, you call it a flu. Dear friends, it is not the type of flu you have experienced in the past! Perhaps you could call it a "new energy flu" for it relates to the inner changes you are experiencing, rather than a normal biological event. There are changes occurring within you and these will continue for a period of time.

< Ascension 8 > When your body goes through shifts and changes, you will understand not to fight it. You see what we are saying here. There is a new rebalancing of your body, but you will not be so overly concerned and so anxious when your body goes through adjustments. This is natural, particularly during this time you are in. Your body needs to go through changes. Honor it. Stop fighting it. If your body needs rest, listen to it and honor it. If your body is purging in ways, through what you would call flus and colds, allow it to do that. It needs it now to release much Old Energy.

< Ascension 9 > "Are you ready for the fires that will sweep through your physical body?" You may know this fire as the flu. You may know it as skin irritations. You may know it as hot flashes. These are the fires that come from the clearing within, for there is much friction taking place right now in your energetic being at your deep, deep levels. The friction causes heat, which brings on the inner fires. These fires clear the inner being, and clear the old scars. In your forests there are trees that are down. There is debris on the ground. In your own being it is much the same. There are things that need to be cleared now. The inner fires help release them.

< Ascension 11 > In the new clarity you will be able to talk to your body. You will be able to talk to your cells. You will be able to feel things and know things from them. Do not try to go in and will the cells and the molecules and the atoms of your body to change. How do you know what you want them to change to? Go in with the new clarity and listen. They will tell you. They will tell you something. They will tell you what type of balance is most desired. Your own soul and spirit will tell you how to bring things back into harmony and balance within your body. But, stop going within and trying to WILL that cold, or that flu, or that cancer out of you. When you do that, when you try to will it out, is that you are truly nailing it in place.

< NewEnergy 5QA > This flu, in a sense, is designed as a cleansing or clearing process. The flues run through your population to help release Old Energies. When you are down with the flu, you are releasing so much within you. You are allowing your body to go through a cycle that is needed. Some of you try to fight the flu. You think it is a sign of weakness to have flues and colds. Dear friends, this is one of the fastest and best ways to purge things out of your body and your mind. So, don't - how to say - give yourself a hard time if you have this.

Because of all the energy changes that are taking place on Earth right now, you are going to see much more of the flu and cold symptoms. You will see strains that are immune to the current vaccinations that are being offered. This will intensify. Yes, there are some young ones and some old ones that will lose their life because of this. But, again, have compassion for the journey they have chosen.

When your body - if your body - becomes influenced or infected by this, have compassion for yourself. Stop trying to deny… stop trying to say, "Oh, you're just feeling a little down today." Allow your body to go through the process. Again, it understands how to rebalance itself.

Also understand… you will come to a point where you simply do not need this type of energy clearing anymore. As you are in the New Energy, you will find other ways to release things that no longer serve you. You will be able to do it through exercise.

< NewEnergy 7 > The flu that you get… can you embrace it… stop looking for a deep spiritual meaning? Your body is simply going through a change process. Some of you get to the point where you think because you are spiritual you should never get sick. That is, in itself, sick thinking (some laughter). The body needs to go through its cycles right now. It needs to purge and cleanse.

< NewEnergy 11 > All energy wants to find resolution. Any imbalance that's within you wants resolution. By sitting in the safe space for a few minutes, you allow this to happen. Certainly, you will feel some things happening within you as energy comes to a new balance. You will feel changes in your biology and your mind. Sometimes your system will have to dump and flush things that no longer serve it. Sometimes you'll go through some interesting physical processes. And, Cauldre is verifying here also - yes, particularly the flu-like symptoms that the doctors scratch their heads over, and then they give you all sorts of medications there… too many. Your body is simply adjusting. It is releasing things that no longer serve it. The elements are coming back together.

< Embodiment 10QA > Another good thing for other Shaumbra to know - so often you are literally adapting things from other people. We have said before - only a tiny portion of things you are feeling and experiencing are about you. And, some have complained and said, "But, Tobias, what… you mean this flu isn't really mine, this flu that I'm experiencing? I'm so sick. It obviously is mine." But, we say, "Where did you get it?" You picked it up from someone else. You didn't create it. That was a bird in Hong Kong (audience laughter). You simply picked it up and have taken it on as your own. So, we encourage you to move forward now with your paintings, and you won't feel all these physical effects coming about.

< Clarity 8QA > Indeed, any time there is a grand change of consciousness taking place on Earth you are most likely going to see a grand change in physical things taking place. A virus is there to help with the consciousness shift and sometimes, while you say, "But why does it have to be done in such a harmful way," it is because sometimes it is the only way to get the attention. So it is actually serving an appropriate need, it is helping to clear Old Energies.

And more than anything, for Shaumbra, you do not personally have to be affected by this virus. If your desire is to go through your own processes of change, and if your desire is to stay here on Earth right now, this virus simply will not affect you. Now, if you go out searching for it, trying to test the concept, it may backfire on you. But right now, we'd have to say the greatest thing is to understand that this virus is serving consciousness. and stand behind the short wall during this process. You do not have to let it affect you personally.

< QuantumLeap 8 > Many of you pick up things that you call colds and flus or even allergies, and you become very concerned about these, you wonder what's wrong with your body. Perhaps your body knows that a cold or a flu or any of these other things are also natural ways to release the build-ups that you happen to bring into your body. But then you doubt yourself. You wonder why you are a spiritual being who's getting sick. You're not sick. You're cleansing.

< e2012 6 > There’s a lot of energy out there in mass consciousness that you are still tapped into, that you still buy into. And within mass consciousness there are a lot of imbalanced energies, a lot of disease. You’re picking up colds and flus from others. Why? Not necessarily because your system is run down. Not necessarily because you picked up a bug, but because you’re buying into mass consciousness. Colds and flus are like that. They’re passed on. Not little germies. I mean, that’s eventually what does it, but it’s mass consciousness.