wound of Isis

wound of abandonment; separation from Chiron; ⇔ wound of Chiron;
sexual wounds; core wounds;

< NewEnergy 2 > There are religions on Earth right now that treat women like second-class citizens. Those women have agreed to be treated like that. They are carrying a burden from the past, a time long before you ever came to Earth, when the feminine energy was in power and was very abusive. The feminine energy had learned how to be the seductress. It still is. There was an abuse of power, so now there are many women who allow themselves to suffer and continue to suffer for this. They wear veils over their faces. They cannot even sit in the churches. They cannot allow themselves to be seen. They are covered in a shroud of guilt. They suffer for old wounds. It is time to let go of that.

< NewEnergy 2QA > This old patriarchal energy came as a result of old wounds that occurred long before you ever came to Earth. The consciousness of humanity felt that there needed to be a stern father-type of figure, a predominant disciplinarian figure in order to prevent things that had happened in the past. So, in a sense, you would have to say that both sexes - the male and the female - agreed to this. But, it is greatly out of balance. This male energy has been so much a part of the religious structure and the cultural structure.

< NewEnergy 4 > If you are female, allow the male energies to come in. If you are female, allow yourself to heal the wound - the wound of Isis. Indeed, she is here today also. She had to come in to counter Rapha. The wound of Isis - so many of you, those who are physically female and intuitively female understand exactly what I'm talking about -is the greatest wound of all. Allow yourself to breathe in the masculine energies back into you. And, as you do, allow this archetypical energy of Isis - the Mother… the Creator… the giver of birth and giver of life - to heal. You know how it was abused, grandly abused. That has caused the counter-reaction, particularly in your contemporary society. But, it has been going on for a lot longer than just these lifetimes recently on Earth.

< NewEnergy 4 > The male energy that you have allowed to get strong, women… you have allowed it to get strong because you are hiding from who you are and what you have done. The wound of Isis is deep, deeper than the wound of Chiron. You know exactly what we are speaking about here. You have tried to hide it. You've been angry about it. You don't know what to do with it. You have turned over responsibility to the male. It is time for the divine to meet the human. It is time for the man to meet the woman. It is time for you to release Isis now. The wound has been deep. But, seven days from now, we can all heal this thing. It is all of our past - not just a human thing - it is all of our past.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is difficult to translate into human words, so we won't go for the exact pronunciation. But, you would call these the "daughters of Isis" who come in today. They began flowing into your reality, into your space after the energy of the Harmonic Concordance. They will continue to be here for some time, working with you to heal the wounds of Isis, to integrate the masculine and feminine.

< NewEnergy 5 > Your wounds, dear ones, are very deep… the scars caused from the initial wounding of Isis. And, then there are the burdens that you have taken upon yourself in this lifetime and some of the other recent ones… subjecting yourself to the masculine energies who abused you physically… as well as emotionally, and mentally… and caused you to shut down… caused you to hold back… caused you to go into a place of fear and mistrust of yourself.

< NewEnergy 8 > Yeshua asked Myriam not to touch him after the death, not because she was tainted, or not worthy, but simply that his energy was so high at the time and their love was so strong that he feared if she touched him in his spirit form that she would want to go back, that she would want to leave the physical body in an instant to be with him on this side of the veil. So, he begged of her not to touch him. He begged of her to continue the teaching, to continue the writing, to continue holding the feminine energy. Yeshua told her in that meeting, in that gathering, that the feminine energy would be subject to abuse and attack for thousands of years to come, for humankind had become so ingrained in the masculine energy. And, the feminine energy was allowing it to happen, allowing itself to get beaten down (the wound of Isis).

< Embodiment 4 > Some of you are holding energies for abused and battered women, women who have had the Isis energy violated within them. You help them to hold that energy, to hold their space and their balance. This is wonderful work. You help them from falling into a deep, deep abyss… and you know that. You help them from going over the edge. You hold it because you have been violated. Your Isis energy has been deeply wounded. You were able to work through most of it. And, now you become an energy holder for the feminine energy that has been abused and wounded and mistreated.

< Clarity 4QA > Indeed, they can… and "yes" to all of your questions. But, it also requires a different level of understanding of what sexual energies are. As you say, the tones, the music, the movements, all of these things, even revisiting some of the trapped energy of Isis, going back to Atlantis and even before that are very, very important.

But, what we are going to be talking about is how the sexual energies were created in the first place, going far, far back and how they have…this consciousness of sexual energy is so locked into place. We are going to be exploring some of the very root causes and how to free yourself from that very feeding from the sexual energies.

Again, if it is either the victim or the victimizer, the masculine or the feminine, there is a tremendous and addictive feeding that is taking place off of those. It is very, very difficult to disconnect that tube, as you might say, that method of feeding. And, as we said, even the most enlightened beings on Earth find that to be one of the biggest barriers that they have. And, they can be very, very enlightened but still continue to carry that wound around with them.

< Teacher 7QA > And you're also taking on some of the issues of this whole thing that we call the wound of Isis - the energies of Isis are very much in conflict right now in this area where you live, because this was one of the centers of Atlantis and this is where there was a very old and very difficult energy work that was done back then. This whole wound of Isis issue. So you're literally absorbing this from everything around you. You, like other Shaumbra, are very empathic. You are very absorbing. You're like a sponge. You absorb everything around, but you have a wonderful way then of taking on these issues as your own, pretending their your own.

< Returning 11 > I'm going to speak somewhat metaphorically here, but actually there's a lot of reality to it. We've talked before about how you have a variety of different energies in you - the light, the dark; the yin, the yang; the masculine, the feminine. We're going to go back in this case to the story of Isis and Adam, which is basically the masculine and feminine within you. But I also want to use it to express another duality concept, and that was the inward and the outward expressions of your soul.

A long time ago when you left All That Was, when you went through the Wall of Fire on your journey that would bring you to Earth, you created your original separation and that created the inner looking spirit, what you now call your soul, your divine; and your outer expression, the part of you that would journey out into the void and create reality. The outer expression that would eventually come by way through the Order of the Arc to this planet Earth for a completion and fulfillment.

Using the concepts of duality, the metaphor, we'll talk about Isis and Adam, but understand it relates to the inner and the outer parts of self - the light and the dark, every opposing duality.

When the energy of Adam left Isis it created tremendous pain, for the two energies are essentially the same. They were always meant to be together. They were always in love. So when the separation occurred between Isis and Adam, you can imagine the pain that it caused. You can also imagine an anger that was caused as part of you left on a journey and left another part within itself. This caused the pain of love and separation, but also you could say a type of anger - "Why are you leaving? Why are you allowing the separation?"

So the energy of the masculine, of Adam, or the energy of the outer expression of self, went off, knowing - both parts of you knowing - that you would return together at the right time and the right place. This part of you - let's call it the Adam energy - Adam went off searching. Adam went off looking for new solutions, oh, out of absolute love to Isis. He wanted to create a place that was so perfect that Isis would want to return.

So Adam started, what you could say, building or constructing the perfect castle, the perfect home, the perfect space. And as he was building it through his imagination and his creative expression, he kept on wondering if Isis would really like it - would she like the colors? Would she like the style? - and he began to doubt himself tremendously. He wondered if Isis would be comfortable here. He wondered if he was just doing this for himself or if it would really be appropriate for Isis.

He kept on wondering if Isis really missed him and really loved him. He kept on wondering if maybe this was a plot from Isis to get rid of him. He wondered at times if Isis was deliberately doing this to him to totally annihilate him, to enslave him, to make him insignificant. And you see this myriad of opposing energies was flowing through Adam all the time while he was working on building this perfect dream castle for Isis.

Of course, the castle has never been good enough. Oh, it is spectacular in my opinion, but Adam is still working on it. It's the castle that can never be completed because, dear Shaumbra, in the somewhat imbalanced heart of Adam he fears most of inviting Isis in and her not accepting it.

That means her not accepting him. That means no reunion. That means no going forward. So if he keeps building his castle and he keeps modifying it and he keeps doubting himself, he keeps playing the game, he never has to face the question: is he worthy of Isis's return. Is he worthy?

And Isis, all this time, is wondering, "What happened to Adam? Why hasn't he called? Maybe he doesn't love me anymore. Maybe he's found another. Maybe he's betrayed me. Maybe he's trying to assume and collect power. Maybe he's trying to totally annihilate me. Maybe I'm not beautiful enough for him. Maybe he has discovered something within himself that has higher qualities than I. Maybe I'm not worthy of ever receiving the love of Adam. Maybe I'll turn my back. I'll hide my tears so I never have to face the issue, is Adam calling out for me. Is he welcoming me back to him? So I'll keep myself distracted. I'll do everything but look."

Dear Shaumbra, that's the story of Isis and Adam. It's also your story. It's a story of your inward and outer expression. It's a story of the human self and the divine. Maybe you don't think you're worthy, that you've built a good enough house for your divine to join you here, so you keep trying to build the house. And maybe your divine, right now at this moment, is wondering, "How come I haven't received the call? How come I'm not being invited into this holy sacred place called the human existence?" Maybe the divine is thinking that you betrayed it.

So this game continues. The deception continues and the separation continues, because what if, just what if the human didn't like the divine? What if it was disappointed with the most intimate part of itself? What if it had had so many experiences and so many loves in all of its lifetimes, it doesn't want itself anymore? What if…?

You face some of the most important issues in your existence right now. You face the issues of completion and of acceptance. The big dark energy rolls in right now and says, "What if the divine doesn't like me? What if it thinks I built a crappy house? That I'm not worthy? What if the divine comes in and tells me I have at least another dozen lifetimes before it'll even consider?" And that's the sabotage. It is artificial, and those of us who are sitting in our own Third Circle can tell you it is the biggest delusion and deception that you'll ever give yourself. But it is also the biggest gift.

< Transhuman 6 > And then recently, after that and only after that, could we do Wound of Adam.* The Wound of Adam talks about love. It's a story of love between the characters Isis and Adam, which are simply the feminine and masculine aspects within you. And in Wound of Adam it talked about this great love. It talked about Isis' shame, but then the great love that they eventually discovered together here on Earth.
I won't go into too much of the story on that, but, needless to say, the two tie in so beautifully. In Isis', the feminine pursuit of love, her desire … let me put it this way. Isis, the feminine aspect, is the one that's going to insist on the experience of true love, while Adam, in love to Isis, holds down the fort. Adam will maintain the place, the balance on this Earth where you still live, where you still have your body, while Isis comes to find true love on a place called Theos.