The Clarity Series SHOUD 4 Q&A Session
Presented to the Crimson Circle November 5, 2005
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And so it is, dear Shamubra, that we continue this Shoud, this very, very important Shoud, but different from the rest in its energy and its message. We talked about taking a look at everything that feeds you. Again, it would seem quite obvious. But, it seems obvious because you are Shaumbra, because you are at this point of questioning. You're at this point of converting your own reality, of changing your consciousness.

It may seem obvious to you that you would think everyone would do this. But, they don't. You probably would assume that even the angels in heaven are taking a look at what feeds them. But, most don't, particularly those beings who have left Earth and who have not gone beyond the Earthbound dimensions. Most of them will never even look at these things, what feeds them. They simply try to jump right back in, coming back to Earth, taking on another lifetime and physical body without the true understanding of what's going on, what's sustaining them and how they're developing and maintaining their consciousness.

In these next few weeks of time, as you particularly become very aware of all of this, again we remind you to do it without judgment. If you say, "Well, how am I being fed from the energy of gardening," for instance… this will go far beyond just what is obvious… just that gardening relaxes you… that gardening brings you closer to Gaia… that gardening makes you feel like you are helping to give birth to something. There is another energy that is taking place, something else that is feeding you at the inner levels. And, perhaps, as we said, your mind won't understand exactly what is going on. So, we ask you just to feel it, just to be aware of it. There is an energy that is sustaining your consciousness at that point.

Or, how is the energy of a good conflict with other people feeding you? Well, you may say that it is feeding me because of all this anger coming in, but all it is is drama going on. But, there is something else happening there, an energy that is coming in to sustain your current consciousness, reality and belief systems.

There is a simple principle. Everything, all energies, come in to serve you. It is a very simple principle. So, anything that is happening in your life is bringing in a supporting energy just for you because it loves you so much.

It may wear the disguise of anger. It may have the disguise of being drama. It may have the disguise of being happiness and joy, or achieving success. But, underlying all of that is an energy that is just supporting your current consciousness. When you understand these simple principles and can understand how it is coming in to support you in any way, then you can understand how to start working with it.

Again, we have had hundreds of guests here today who have been working on this very thing. Now, they want to see how Shaumbra is going to embrace it, how they are going to come to understand it and realize that you're truly the Creator of your reality. These aren't just words. It is true. You are the Creator of every moment of your reality. It's not even being inflicted on you by mass consciousness. You may be pulling energies from mass consciousness to support your personal consciousness, but you're not held hostage by mass consciousness, by Spirit, by anything. You're just simply bringing in energies to create your reality. Now, what do you want to re-create?

With that we would be delighted to take your questions.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 1 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Recently you have been talking about sexual energies. What does the melding of feminine and masculine energies feel like? And, how will this affect Shaumbra and mass consciousness? And, what is the difference between sex and sexual energy?

TOBIAS: Indeed… the physical act of sex is a minor by-product of sexual energies. It is a way - and a very small way - of expressing or experiencing sexual energy. But, sexual energy is perhaps the most potent of any of the psychic energies that there are. It is used in many, many different ways. It depends on the person.

Sexual energies can be used creatively and have nothing to do with the physical act of having sex. Sexual energies can be used to basically control others, and unfortunately is used extensively that way. It is used to basically enslave another. Sexual energies are how spells - the effective spells - are placed. Spells that have to do with incantations and potions are nothing in terms of their potency as sexual energies are.

We are literally going to explore in depth the entire gamut of sexual energies… how they are created… how they are brought in… how they feed, both the masculine and feminine portions of yourself… how they can be used to feed creativity… or bondage or hostage with another… how they are used to feed the victim and the victimizer. We are going to be doing this in this workshop that we're going to be conducting in a few months of time. We don't want to get into too many of the details here right now because it is one of the most extensive subjects that we will ever cover with Shaumbra.

We are going to initiate the foundation energy for this by our request in this land of Mexico, which holds many of the old trapped sexual energies, particularly from Atlantis. We're going to work with a small group. And, from there this workshop, and what is learned there and what is brought out there, will be expanded and be brought to many other places.

We're going to discuss how the masculine and feminine energies, in a sense, have been separate, why they have been separate, and what happens specifically when they are brought back together. And, it is not always an easy thing to do because you are so used to carrying either a male body or a female body. And, you are used to generally drawing off either masculine or feminine energies. And, through this workshop we are going to talk about feeding these energies back together.

We're going to talk about why so many still continue to carry the wounds, the sexual wounds, with them, and why so many are continuing to allow themselves to be controlled by sexual energy, even though they're becoming enlightened spiritual beings. There is still that element of the sexual victimization that is taking place. And, there is a very strong reason, a very potent reason for this. So, we are going to be covering this in great detail and then expanding the work out.

It is - how to say - one of the most difficult and in-depth and even painful subjects that we're going to be covering with Shaumbra. And, we have to remind all of you that there is a big difference between sex and sexual energies. View them more as sex as a physical thing; sexual energies are a very type of psychic, very powerful energy. Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 2 (a woman at the microphone): Oh, dear Tobias, yesterday I became aware of the fact that I needed to attend the sexual energies workshop. And, so when it was announced today, I was very happy about that. My question has to do with the wound of Isis and healing the divine feminine… interesting. I have had direct memories of Atlantis and want to know if I transmit codes and energies through sound to facilitate this healing. Also, can art, beauty, movement, music and experiences of joy shift this wound as well?

TOBIAS: Indeed, they can… and "yes" to all of your questions. But, it also requires a different level of understanding of what sexual energies are. As you say, the tones, the music, the movements, all of these things, even revisiting some of the trapped energy of Isis, going back to Atlantis and even before that are very, very important.

But, what we are going to be talking about is how the sexual energies were created in the first place, going far, far back and how they have…this consciousness of sexual energy is so locked into place. We are going to be exploring some of the very root causes and how to free yourself from that very feeding from the sexual energies.

Again, if it is either the victim or the victimizer, the masculine or the feminine, there is a tremendous and addictive feeding that is taking place off of those. It is very, very difficult to disconnect that tube, as you might say, that method of feeding. And, as we said, even the most enlightened beings on Earth find that to be one of the biggest barriers that they have. And, they can be very, very enlightened but still continue to carry that wound around with them.

SHAUMBRA 2: Will I be able to help with that?

TOBIAS: Indeed… if you choose… if that is your reality.

SHAUMBRA 2: Thank you very much.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 3 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Explain sacred geometry (some audience laughter).

TOBIAS: We are going to say sacred geometry - if you want a very simple answer - has to do with flow. That is the easiest way to put it. As we have said before, it is not about mathematics, although the mathematics play a part of it. It has to do with the way energy flows and how it moves, how it is then brought into manifestation and how it can be used in your everyday practical life. We sound like we are giving continual promotions here. But, in our February series of workshops - we have not told Cauldre about this yet - but we are going to do sacred geometry as one of the three topics that we are going to cover. But, it will simply be about the flow of energies.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 4 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias… interesting that Geoff and Linda were talking about Scientology earlier because I work at an office that uses the L. Ron Hubbard business technology. And, I find it uncomfortable. And, so… what's up with L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology?

TOBIAS: Indeed… L. Ron Hubbard, who - how to say - we work with on this side, is essentially the leader of an angelic family that has come to Earth to bring in a new energy primarily for themselves. L. Ron Hubbard, during his time, channeled very high galactic energies for his group. These things have been written in books and put into his channels, although they do not like to call it channeling. But, that's simply what it was. And, it is primarily designed for that group.

Now, something interesting has happened that we think even Ron would not like at this point. But, the group has become very stuck in its own consciousness of those words. His original goal was to help those who read the materials or attended the workshops to understand that they could get out of their reality and quite simple. He developed some techniques that would allow them to become very empowered, that would allow them to literally go back and clear many of their old past life issues and allow them to understand that they are God also.

Those works, as so often happens with humans, have become very limited and very restrictive and filled with their own rules and laws. So, it is no wonder at this time in history that the Scientologists would be running into so much resistance on the planet, because the planet is basically turning away from rules. And, it is no wonder that you as Shaumbra would feel uncomfortable with this because you see it as a box, not as a potential.

And, as Cauldre has discovered, it is very intellectually based now. Where at one time so much of the information was so very heart-based and so very empowering, now it is almost disempowering to those who feel they have to memorize words and memorize techniques. And, in a sense, it literally traps some in their past life, because they go back and discover that they have had all of these traumas, but there are not the tools that are being taught right now to help release the trauma. And, no, holding onto this mechanical, electrical device does not help to release those traumas.

Shaumbra has discovered that it is about accepting, understanding that everything you did in those past lives was for a reason. It had a way of feeding the consciousness at the time. There is nothing wrong with it. It is about total embodying and accepting everything that you've done that truly frees the energy, not trying to analyze your way out of it. That keeps you in the box. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 4: May I ask how come I'm there? I mean… how am I getting fed by this stuff?

TOBIAS: Indeed… it is helping you to understand yourself and where you are in your path. You won't be there for that long… trust us. (audience laughter) It is also - how to say - you have allowed yourself to be there because there are some in the organization that feel uncomfortable with it themselves. They feel that they are in a type of group now that is constantly watching them and constantly analyzing them.

But, they needed a type of radiance like you, much like the guests who are here today had just that touch of radiance from Shaumbra in their life that allowed them to move beyond as well. That is so much of why you are there. What is feeding you from this is your paycheck (some laughter). It is also feeding you an understanding of where you are right now and how far you have truly come. So, judge it not, but understand that you're serving a purpose, and it is serving you.

SHAUMBRA 4: Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 5 (from the Internet, read by Linda): I'm an animal rescue Shaumbra. I've been studying different healing modalities for animals. All healing techniques use the same methods for animals as humans. I feel animals are different. What's the most effective technique for animals? And, is there a healing modality that is most beneficial for animals that I need to find?

TOBIAS: The best healing modality for animals would be to not be around humans (much audience laughter). We say that somewhat jokingly, but so often - and we're referring here to the pets, not to the other types of animals - but the pets are coming in in service, and they are absorbing so many of the energies, helping to process the energies from the owners. And, sometimes they will literally take on an owner's ills in some way or the other. They will take on the burdens of the owners.

So, in doing the work that you do, they need to literally move energy through their body. And, some of them, because of the deep love that they have and because of what they're doing, they literally get stuck and the owner's energy gets stuck within them. And, we are being told here by Cauldre not to call it an owner. It is a caregiver for the pet (some laughter). We are not being very politically or spiritually correct today (more laughter).

So, the pet literally needs assistance in helping to move the energy. Now, the best thing to do is to get in a quiet space with a pet and breathe with them. You can breathe with pets, much as you can with a human. And, don't talk to them from the mind. They don't trust the human mind so much, but talk to them from your heart and tell them they can allow the energy to move through them. They can let it come out in a variety of different ways, out the back end, out the front end, or out the etheric pores of the body.

But, they just need to be reassured that they can keep the energy moving. And, literally share with them that they're going to be more in service to their caregiver than if they were just allowing the energies to get stuck. So, what happens so many times is the pet is taking on too much of the energies of the owner at one time and that causes it to get blocked.

And, literally sometimes you're going to want to remove the pets who are having a very difficult time. You're going to want to remove them from the caregiver's care for a while, for a week or two weeks even. Get them away. Get them back into nature. Have them take walks, if possible. And, that will help get their energy moving. But, sometimes they get as stuck as their caregivers get stuck.

And, speaking of pets, that also provides the opportunity and the synchronistic opportunity to say that is the second subject we're going to cover in the "Ask Tobias" session in February.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 6 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, are you ever going to have a Shoud for young teens, young adults?

TOBIAS: Every Shoud is for young teens and young adults. It is really about whether they are at the point of consciousness and in their lives where they are open to listening, for all of the materials here are for everyone. We don't want to be specific and say it is just for older people, or younger people, male or female. It is for all. That is the way all of you are creating this.

Now, in answer to your real questions… at the request that now has been stated, we will find the appropriate opportunity to do a specific session for what you would call your teenage or your young adult Shaumbra. There are certain issues that they are facing right now in the world, particularly as they are coming into their adulthood that would be wonderful to address with them. And, we will take that opportunity to do it.

SHAUMBRA 6: Thank you. I also have a young friend who passed two weeks ago. He's only 19. Do you have any comforting messages for his family?

TOBIAS: We have to - we're not as smart as you think we are - we have to check into all of this. We have to bring in several others here. First of all, we have to take a look at his family. And, there are very few things that are going to comfort them right now in their grieving and because of their belief systems right now. There is much fear and grieving, so we're not sure if anything we say could truly comfort them, especially if they know where the message is coming from (some laughter). So, perhaps it's best not to even share where the message came from because it would raise a few issues.

This dear one that you talked about is… we see is - we're being told - is currently in what you would call a resting or holding area in the fourth dimensional realms and is there with others that he is comfortable and familiar with. So, there is no particular trauma going on there right now. There was some initial difficulty in crossing over, some very difficult issues that had to be addressed. But, that has settled down now.

But, the family would not understand if we gave a message. So, it is simply to say that - we are trying to find the right words here for the family - that your, yes, the prayers are going to this dear one.

SHAUMBRA 6: Okay, thank you.

TOBIAS: And, we're going to use this opportunity to talk about another dear one who passed recently. It was discussed earlier with Linda with the recent passing of one who we have known for quite a while, R. C. Gorman. And, we want to share with all of you that he has already gone to the Bridge of Flowers, even in just a few short days. And, he was very enlightened in his own way and didn't need to stick around. As a matter of fact, he was actually anticipating his release from Earth. He did what he came here to do. He got out of the box and has shown that to so many others.

During his several recent months where he was hospitalized, he used that time for bringing in some of his own Navajo traditions of crossing over. So, when the actual physical death came the dream walk was easy, and he went all the way to the Bridge of Flowers. He has already said goodbye to those who he has left behind here. He has already done his visiting in the - how to say - as you would say, the "happy hunting grounds," the Navajo dream lands on the other side. He has already visited all of those, even before he died. And, when he left, he almost went straight to the Bridge of Flowers.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 7 (from the internet, read by Linda): Tobias, there are some very close Shaumbra friends that run a charter school program. Is there the potential that they could come up with a very quick model for changing education as we know it?

TOBIAS: Indeed… they are already working on it. And, they're still somewhat tied into the current system because of a variety of things, regulatory as well as funding. But, they're working on it day and night while they're in their active working stage during the day but also at night during the dream states that they'll be able to focus on a new modality. Now, it may require having to let go of some of the current support systems or - how to say - feeding tubes that they have coming into their program to totally break free of that to do what they know in their hearts is right. But, yes, they are on the right track here.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 8 (a man at the microphone): Mark entity advised the healers in the room that they would be working, not just on that client, but on everybody who has the issue that that client is experiencing. And, then I was watching the Steve Rother Group (entity/entities channeled by Steve Rother known as the Group). And, they were taking phone calls. And, a couple of people were calling in, lamenting on the pain they've been going through. And, the Group started telling them how they were doing so much work for a larger group. Now, it seems related, but I can understand how the first group would be helping a larger population of people. I'm not quite sure I see how the second group is helping a larger population of people, just simply by experiencing their own pain… other than feeding.

TOBIAS: Indeed… it is called basically mass consciousness or hypnosis and the concept that we are all tied in together in one way or the other. So, when you do the healing on one, indeed in a sense, you do do the healing on many. At least it sets up the potential. If you take one who, for instance, has cancer, and there is healing work on that, the healing, rejuvenation or rebalancing that is done on the cancer patient and the results of that rejuvenation now make their way into mass consciousness so others at some point who may have cancer can now draw on that rejuvenation energy that was experienced by the original client… you see. It all ties in together. It is about creating potentials.

Now, in the second scenario that you outlined where you have the client or the patient, in this case they are taking on, the client in particular, is taking on the woes of the world into their own self. They are tapping into mass consciousness in picking up illness on behalf of everyone. And, in a sense, you could say that they are allowing themselves to be the martyr. And, they feel that if they take on imbalanced energy, bring it into their body, and then can transmute it, this will help everyone.

We don't recommend doing this, Shaumbra. This is a bit, as we say, of a martyr role. And, even though in mass consciousness it's having some effect, it is not a good thing to carry crosses, as Yeshua will tell you (some laughter). It is not a good idea to carry the sins and the burdens and the sufferings of others. Not only is it difficult on your spiritual and biological system but, in a sense, it's not honoring others. If you try to take on everybody else's sickness, thinking that you are the one that will help cure and heal them, but you are just taking on their sickness, you are not honoring the sickness that they gave themselves or could be giving themselves. They are feeding themselves in a way that they are choosing. And, now you are discrediting or dishonoring their reality creation. So, we don't recommend that at all. Thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 9 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tobias, why live? (audience laughter)

TOBIAS: Well, we're going to ask you to answer that question for yourself, as every Shaumbra will have to do. Why live? Why be here? Why have consciousness? Why be aware? Why understand yourself as a unique spiritual identity? Why be God? You have to answer that.

I answer it to myself because I love life. It is expression. It is the ultimate dance. It is the understanding of who I am. Living on Earth gave me the opportunity to understand all of the pleasures, all of the joys, all of the experiences that life has to offer. It was my tapestry. It was my canvas. And, that is why I live - simply to express.

LINDA: Last question should you choose.

TOBIAS: Oh, we'll take several more.

LINDA: Oh, goodness. (audience laughter)


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 10 (a woman at the microphone): Well, hi, dear one. I want to ask a question for Shaumbra-Holland. Up til now we have been working quite on our own. We, of course, have been in contact. But, we've been working and doing stuff on our own. And, at the end of this month we're coming together, and we're going to talk about how to move energy together, how to bring Shaumbra into the world in Holland together. And, we're kind of a bit nervous about it and expecting and excited as well. And, so we would like some advice on that.

TOBIAS: What you are doing is wonderful. We don't know if there is any advice we can give. You are working individually, all of you, through your own new understandings. Now, you are trying to bring the group together. And, you are joining your Shaumbra energy into a group energy.

And, the most important thing we would have to say is - be very aware of not having the typical hierarchy of leadership issues. There doesn't need to be a single leader. There doesn't need to be a control point. Honor and respect all of the individual energies that are there. You don't have to try to reach any sort of group consensus or group decisions. You're simply bringing your energies together.

There may be some who want to join together in certain activities, and others who don't. It doesn't make some right and others wrong. When you bring your energies together, keep them open and flowing. And, more than anything, when you come together as a group, simply do it for the joy. You don't have to try to achieve any results. The results happen on their own. Thank you.

SHAUMBRA 10: Okay, thank you.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (from the Internet, ready by Linda): Okay, I'd like to ask Saint Germain or Metatron

TOBIAS: Not here… (audience laughter). You have I, Tobias, today.

LINDA: They wanted to ask about why you're such a wimp about emotional issues and dependencies (more laughter).

TOBIAS: Cauldre is asking if you would read the entire question so I'll understand.

QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 11 (Linda reading the question): Why does Tobias cater to enabling the emotional dependency patterns within us as in tippy-toeing around our dependency issues? Maybe some of us have difficulties with intensity.

TOBIAS: Indeed… I've been asked to do one thing by Shaumbra. And, that is to reflect your energy back to you (much oohing and aahing from the audience).

TOBIAS: That is indeed the whole energy, the essence of a Shoud that I allow part of my character and my aspect to come through. I present myself to you as the kindly, benevolent Jewish one who was in the Bible. But, that is only a small portion of who I am. But, this is how you have asked me to present myself in my human-ness, in my humbleness (some laughter), in my… Cauldre can't keep a straight face on that one (more laughter). This is how I present myself to you, because this is how Shaumbra is asking that I present myself.

But, what I am truly doing is simply using this illusion to reflect back to you exactly what is in your heart and what is in your mind. Several of - many of you actually - have had an experience with me that goes beyond this pious, humble and somewhat jovial being that I was in a past lifetime. But, even that story was very distorted. Some of you have had some very different and interesting experiences and understand the true nature of the To-bi-wah energy in many ways. But, truly I have no agenda. I'm here simply as a mirror.

LINDA: You are completely adorable.

TOBIAS: Cauldre wouldn't let us use that word (much audience laughter).


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 12 (a woman at the microphone): Hi, Tobias, I would like to know if you could give me some insight on the area I'm moving to right now. And, then also, I'm not sure how to formulate this question, but I've left a job as a therapist to children that I found very limiting. And, now I'm thinking I'm moving to a new position that's going to be less limiting, a little more independent. But, I still feel that, no matter how many books I read, when I get into the office with a child that I'm doing therapy with, that I just don't want to do anything. It just feels like agenda. And, then if I do nothing, it's difficult to justify that to insurance companies and to agencies (some laughter). I wonder if you… if… unless I go out on my own… if I'm always going to be having this issue, and it's going to be draining for me.

TOBIAS: Isn't it wonderful how Shaumbra asks the question and gives their own answer? (audience laughter) Indeed, yes… indeed, yes. Now, first we're going to say that in anything, whether it is a new area, whether geographic, or in consciousness that you are moving into, feel the energy, feel how it feeds you and sustains you without judgment. And, even the current situation that you are in is feeding you somehow.

And, truly we're saying honor and respect that. Don't say, "Well, it is feeding me bad." It cannot feed you bad. It can only feed you… you see. Don't start trying to discern good or bad. It is only feeding you. Now, you may find that you want to have brought energy in a different way now. And, you're very aware when you say that when you finally go out on your own.

And, I want to use this opportunity to stand on my soapbox a bit here and say to all of Shaumbra, make a very broad and general statement to all Shaumbra - sooner or later you're going to go out on your own. You are not meant to be employed by others. You're meant to be actively self-unemployed (audience laughter). You are meant to create your own. Yes, perhaps, you will have some partners. But, in a sense, it is still your creation.

As long as you are working for others, you're working for industry or government or others, you are limiting your ability. Now, you have been there for a reason. It has fed you, and you have fed it for a reason. But, for the ultimate freedom and the ultimate expression of your Shaumbra energies, you will want to go out on your own.

There are things, my dear, that you are longing to do with your clients that you know are right, that you know will truly facilitate them. But, you have this fear - which is feeding you, by the way - a fear that maybe perhaps you are not ready for it. But, just the words that you expressed here today would indicate you are ready for it… you see.

SHAUMBRA 12: Thank you.

TOBIAS: Thank you.

LINDA: It feels like there's only one or two more questions here.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 13 (a woman at the microphone): Hello… and I'll make it one. I just want to hear what you have to say about the baby that Joe and I made (some laughter).

TOBIAS: We have to explain something to you here. You didn't make it.

SHAUMBRA 13: Then what do I have in my belly?

TOBIAS: I understand. Your dear baby is going to be a "crystal," as you already know. And, we don't like to use those type of terms, but this baby comes in… it's not a baby either. This dear angel, being, comes in very clear, very open. It will be very sensitive in the early days, sensitive to outside energies. You're going to have some - how to say - initial challenges with types of allergies and rashes and things like that because, when they come in so pure, and then they come down into the density of this reality, it is difficult for them at first. But, it will come in very clear.

And, it's going to pursue - this is what is on the schedule today - we are not saying this is locked into destiny - but this one that's coming in is going to pursue a career in science. But, it will be a spiritually based science where it is helping to understand how all energies - whether it is spiritual or material or scientific or religious - all work together. So, this one comes in with a very keen understanding of what has been called "sacred geometry" or "energy flow."

It is going to be a bit obstinate in their early years. And, it is going to do a wonderful thing in helping to bring both of you closer together, which you truly want to do in your hearts… you and the dear tall one that you are with (some laughter).

SHAUMBRA 13: Well, I lied. We are debating - what last name does this baby want?

TOBIAS: Christ. (much audience laughter)

SHAUMBRA 13: Is it a boy or a girl?

TOBIAS: Christ means "crystal." Christ means "clear," much as this very series that we are in. So, it would be a good last name.

SHAUMBRA 13: All right… and are you going to channel about being a parent and bringing in babies like this?

TOBIAS: I'm not going to be a parent or bring in babies… no.

SHAUMBRA 13: No… but, I…

TOBIAS: Indeed… we are going to speak of how to literally help… we have to… much as Saint Germain has done the Dreamwalking School, I, Tobias, with the assistance of Kuthumi, are going to be talking about doing a "baby-walking school"… (much oohing and aahing from the audience)

SHAUMBRA 13: Thank you very much.

TOBIAS: … how to literally help open the energy pathways to make it so much easier for a being to come in in a very clear and clean way and things that the… oh, Cauldre is moaning and groaning here (more laughter). He didn't know he was going to get into the pediatric business. But, we are going to be talking about how to open the energy conduits and in the months of the pregnancy how to make adjustments in all of the energies. And, yes, we're going to be doing that, but not in the immediate future.

SHAUMBRA 13: Okay, thank you.

TOBIAS: Indeed

LINDA: Are you done… or one more?

TOBIAS: Last question.

LINDA: Last question.


QUESTION FROM SHAUMBRA 14 (from the Internet, read by Linda): Tell us what the energetic differences are between truth and lies. I know ultimately truth and lies are based on individual levels. But, living in two worlds so often feels like lying. Downgrading my truth in conversations with people who have their head up their duality's you-know-what (some laughter) so often seems like lying. Being able to speak Shaumbra's truth without getting blank looks or being openly poo-pooed seems like a long way off. I know this question is somewhat duality-based, but thanks anyway.

TOBIAS: Indeed… if you take a look at the energy, or in the case of what we were discussing today - how energy feeds you - truth and lies basically are the exact same energy. There is no difference. They are both illusions. But, they are different expressions of an illusion. A lie generally tends to try to avoid reality. It tries to create a false aspect of reality outside of itself because it can't bear to see its truth. A lie tends to be a segment or an aspect of the truth that doesn't want to look at itself for whatever reason. You would consider it to be - how to say - a dark energy that is trying to deny itself, whereas the truth is an energy that's trying to accept itself and understand itself. But, both energies come from the exact same place.

LINDA: Aren't there a lot of lies that are presented as truth?

TOBIAS: We'd have to say that every lie feels that it is truth in one form or the other.

LINDA: Thank you.

TOBIAS: It justifies itself as being truth. And, lies eventually turn into self-righteousness.

LINDA: Thank you.


TOBIAS: Indeed. So, with that, Shaumbra, it has been a delightful day. Our guests are now gathering their things. They are headed back off to the bus stop just outside here. If you allow yourself to feel the energy, you can feel the bus pulling up and all of them waving goodbye to you, giving you thanks for this day and for the opportunity to participate in this very important energy that we created here today in this Shoud titled "How Do You Feed Yourself?"

And so it is!

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