< e2012 3 > It was mentioned earlier today - seven billion. Population seven billion on this planet. This planet basically can handle about 10 billion before you reach that 100 grasshopper type of thing where suddenly it all starts to fall apart. So what is this planet going to do? When are they going to reach 10 billion? Not that many years away, actually, the way things are going. It's a huge issue facing the planet. The more people you have, the more systems and structures you need, the more rules that you have to have, the less sovereignty is allowed, because there's fewer and fewer resources. Why is the population growing like this?

< e2012 3 > There's more and more beings that want to come here. So there's kind of a push almost even for that population - a push of beings that want to come in. And, you know, in the middle of the act of love, somebody forgets to put a prophylactic, because, you know, all this kind of haze from all this energy from the ones who want to come in. So the situation here, the way to relieve that? New Earths. More than one. We've talked about it at length, setting these up so that angels can have the experience of Earth on these other places. They're not necessarily physical, but they're very real. The templates of New Earth are being set up by you. So, population. New Earths. That's one of the things you're doing. Helping to develop these new places for the new angels. Not only that, but you're teaching there as well. You're teaching there.