< NewEnergy 3 > You are going to see technologies moving faster, and faster, and faster. So, as we've talked about before, more patents will be filed in these next few years than ever before. You're going to see breakthroughs in the medical fields, in the technical fields, because the energies are moving so rapidly. They are picking up a momentum right now. Part of the reason for this, part of what has really made it possible is communications. Do you realize that your Internet - what we are speaking over right now - is barely eleven years old? A blink of time! Look how it has impacted your Earth - eleven simple years! Radio, and television, and telephones have only been in practical application for about 75 years… a way of communicating… of opening up.

< NewEnergy 3 > There is a new language that will be developed in the next few years. You see, humans are still held back by their languages. There are many, many languages on Earth. The languages are incomplete. It is difficult for us at times to communicate with you in words because the English language is so limited. There is a new language that is being developed right now. It is more of a universal language. It is one that combines certain types of math, new - what would you consider to be - digital algorithms. This will be a language that can be written, in a way, but more than anything, sounded, sounded, not necessarily spoken. It will be a sounded type of language. It will be, in a sense, based off of some of the research, some of the work, being done on your Internet.

< Clarity 4 > And, what we would love all of you, Shaumbra, to do - whether you are here in person, or joining us on the other realms, through the Internet - we would love for you to take a deep breath and welcome them in. They are feeling a bit nervous on this day to be in the presence of such human masters.

< Clarity 8 > It is so important for you to find time to yourself, to withdraw from everything. Don't answer the phone. Don't get on the computer, that's not withdrawing. That is actually jumping right back into a network and a grid that will pull your energies. It energizes you in a certain way. For some of you who stay up late at night, working on your computers, you feel a surge of energy because you're tapped into a network. But on the same token, that very network - the internet - will then drain your energies in another way, you see. So that's why perhaps the next day you will feel particularly tired. Then you'll want to go back to your computer and to your internet to get an energy fix, but then you're going to get even more tired the next day. It is an interesting cycle. We're not saying that there is anything wrong with the internet, but we're saying that if you're going to find time and space for yourself, go totally off by yourself.

< Teacher 3 > Your Internet technology... which by the way, is an illusion. It is all an illusion, but you believe in it. You experience it. You use it. It is just an illusion. Where do you think those little packets go? Where do you think the little pulses of energy, positive/minus energy, where do you think they go? What do you think happens? It's an illusion, but you've all agreed to it and you've all bought into it.