crystal / jewel

1. clearness;  purity;  spirit;  essence;  christ;
2. transparent and invisible but solid and rigid;  crystalline structure;
3. bind;  restriction;  prison;  belief system;

< New Earth 9QA > The crystals have been a repository of energies for you in the past. They have held many energies that you yourself could not hold. So there was an affinity for these very precious gems. They have served you well, but as you move into the new energy, do not count on them for your power. As you truly begin to work with your own divine energy, you will, yes, loose the connections that you have with these stones. They were there to serve a purpose at the time but now, my dear, you are being asked, you are being guided to now hold all those energies from within you. There are many that have used or continue to use these outside tools. We name some here, such as the crystals, such as pendulums, such as certain types of flowers and herbs. All of these have been appropriate. We are not asking you to turn from these. We are asking you to recognize that they have been tools of the old energy. In the new energy all things will come from within.

< Creator 5 > In all of this that is occurring within you at this time - light changing to dark, dark to light, clear not knowing which to associate with - something new is happening. There is, dear friends, a fourth marble that is coming in. A fourth marble is coming in. This marble indeed is clear also. This marble is extremely clear and bright, different than the other clear energy marble. It is the initiator of the Christ energy that is already within you. This fourth marble comes now to illuminate the Christ energy, to bring it to life. This fourth marble comes in as clear color, but a crystal clear, unlike the other clear that is within your being.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will see advances in medicine in - how to say - so the doctors don't cut out large parts of the body. We consider that here on this side of the veil to be somewhat crude. Even back in the days of Atlantis we used pinpointed energies, directional energies - generally from crystals, but also from other apparatuses that we had manufactured - to change the vibration pattern in the tissues itself, and sometimes even down to the DNA.

< Embodiment 8 > I (St. Germain) was on display for each and every one of you, stuck in the crystal. And, I lived in that crystal for weeks and days and lifetimes and eons of time. That is where we know each other, for I sat there with that horrified look on my face, as you looked back at me. You knew how to work energies. And, I was right in the middle of it. So, here I was, not able to die, not able to live, but stuck. And, you didn't know how to free me. Even when Atlantis fell, I was still stuck in the crystal. I was still part of your karma. I was still part of your lineage now. We have been connected. And, that is why I irritated so many of you so much last time to see me like this now (audience laughter).

< Embodiment 8 > Oh, yes, I (St. Germain) did get out after a long and a horrific time within that crystal… no death when I wished I could die… no one to hear me when I called out… my body suspended frozen in place… my mind active. Nobody could hear, not in the other realms. The crystalline structure that your energies created prevented any outside energy from hearing me. It cut everything off. Not an angel in heaven knew where I was. Talk about loneliness, and talk about a hell that you put me in! I'm not here for revenge (more laughter). I'm here for sharing.

< Embodiment 8 > My energies (St. Germain) wanted to be released and wanted to be freed from the crystal that you had put me in. But, what I did learn was how to be with me. What I did learn was how to release myself from an illusion. And, that's all your crystal was. It was an illusion. It took me an incredible amount of time to figure it out. You would measure this in hundreds of thousands of human years. It was hell, Shaumbra. But, through it, I learned that it was an illusion. I had to learn. I had to learn how to get out. So, here I am… released. Oh, and to this day I love crystals. I love the jewels. I love taking material objects and transmuting them because I realize how easy it is.

< Embodiment 8 > In a sense, you are locked in your crystal, aren't you? In a sense, you walked into a swirl of energy at the wrong time and the wrong place… but perhaps the perfect place. And, you got locked in. And, here you sit on the inside, and I'm on the outside now (some laughter). I say that with the greatest love and compassion. But, you are; you are locked in. You are locked in through what I would consider, or I would call, hypnosis. You are sitting in a state of hypnosis…. "hypno-" meaning sleep. You are sound asleep. You have been hypnotized. You have been led to believe that this is real and that you are less than you are.

< Embodiment 8 > And, we are going to dispel the spell that you have placed upon yourself. Yes, we are going to dispel the spell you have placed upon yourself. We are going to release the state of hypnosis that you are existing in. Yes, there is part of you that related so well to my story (St. Germain) of the crystal - trapped inside your own being (vessel), inside your own creation (belief, story, illusion). Don't you feel some days like you're screaming, and no one can hear you… like you're trapped… suspended… frozen… eyes wide open… mouth screaming… hands out… frozen? I know what it's like. I know what it's like to be so hypnotized, asleep, mesmerized that you actually believe in these things that no longer serve you.

< Clarity 4QA > Christ means "crystal." Christ means "clear," much as this very series that we are in. So, it would be a good last name.

< MNEC2009-K > There were small groups of humans who escaped from Atlantis - not many, but enough - and there were some who went underground because the surface of the Earth was so violent. Human life was not sustainable. They went underground, they followed the passageway of the crystals where life was sustainable, where there was no need for sunlight because there was crystalline light, where the oxygen that was needed for the humans was created through the crystallines. And many of you may remember the life deep down below the surface of the Earth.

< Master 1 > Now, you've all learned that these stones or these gems do not hold the power. But there is a tendency to think that they do, because at one time they did, on Earth. The original crystals of the Earth, the actual minerals, did hold the power. That's how Earth was originally … life came to it. But this power in the crystals went away a long time ago, after Atlantis, of course. Some of you are still connected to this and are still trying to derive literal energy from crystals, and it's not there anymore.

< (Next) 8 > I love jewels. Crystals. You are a crystalline being. You have literal crystals inside you right now. They're not necessarily physical, but you have crystalline structures that keep your spirit, your body, your mind all supposedly flowing harmoniously, crystalline structures that allow this network of communications within you to take place. So these crystals (holding up the rubies) kind of remind your Body of Consciousness.

Crystals at one point contained tremendous quantities of energy. When the angelic beings came to seed Earth with life-form energy, they brought crystalline energy. It doesn't mean physical crystals - later it was changed into physical crystals - but these were crystalline energetic structures.

The crystals that were created by Gaia, by Earth, literally contained tremendous quantities of energies. The Atlanteans, in particular, knew how to - how would you say - get these crystals to tone or to resonate, to vibrate in attunement with their energies, therefore supplying energy as you now use electricity. Electricity's pretty crude, but the fact is that the energies of the crystals of Earth left a long time ago. But it's coming back.

The crystals, actually, when worn by certain individuals like you, actually are a reminder to your crystalline form and a reminder to energies - worn by the right person - to attract in New Energy. I don't want to get into a long discussion right now about the meaning of different crystals, the meaning of different gems, because you can also probably figure it out yourself. There are rubies and diamonds and sapphires and all of these other ones. The important thing is they don't contain the energy anymore. Neither does gold, it doesn't contain the energy, but when put together with you, it provides balance, it provides flow and it looks mighty damn nice also. (laughter)

< (Next) 10 > There are crystals, physical crystals in Earth, of course. These same crystals were used in the times of Atlantis for your energy sources, but now no longer do that. The Earth at the core is a large crystal. I don't care what your scientists say, it is a crystal. You think it's bubbling molten lava down there? At some levels it is, but in the core of the Earth - there has to be - there is a beautiful, large, physical crystal, as well as energy crystals surrounding it. It keeps this planet kind of together, and it allowed Gaia to come here.

< (Next) 10 > Gaia came here after these crystalline seeds (imprint for crystalline energies and core crystal) were planted into this whole rock. Gaia came here - what's the first thing she did? She breathed into it just like you can breathe into rocks and anything else and bring it to life. And when she had done her job and created the species, the walking species on Earth - many that don't exist now, but the prototypes of life, the potentials of biology - she sent a message to the Order of the Arc, and said, "I'm ready. I'm ready, bring 'em on." And the angels started coming here.

< (Next) 12 > Now, there's an interesting metaphor there. Underground, sure, they thought it was - you thought it was - to hide. Some of you thought it was to be closer to the crystal source, which were the energies in the crystals that kept society rolling. They were used to going underground at time to time anyway, because this is where energy came from for them. They went underground, but the metaphor, the symbolism is very, very important here, because it was an evolution of an era. They had been looking off into the stars for the answer. It was time to get real, to get down into the ground, to get connected with Gaia.

< (Next) 12 > Not a lot of crystalline energy left in there, other than one great big crystal in the center of this Earth. It's not molten lava down there; there's a huge crystal in the center of the Earth. Still there. That's a good thing. That's what allows you to be here. So, to the point. The energies in the crystals began to leave a long time ago, and all that appropriate, because humans called for it. It was appropriate. It was transition, because ultimately it's about realizing that it's here. It's here. Or the nothingness is attracting it here. The I Am is attracting it.

< freedom 6 > You created it back a long time ago when you first came to Earth. When you came through the Order of the Arc, you came into this thing called Humanity, you embedded a gift for yourself. When the Earth was being embedded with crystalline pure energies to give it life force – which later became the real crystals of Earth, the stones that you hold, which provided energy for the Lemurians and the Atlanteans – you embedded this thing called the Illuminated Fund. It had a little bit different name back then, but now what we call the Illuminated Fund.

< freedom 6 > And you said when the time was right on Earth, you'd be able to tap into this. There are twenty-one caves, caverns, deep into the Earth that hold a reservoir or a balance of crystals, valuable crystals – some of what you would call your valuable jewels right now, but some that have never been seen by humans before on this planet; never – twenty-one locations around the Earth and one central core crystal at the center of the Earth. It's not molten lava. Let the scientists be distracted by that so we can do our real work here. I love distractions. Have I told you that?

< freedom 8 > The next level of energy that's available to you right now – crystalline! Crystalline energies are very ordered. They're very aligned. The cosmic [energy] sometimes feels kind of chaotic, even though it's not; Earth [energy], very sluggish. Crystalline will align itself with you. Crystalline energies have the amazing ability to be in alignment. They tend to stay very pure. They don't get caught up in all the 'goings on' and the agendas of cosmic and Earth, which tend to be more physical oriented. Crystalline is non-physical, very pure, but it can manifest, it can come down through cosmic and Earth in crystalline forms, and that's why you have crystals that you wear, that are buried in Earth and are beautiful.

< freedom 8 > Crystalline energies are … there is no power in them. There is what you would call power or density in Earth and cosmic energies, but crystalline there's no power. So, for the most part, you're not going to feel them in your typical sensory receptors. You're not going to feel them. You're not going to feel it as an ache in your arm or anything like that, because there's no power. There's no aggression. They're in their pure form. So most beings in the universe, most humans also, are totally unaware of them, go right by, because most beings are looking for an element of power or force, and there is none within the pure crystalline. You could argue and say that when they make their way down to Earth as crystals they have a certain amount of power, but think in its pure form.

< Transhuman 9 > Now, crystals, in themselves, hold nothing over you. Crystals, in themselves, are not going to free you from the bondage of limited human life. But crystals are a beautiful reminder in so many ways. As Linda says, they come from Earth, they're made under pressure and they turn into such beautiful things like you. All the pressure that you've had, all that tremendous pressure, and then you let it go; you stop working so hard, you stop trying so hard, you stop exerting pressure on yourself and you become the Christos, the crystal, the Christ that you truly are.

< Transhuman 9 > This beautiful Tree of Sensuality – like I said, they talk about the Tree of Life, but it's really the Tree of Sensuality – this beautiful tree represents crystals, the very thing that this planet was seeded with so long ago by the angelic beings prior to human arrival. The crystals themselves held energy. They emitted light and they emitted energy, but a different type of energy, a very different type, something that we'll talk about today. Crystals themselves embedded in the Earth. As a matter of fact, the core of Earth isn't just a bunch of hot molten lava. It is a huge crystal and it has been such an important part of this planet, because a crystal represents clarity. Crystal is symbolic of Christos or the Christ. Not Yeshua, Christ, but the Christ consciousness or the Christed consciousness within each of you.

< Transhuman 9 > I'll actually go so far, I'll extrapolate and say the word “Christos,” “crystal,” “Christ” actually means “senses.” In the true literal definition it means senses; the ability to perceive with more than just the eye, with more than just Focus.

< Transhuman 9 > This tree also represents to me the humans, you, who will come into your embodied mastery in this lifetime. There's over a thousand crystals on this tree, I'm told. How many? How many more? How many more trees will we need to get? When will we come to our first thousand or more of you who have allowed that consciousness into the body? How many more trees like this will line the stage when we get past the thousand and two thousand and three thousand? This, I hope, is just a beginning, and one of these precious beautiful crystals represents you, has your name on it for when that time comes.

< Transhuman 9 > You know there is so much more. You know there's so much more. It's within you, but how do you access it? How do you get there? And when the mind scrambles off and tries to figure it out, you can't. One thing, allowing. You say, “Well, Adamus, if it's that simple, why doesn't it just happen?” Good question. It's really a matter of trust. Trust. To allow the I Am that is already here, the universes that are already within, the senses that are already here, to allow that without effort, without manipulation, without structure but truly just to allow. That is trust at the level of, well, the deepest level. The level of “I'll trust so much that I'm willing to die for it. I'm willing to die.” That kind of trust. But few humans do that. Most humans think that they're trusting a little bit.