way out


< Discovery 7 > Now, it's also the curse, because when that knowingness starts saying, “I've had enough,” but yet the humanness is still in the patterns, in the concrete of consciousness, it's very difficult. What happens is that the human will then try to think and effort and plan and struggle their way out, because they're in that human condition. They'll try to study their way out or buy their way out, whatever it takes, but they'll use very human attributes to try to release themselves from this very dense consciousness. The thing they've dip themselves into and they loved and they've experienced.

But suddenly when they're tired of it and want to get out and have to get out, and it's not even just wanting to. There is that deep desire that each and every one of you has had – “I have to get out. I have to get back to me. I have to get back to that awareness of my soul.” And you've been trying to do it in your sleep, in your dreams. It's not working so well. You think that's the escape. Actually, it was originally designed as the reconnection – the nightly reconnection. But the deeper one gets into density, the deeper one – even in their sleep state – is still focused on those things that are still very human.

And then it's almost a desperation, that longing – “I have to get out of this” – and then trying to go to sleep to at least make a little bit of connection back to your source, and then it doesn't work. And then it's like, “What do I do next?” What do you do next? You try power. You try thinking, efforting and suffering. It doesn't work. The true secret – if there is a secret – of mastery, and perhaps the thing that is the most diametrically opposed to what the human would do, is allowing. Allowing.