The story of Nancy


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Nancy was not able to be here last month in person, but she did bring in the information from your Internet and listen to it. Nancy listened to Lesson Five, the Senses of Ah. And, she, like so many of you even now, fell asleep. And, that is all right. She fell asleep during this lesson, but she indeed also heard this WONDERFUL story of the seven farmers. She was one that actually wanted it to go on longer! (audience laughter). She was so disappointed when we brought it to a close! (more laughter)

After listening to Lesson Five, Nancy found herself a bit tired, which is normal, dear friends, because so much energy work is done during this time. Even those who aren’t here will find themselves tired, in a way, but in a good way. They will find that there is much change going on within their being.

Nancy was suddenly aware that she was very hungry, very hungry indeed! All this talk of crops and food and farms, all of this delectable and wonderful nutrition in Lesson Five. She was very hungry indeed. She was aware that hunger was calling out through her being.

Nancy paused for a moment, wondering what to eat, imagining the wonderful cantaloupe and the wonderful strawberries from the story of the farmers. She imagined an omelet filled with cheese. She imagined the sweet taste of the vegetables that she would put in the omelet. She imagined what it would be like to eat this omelet.

She went to her refrigerator and to her cupboards, looking at what was in store. She had an energy of compassion for her body when she did this. When she looked at certain foods, she felt their vibration. She had compassion for her physical body, seeing if it resonated with the vibration of the foods that she was looking at, seeing if that was what her body called for at the moment.

As Nancy was looking in her pantry and her refrigerator, she also thought about her family. She thought about what foods they liked, wondering if there was enough for her meal and perhaps enough to feed them later. Nancy considered if there was an appropriate balance of what her body was calling for, what would be needed by others later, and what was available at that moment. She felt the energy of all of this.

Soon she determined she would cook. She pulled the spices and the raw goods from the shelves and from the refrigerator, and cut them up into appropriate pieces. She focused on preparing the meal, on putting it together. She focused on the amount of time certain things would need to cook. She focused on the levels of ingredients that would be needed, how many cups of this, how many tablespoons of that, and how many pinches of this.

Soon she started to put all these ingredients together. The pan was hot. The oven was ready. The bowls were ready to be filled. She began to take full expression by putting these together and actually making the meal. All of this because of reading the story of the farmers and her hunger.

She sat down and fully enjoyed what she was eating, knowing that she had prepared it herself - an important point here. She had prepared it herself. It had resonated with her body. She had put together the appropriate balances of ingredients, even though the cookbooks might have said to use less of this spice and more of that seasoning. She did it based on her own understandings and sensitivities.

When she ate the food, not only did it taste good and satisfy her hunger, but it also provided her physical, and mental, and spiritual being with appropriately balanced energies. It brought the energies from the point of awareness that she was hungry, to the point of taking these into her being.

That night, she slept wonderful. We did not even wake her up at 4:44 - she was sleeping so well! (audience laughter) She slept well because the integration of the divinity into the DNA was going so smooth that it did not feel disruptive or restless during the night.