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see also: healing;

< NewEnergy 2QA > We see that the medical institutions and professions today have gotten away from any type of true feelings or intuition. They are working by the book. And they are also working on the clock.

There is tremendous, wonderful technology, but it is not being applied in the appropriate manner, which makes it very difficult because these very ones who are not working from their hearts are also the keepers of the technology. Right now it is important to have a balance of medical, and the technical, and the spiritual all melded together.

You can help change the dynamics of your meeting with the doctor, for instance, by opening your divinity even prior to going in to see the doctor, Connecting with your doctor, Divine-Divine, and also connecting human-to-human. It is your time with the doctor and you can tell them what you need rather than just being another rote patient. Actually, we see that most doctors would appreciate this, for you are taking them out of their mesmerized condition caused by seeing one client after the other.

< NewEnergy 2QA > In the purest form, your body can heal itself of anything. But as long as there are still beliefs that it is beyond you, as long as there is still suffering energy, it is difficult for the body to respond to the proper healing. We will discuss this in more detail in an upcoming Shoud. You, Shaumbra, can take responsibility for your healing. At this time, however, we still suggest a balanced or an integrated program of your current doctors and technology along with a good New Energy facilitator.

< NewEnergy 5 > It has the natural ability even to re-grow limbs. But, that portion has not been exercised in so long - re-growing an arm or a leg. You're already doing it on a rather crude sense with things like teeth and some tissues. But, it has the ability to re-grow limbs. It is not one of the strong suits of your DNA structure right now. But, it has the ability to come back if you give it permission. You will see great advances, even in this next year of your time, in medical research. You will see many more over the next years. And, you will see this accelerate even more rapidly after our date of 2007. But, dear friends, still the fastest and the most effective way is to allow your body to rebalance itself.

< NewEnergy 5 > You will see advances in medicine in - how to say - so the doctors don't cut out large parts of the body. We consider that here on this side of the veil to be somewhat crude. Even back in the days of Atlantis we used pinpointed energies, directional energies - generally from crystals, but also from other apparatuses that we had manufactured - to change the vibration pattern in the tissues itself, and sometimes even down to the DNA.

< NewEnergy 5 > Contemporary medicine has gotten away from that (change the vibration pattern in the tissues itself, and sometimes even down to the DNA using energy from crystals.) to where it is cutting off limbs, thinking that that is the root cause, thinking if there is a cancerous area of your body to cut it out because that must be the problem. Dear friends, that is so far from the truth. The cancer, the signal for cancer, starts in other places in the body, and the spirit, and the mind. To cut that out is only temporary. To cut that out is also not honoring that portion of your body.

< NewEnergy 5 > There are many benefits to modern medicine right now. We are not saying not to use these. But, we do say to each one of you - when you go to the doctor, even when you have to go to the hospital, give your body permission to be part of the whole rebalancing process. Bring an energy facilitator with you, you see, with you to the doctor. When you go to see a medical professional, who does not understand New Energy or the nature of Spirit, bring an energy facilitator with you. They don't need to wave their hands. They don't need to perform any ritual. They are helping to hold a space. They are helping to create a potential with you, a potential of rebalancing the body.

< NewEnergy 5 > As you move into the New Energy, you will find that your body does rebalance itself much faster and much better. We know many of you have asked - and will continue to want to ask - about the advances in medicine. There will be some. They will not overcome cancer within your lifetime. It is too deep within the human consciousness right now. It is there for a reason. It will not be overcome. It will be controlled, but not overcome.

< Clarity 11 > Right now your educational systems have been infected by a virus, an energy virus. It is prevalent in all of the schools, particularly the public schools, but it has even crept into the private schools. And right now this energy virus is doing more to corrupt and distort and distract the students. It is creating violence. It is creating a dependency and an addiction. Very little education is getting done. It is a serious situation, Shaumbra.

< Clarity 11 > Why hasn't there been developed a cure for cancer and AIDS? Why is it that medicine, whether traditional or alternative, falls short? It is because they don't understand some of the core issues; because they are so regulated; because there's such a fear of things like lawsuits; because there's so many viruses within the medical profession itself... and we're not talking about a cold and flu virus, we're talking about an energy virus... that's also within this system.

< Clarity 11QA > But if you choose to have the operation, participate in it. Make a choice that you want your body cleared of all of these things. Make a choice that you want to live and stay here on the Earth. Make a choice that you're going to have your body, from all time forward, keep a balance, keep a loving balance on itself so that cancer virus is never even attracted into your physical body anymore.

There is nothing wrong with traditional medicine or alternative. But right now what's so important for you, and for all of Shaumbra, is to make your choice and integrate your desire to continue living in this physical body. It's going to have a profound impact on the results of the surgery, if you choose to have that.

< Teacher 10 > These scientists, these researchers, are looking at new ways to help facilitate the rejuvenation of the body. Not necessarily even what you would call medicines, but a type of interesting therapy for the body, but they're running into problems. It's not predictable. They can't understand why it works sometimes and why it doesn't work other times, and the scientific and legal community are tied into predictable, definable results. If you do something once, it has to be replicated again and again and again and again. But New Energy medicine - I'm not talk about hocus pocus with the hands, we're talking about New Energy medicine - is different. Why is it different? (Someone in the audience yells "It's New Energy!") Thank you! It's New Energy and (Saint-Germain chuckles) it also has to do with the desire or what you would call the intent of the patient, of the one who's sick. It has to do with their ability to participate with the whole program.

< Teacher 10 > Some of these things are being tested right now, particularly with cancer patients, but the results are so unpredictable, because they haven't figured out yet the one basic simple element that has to be there with any rejuvenation process: the desire and the responsibility of the patient. When the patient doesn't take responsibility for their own self and their own body, it is very hard for this type of new medicine to work at all. So they're going to come up with this - duh! - realization that it is important to have the energy of the patient.

< Master 6 > There was another shift in 2007. It went unnoticed by most people in the world, but it happened and it was quite large. And it didn't have to come as a storm. It came as a welcome invitation. It was called the Quantum Leap, and most of you participated in that. That opened the door for amazing new technologies to come in. A lot of them are still on the desktop, so to speak. Still haven't been implemented.

But the changes of consciousness that occurred in 2007 are going to lead ultimately to new energy solutions, incredible medical solutions, if we can get by some of the religious moralistic issues - I'm speaking of things like stem cell - incredible openings in particularly in one of the biggest issues confronting humans right now, which is fuel, energy. Isn't it amazing that you're energy workers who are bringing in New Energy and the world is confronted with a huge energy crisis? Huge. It's not talked about so much. I'm not saying there's a conspiracy, but humans just don't want to address the fact that the world is consuming more and more fuel and using up a lot of the resources.