human experience / way of Earth

physical experience; humanity;

< (Next) 7 > This one Earth can't possibly hold or accommodate all of the angelic beings who are looking for the human experience. And all angelic beings must go through a human experience on their way to ascension. That is the … you would say it's the easiest way. It's not very easy, but it is the way of ascension - to become fully embodied, to become into yourself - so you're not just airy, gaseous matter in angelic form; you're actually living and experiencing it. Angels really can't experience. They really can't. They can - how would you say - they can kind of sense things. But only here on Earth, and subsequently the new Earths, can you experience life.

< (Next) 8 > Sooner or later every angel being has to come by way of Earth. If it's not this physical Earth, it could be another Earth, but sooner or later you have to go through this experience.

< (Next) 10 > It's the only place … if anyone's going to ascend, anyone's going to become a grand celestial being, it is through the Earth, through the way of Earth. And until now, there's been just one. Only one. Oh, a lot of other planets, a lot of other realities, many (aliens) claiming to be superiorly intelligent. So what? Consciousness and intelligence are not the same thing at all.

< (Next) 10 > That (to be a Standard) was one of the things of the past Masters, you call them, some of the ones that you study and read about - so much denial of the human experience; so much thinking or believing the negative about being human, that it was all about getting off this planet. It is about getting into this planet. It is about getting into this life of yours. It doesn't get better when you leave here. You might as well do it here. And it's easy. It is so simply and beautifully and marvelously easy.

< e2012 3 > There's more and more beings that want to come here. So there's kind of a push almost even for that population - a push of beings that want to come in. And, you know, in the middle of the act of love, somebody forgets to put a prophylactic, because, you know, all this kind of haze from all this energy from the ones who want to come in. So the situation here, the way to relieve that? New Earths. More than one. We've talked about it at length, setting these up so that angels can have the experience of Earth on these other places. They're not necessarily physical, but they're very real. The templates of New Earth are being set up by you. So, population. New Earths. That's one of the things you're doing. Helping to develop these new places for the new angels. Not only that, but you're teaching there as well. You're teaching there.

< freedom 6 > You came into Humanity now, joining with the others, the pioneers that came to this place called Earth, and immediately joining into this thing called mass consciousness. Initially, it was pure. It wasn't distorted. It wasn't in any way twisted. It was pure, the pure heart desire of the angelic beings from the Order of the Arc coming here. Humanity – and you have worn that badge ever since. You're proud of Humanity and you're ashamed of Humanity. You find great joy in Humanity, and especially now you're feeling a certain shame for Humanity, because you know you were part of creating this new species.

< freedom 6 > You experienced yourself within Humanity, within this very dynamic dimension. A dimension so filled with psychic gravity that it kept on pulling you in deeper and deeper. Yes, Earth has a physical gravity – but that is nothing compared to psychic gravity. Psychic gravity will pull you deeper and deeper into itself. Particularly if there are any holes in what you would call your own balance or your own consciousness – doubts, darknesses, unfulfilled questions – that psychic gravity will take hold of those and fill each of those holes with itself, pulling you deeper and deeper inside itself to the point where you become so lost you forget who you are, why you are here, the resources and tools that you have. You forget your angelic family, the Order of the Arc, even Spirit – perhaps the saddest of all. Even Spirit.

< freedom 6 > After many, many cycles or incarnations in Humanity, then you came to the next point – the Awakening Human. Something happened along the way in your human experience. Part of you said, “This is not real. No more. It's time to get out. This is not the true self anymore.” You'd gotten so lost or so immersed into it, you said it was time to get out. You became the Awakening Human, starting what you would consider to be a very long journey back to yourself, but all the time, while trying to awaken, never having anticipated the forces of psychic gravity. And it seems that every step you take into awakening, you were pulled back two steps deeper, and that is a reality.

< Discovery 7 > They're lined up here because the Earth, this planet Earth but soon to be – I could say actually now to be – the new Earths that have also been created, and there are many, are the places you go for your enlightenment. This is where you discover, in this planet. No other planet in all of the dimensions or galaxies, no other planet offers the ability to understand and embody the I Am. They all have experiences, and again, you could say there's a gamut of consciousness and technology and intelligence and all of these other things, but there is no place like this.

Now, that's the good news and the bad news. There's no place like this that one can get truly lost within, become to forget who they are; none that has this density and this level of seduction as this planet. So what better place to come than here? Why not go to the extreme to get it, rather than some of these other places. That's exactly, my friends, if you remember, exactly why you came here. You came here to embody the I Am; in other words, to completely integrate it into the soul, into every aspect. That's why you're here, and right now it can only be done [here].

< Discovery 7 > They're lined up for it, because it is a sensually beautiful, dynamic planet. The feeling of pain in your body, that's sensual. Now, you say, “No. It's really a pain in my body.” To an angelic being who has no physical biology that actually is seductive. “You mean, I can actually feel myself? I can actually not just feel it like light, but I can actually – it's telling me that this is me?” And to an angelic being to say, “I can actually think, have a thought and it goes so slow that I can even be aware that I'm having a thought.” See, for angelic beings – snap! – it happens like that. There's not the deep awareness. This time continuum that you exist within allows you to do all of these things. That time and space and density and seduction allows you to come here.

< Discovery 7 > Now, it's also the curse, because when that knowingness starts saying, “I've had enough,” but yet the humanness is still in the patterns, in the concrete of consciousness, it's very difficult. What happens is that the human will then try to think and effort and plan and struggle their way out, because they're in that human condition. They'll try to study their way out or buy their way out, whatever it takes, but they'll use very human attributes to try to release themselves from this very dense consciousness. The thing they've dip themselves into and they loved and they've experienced.

But suddenly when they're tired of it and want to get out and have to get out, and it's not even just wanting to. There is that deep desire that each and every one of you has had – “I have to get out. I have to get back to me. I have to get back to that awareness of my soul.” And you've been trying to do it in your sleep, in your dreams. It's not working so well. You think that's the escape. Actually, it was originally designed as the reconnection – the nightly reconnection. But the deeper one gets into density, the deeper one – even in their sleep state – is still focused on those things that are still very human.

And then it's almost a desperation, that longing – “I have to get out of this” – and then trying to go to sleep to at least make a little bit of connection back to your source, and then it doesn't work. And then it's like, “What do I do next?” What do you do next? You try power. You try thinking, efforting and suffering. It doesn't work. The true secret – if there is a secret – of mastery, and perhaps the thing that is the most diametrically opposed to what the human would do, is allowing. Allowing.

< Emergence 2 > You know, the human component of the trinity – you have the I Am, some would call the soul, the Master, which is the wisdom of all the lifetimes and the future, and then the human – the human I think has the job that's the most fun, because they're all about experience. And the nice thing is when all this was kind of created, you know, this whole I Am/Master/human thing and the I Am sent forth an expression of itself to come to Earth as a human, if you remember this, the I Am – some people call it the soul – the I Am said, “You know, you're the experiential part of me. You're that facet of me that is going to go forth into experience. Not learning. There's nothing to learn. Simply experience for the joy of I Am-ness, existence.” You see, the I Am is like this constant big orgasm.

< Emergence 2 > The I Am is in this constant state of joyful expression. Just the chalice of the I Am filling up over and over and just overflowing. It's this constant in its joy of the “I Exist.” You know, the I Am is not real complicated. The soul is not real complex. It's in a constant state of “I Exist!” and then boom! Spiritual orgasm. And then I Exist! Boom! Constantly feeling this. When I work with many of you and I say, “Let's go back to the 'I Exist,'” I want you to tap into that joy of the soul that has always existed. It was never created. It can never be uncreated. It's simply in an innocent joy of “I Exist.” And it sent forth part of itself, which became human eventually and is here in the experience of existing.