daughters of Isis / sisters of Isis

the order of the sisters of Isis;

< NewEnergy 5 > It is difficult to translate into human words, so we won't go for the exact pronunciation. But, you would call these the "daughters of Isis" who come in today. They began flowing into your reality, into your space after the energy of the Harmonic Concordance. They will continue to be here for some time, working with you to heal the wounds of Isis, to integrate the masculine and feminine.

< NewEnergy 5 > They come in today as a group of thirteen. They are from an order - how to say - a sisterhood… again, words somewhat limiting here. Far in the celestial levels they have been keeping a balance of this feminine energy, helping to continually balance and hold a space for it, knowing that the feminine aspect in all of you, in all angels was going to go on a journey through many experiences. So, this particular group, the daughters of Isis, the order of the sisters of Isis, stayed behind to hold an energy of balance.

< NewEnergy 5 > And, they come in now, knowing that you have chosen to heal, bringing back together all of the energies. They come in today… particularly for those who are going through some of the struggles of healing the old wounds… a feeling that they are not worthy to let go… a feeling of shame for things that have been done in the past… and for you who have been physically abused. For you women who have been physically abused, this is a sign that you did not feel worthy, that you opened yourself up to this type of abuse. And, it is time to heal that now.

< NewEnergy 5 > Your wounds, dear ones, are very deep… the scars caused from the initial wounding of Isis. And, then there are the burdens that you have taken upon yourself in this lifetime and some of the other recent ones… subjecting yourself to the masculine energies who abused you physically… as well as emotionally, and mentally… and caused you to shut down… caused you to hold back… caused you to go into a place of fear and mistrust of yourself.

< NewEnergy 5 > The sisters of Isis, the daughters of Isis, come in today to be with each one of you. It is time to transform that (wounds). How do you do that? How do you do that? First, you begin by breathing and opening your feelings again. You have been so shut down. You have been looking for resolution in very strange ways. As you know, your hearts have been shut. You've been looking for satisfaction and acknowledgement in other ways.

< NewEnergy 5 > It is time to understand that you were carrying a burden for all of femininity, for all of Isis. It is time to understand that you put yourself through the experience of abuse on behalf of all women in your culture and your society now, as well as the feminine energies of Isis. You allowed this to happen to go to the depths of sorrow, the depths of pain, and the depths of understanding, pure understanding. We know you struggle with this. And, you have difficulty opening up because of this.

< NewEnergy 5 > Understand that you were doing this energetically on behalf of Isis, but that you don't need to do this anymore, that other women don't need to do this. Once you acknowledge that you are ready to have understanding about the event - not to deny what happened, but to have understanding of all these events - then the sisters of Isis, the daughters of Isis, can work with you in helping you to transmute that energy into wisdom, understanding, and compassion. You are still… so many of you are still holding on to some of these old, old hurts that took place while you were in human form.

< NewEnergy 5 > Understand that as you open up, as you go through processing (cycle of expanding), you will come to new understandings, and enlightenment, and a new sense of integration. So, understand also as you walk through this most difficult, difficult experience - by healing it, you are also helping the feminine energy heal over all. You are doing this for yourself, but it has an effect and an implication on all others.