Tree of Life / Tree of Sensuality

tree of senses;  opening to your 200,000 senses;

< Transhuman 9 > This tree represents sensuality, what you're coming to. It's beautiful in its own right. It's made from nature. Everything in here from nature. It represents nature. You know, so often they talk about the Tree of Life. What is the Tree of Life? To me, it's the Tree of Senses, opening to your senses. Here you see the visual beauty of it, but I ask you for a moment to feel the energy of it.

< Transhuman 9 > This beautiful Tree of Sensuality – like I said, they talk about the Tree of Life, but it's really the Tree of Sensuality – this beautiful tree represents crystals, the very thing that this planet was seeded with so long ago by the angelic beings prior to human arrival. The crystals themselves held energy. They emitted light and they emitted energy, but a different type of energy, a very different type, something that we'll talk about today. Crystals themselves embedded in the Earth. As a matter of fact, the core of Earth isn't just a bunch of hot molten lava. It is a huge crystal and it has been such an important part of this planet, because a crystal represents clarity. Crystal is symbolic of Christos or the Christ. Not Yeshua, Christ, but the Christ consciousness or the Christed consciousness within each of you.

< Transhuman 9 > This tree also represents to me the humans, you, who will come into your embodied mastery in this lifetime. There's over a thousand crystals on this tree, I'm told. How many? How many more? How many more trees will we need to get? When will we come to our first thousand or more of you who have allowed that consciousness into the body? How many more trees like this will line the stage when we get past the thousand and two thousand and three thousand? This, I hope, is just a beginning, and one of these precious beautiful crystals represents you, has your name on it for when that time comes.

< Transhuman 9 > You know there is so much more. You know there's so much more. It's within you, but how do you access it? How do you get there? And when the mind scrambles off and tries to figure it out, you can't. One thing, allowing. You say, “Well, Adamus, if it's that simple, why doesn't it just happen?” Good question. It's really a matter of trust. Trust. To allow the I Am that is already here, the universes that are already within, the senses that are already here, to allow that without effort, without manipulation, without structure but truly just to allow. That is trust at the level of, well, the deepest level. The level of “I'll trust so much that I'm willing to die for it. I'm willing to die.” That kind of trust. But few humans do that. Most humans think that they're trusting a little bit.