< Master 1 > But one of the things we're going to be studying is some of the energy properties that are in things like gold, in particular. Gold - we're going to have a lot of discussions about it - it's a very … I don't want you giving your power away to gold, but gold is an alchemical metal, and you're going to find that it has a way to enhance some of the workings with New Energy. As do diamonds and some of the precious stones.

< Master 1 > Now, you've all learned that these stones or these gems do not hold the power. But there is a tendency to think that they do, because at one time they did, on Earth. The original crystals of the Earth, the actual minerals, did hold the power. That's how Earth was originally … life came to it. But this power in the crystals went away a long time ago, after Atlantis, of course. Some of you are still connected to this and are still trying to derive literal energy from crystals, and it's not there anymore. However, some of the stones, gems, can be attuned, particularly as we journey into your past potentials that are locked up. They're going to be valuable in helping to unlock some of the past, but don't think that a diamond, a ruby, an emerald, holds a power stronger than you.

< Master 6 > Don't get into worrying about the market completely crashing. That's drama. That's fear. Don't go running out and buying a bunch of gold, because you're going to see the gold market is over manipulated right now and it can be very enticing to buy gold. It can be very enticing to want to put gold in the mattress or convert your assets to gold. No, it's being … it's manipulated. It's a great source of manipulation.

< (Next) 3 > The gold is beautiful, because gold is probably the best human substance for balancing energies during alchemy. The alchemists weren't trying to change things into gold; they were using real gold or the energetic dynamics of gold to balance a process. Any time you alchemize, any time you transmute, any time you unlock energy that's within something, there is a huge energy exchange and transmutation. It can actually be overpowering. The alchemists worked with gold, because it has a way of balancing that process so it doesn't overwhelm you. Just a little bit of gold goes a long way in really balancing alchemy.

< (Next) 8 > Gold is a fascinating metal. Gold is beautiful because it was used, and still is used, by energy alchemists to basically balance any transmutation process. It is used by alchemists to soften … any time there is a change or an alchemy in energy, gold has a way of balancing it and rounding it out, taking off the sharp edges. That is why alchemists for so long talked about gold. Everybody thought they were making gold, but they weren't. They were just using gold as a part of the process.

< (Next) 8 > Many pharaohs and other elevated beings would be buried with gold. Because it actually helped the transmutation from the human form into the spirit form, helped make the process of crossing over a little bit easier. I mean you can wear it on your being, carry it in your pocket. You don't need a lot. The size of a pea - and I guess that would be a lot these days - but that's all it takes. As you're going through this process of your own transmutation, your own personal alchemy into your Body of Consciousness, the gold helps soften it up a little bit.