new language / universal language


< NewEnergy 3 > There is a new language that will be developed in the next few years. You see, humans are still held back by their languages. There are many, many languages on Earth. The languages are incomplete. It is difficult for us at times to communicate with you in words because the English language is so limited. There is a new language that is being developed right now. It is more of a universal language. It is one that combines certain types of math, new - what would you consider to be - digital algorithms. This will be a language that can be written, in a way, but more than anything, sounded, sounded, not necessarily spoken. It will be a sounded type of language. It will be, in a sense, based off of some of the research, some of the work, being done on your Internet.

< NewEnergy 3 > Most likely this language will first appear on Earth here in these next few years with a small group of children. You see… they will be playing. The kids who understand technologies, or like to play on the Internet, but want to communicate with people on the other side of the world… they will begin playing with a new type of language. It will be a game for them, a secret code. But someday it will get out. There will be some researcher, someone who understands it is more than a game. It is a new method for communicating.

< Teacher 4QA > The universal language that was referred to there is in development right now. As was stated that is going to be a - there are two versions of this: one would be a universal language that is universal on Earth. Earth right now speaks hundreds and hundreds of different languages and with the advent of the internet and particularly the young ones right now who are dealing internationally, they are going to be developing a very simple type of language that anyone could use. It doesn't mean other languages will go out of existence, but it will be a way for humans to communicate with each other much more easily than they're doing now.

There's also a type of universal language on the nonphysical realms and the angelic realms. Not all angel beings use or work with this, but it is available. They are not sounds. It is a type of ... difficult to describe here - it is a type of vibration signature pattern. We don't use words on our side and we don't use particular sounds, but there are energy packets. So this type of angelic overall language is also going to be a part of the new universal language on Earth. And yes indeed the element of gnost or the creative solution is going to be a part of that.

< Returning 9 > The world will move forward when this new language - a global language - starts to take place in the world. And it's not about trying to conform everybody and make them all exactly the same, but it's about bridging some of the islands. It's about ending the era of wars and differences.