< Ascension 11QA > We do indeed: A clean sweep! (audience laughter) But, this will be difficult. This will take time. This will take new consciousness on your part. It will not happen overnight. It will happen as you start teaching others about divinity, and they teach another. And, eventually what you teach another human about their divine journey will find its way into the schools, perhaps not in the same words that you have used, but in consciousness.

When humans begin to understand that the power is within, and it does not lie in a book, in a nation, in a creed, or any of these other things… this change in consciousness will change the way children are taught.

For yourselves and your children, all of you who are Shaumbra, teach now, teach now by listening. Listen from your Divine Self with the Language of Ah. Listen to what is really being said from the child who is trying to communicate with you. You will begin to understand how true teaching is done.

These principles that you come to know and understand will eventually find their way into your school systems. But, it will take a while. From our perspective there is sweeping reform that is needed. And, many of you here who - how to say - join us now are here in this energy… you will be ones spearheading this effort. But, it will take a while, and it will take energy.

< DivineHuman 6QA > This will be one of the greatest to change. In a sense, in so many parts of the world, there are those who do not want to even focus on education. We have seen from our side that it is a babysitting service, and a poor one at that.

We have seen, dear friends, that there are those who are so stuck in the Old ways they do not want to look at the New. So, they will continue to go back to the old books. They will continue to revert back to old rules. When times get difficult or a bit shaky they will say, "We must go back to the old ways… the basics… punishing the child… doing only the basic things. We will pull away the creative activities, the music, and the arts, and the way that children express themselves. We will make them study the basics."

Dear friends, this is a difficult one. This is one where we challenge you. We challenge those who are ready to put two feet into the New Energy. Create the new systems. Create the new way of teaching that encourages the child to be creative and expressive. Encourage them to sing from the heart rather than work from the brain.

You see, so much of what you see in education is a reflection of the great conflict in duality right now. It is all being brought up to the brain. It is all about studying, and retaining facts, and being logical, and being methodical. They are killing the soul and the heart of the individual. People are no longer taught how to truly feel, how to express. They are taught that the mind is supreme, and everything goes through there.

We are teaching you, and perhaps you can teach your children and other children… it comes from the heart. It comes from the soul. The mind is strictly an interpreter of information. Sometimes the mind cannot even come close to keeping up with all of the new information that is coming in. That is why your mind sometimes short circuits with all the new work that you are doing. It is having a difficult time keeping up with the interpretation, the translation of all of the energies coming in through you. So, we challenge all of Shaumbra, start the new ways.

You say, "But, I do not have qualifications. I don't know where to start. I don't know what to do." Take that step. Shaumbra, if you have even had an inclination to do this work. Take that step. Make the effort to begin. All of the resources will come to you then, all of the resources to start the new schools. And, they will grow in popularity. The old system will get very upset with you. (audience laughter) But, when you show them what it is to have a child who can feel, and be creative, and express, rather than just think from the brain, they will see what they have been missing all of these years.

The education system and the religions need major overhauling, major overhauling. The religions will fall first. The education system will take more work.

We have said, dear friends, that you are the teachers. We mean this in so many ways. We mean it literally - the teachers of the new way… the teachers of the new understanding… the teachers of these new humans, the ones who are small right now, but who are coming up.

This is an excellent question, and one that we also spend much time discussing here on this side. If the education system isn’t changed, it will hold the consciousness back and there will be difficult times. Teach your children to be creative. Give them back the arts and the music. These things have been taken away, yes. They have gone for duality games that they play, these sports, and then things of the mind. Give them back the creative arts.

< NewEnergy 11 > We look at this group of Shaumbra… and smart, when we talk about smart, we are talking about your wisdom, what you have learned and your ability to put it into play in a reality. It is not about taking some IQ tests. The sooner that IQ tests are released from your school system, from your education, the better. That has been one of the most limiting and devastating tools that are used these days. The energy is very imbalanced. So, it has nothing to do with IQs. It is about spiritual wisdom. It is about knowingness. And, it is about allowing yourself to once again fully open up.

< Embodiment 6QA > If you take a look at the energy of schools all over the world right now, what they are truly lacking is imagination and creativity. The schools - because of the budget problems, which are really just energy problems - they have limited the studying to the more left brain - as you would call it - the more logical or the brainier things. They have removed the creativity and the imagination from the schools.

And, this is why they are suffering. This, Shaumbra, is why there is violence in the schools and killings in the schools. This is why students are having so many emotional problems and physical problems. And, then the doctors give them drugs. And, they don't know how to handle it. There are being deprived of something that is so very important in their lives, the ability to openly imagine, the ability to be creative without all of the burden of structure.

So, this being said, what you are imagining and helping to create right now is a whole different type of school system. You might want to even call it the Shaumbra School. And, this is where children will be encouraged to use the imagination and then apply imagination to the more left-brain problem-solving portions of life. But, right now there is none. They are being spiritually and mentally starved because of this.

This is something that we would love to talk about in great detail in one of our - how do you call these - "Ask Tobias" sessions… "Ask Shaumbra" sessions. But, we could talk about the schools, and in this we would say it is time for you, Shaumbra, to get out of the chairs and to start the schools. That is not going to be easy at first necessarily. You're going to be going up against Old Energy that does not want to see it. And, they are going to come up with many reasons for it not to be done. But, it is time.

The children who have had these concentration problems - these things that you call ADD, or HDDH, or whatever these things are (some laughter) - these are misdiagnosed problems. These children are highly sensitive, highly sensitive. It is said that they can't focus. They don't want to focus. They want to allow their energies to expand.

And, it is very difficult for them to live in some of the energetic environments around the world right now. They need an outlet. They need the ability to use the imagination. Then, their human focus will work out just fine. The worst thing to do is to put them on drugs. This is killing their spirit. This is very, very difficult on them. So, we thank you, and we are going to ask you to help lead this effort.

< Embodiment 9QA > The one that you are speaking of, your dear son - and many others like him - are coming back in as what you would term as "crystals." They are coming in highly sensitive. They are coming in not understanding why rules are there in the first place. They are not conformists. They are quite different than most Shaumbra. They are not trying to be ordinary. They know they're not. They are not trying to fit into a certain way of doing things. They have difficulty in the schools because the schools are not designed to teach at the feeling level. The schools have gone totally intellectual. The schools are devoid of true imagination and feeling.

So, judge not about his performance in school. It means little or nothing right now. Even any problems with the social interaction mean little or nothing right now. You are going to find with your son, in particular, that after September, 2007, his whole demeanor changes, his whole way of resonating with things around him and working with other people and relating to even you changes. Right now he is coming in as a system-buster. He is coming in highly sensitive. The best thing you could do is to listen to him, to acknowledge him, to love him, and never try to control him. The best thing you can do also is to be such a wonderful example.

You know these young ones who come in… they look to the true masters and the true leaders. When they are helping to select what family to come into, they look for the masters who will teach them how to be in the 3-D world and integrate all of their divine energies. That is you. And, that is all of Shaumbra. You are the masters. Remember, they are watching this, as you know, watching everything you do to see how you work in the 3-D world… to see how you bring in your divinity… to see how you get trapped in your own story… and ultimately to see how you get out. You have far too much worry about this dear one. They are going to - how to say - shoot, blossom, they're going to blossom over these next few years ago. Let go of the control.

< Clarity 5 > That overlay of discipline has been built up in societies and cultures all across the Earth to where it is still very prevalent. And, that disciplined overlay, triggered by old vows, is one of the things that literally help sustain - how to say - this consciousness of Earth right now of just enough, just barely enough. It's perpetuated in schools and in churches and by governments. You have to work hard. You have to stay disciplined. Your parents reinforced it for you because they were part of that consciousness. Discipline… discipline yourself. Focus… focus.

< Clarity 11 > A new type of system that doesn't allow energy imbalances, that will not tolerate the abuse of energy - or any other human. A school system that's not designed or based on scoring or grading or point systems or trying to conform with some archaic type of state educational system, but a group that will break out and truly bring out the very best. There are millions of what you would call "Crystals" that are ready to come in but they will not come in until the time and the resources are right. These are Beings who have never incarnated onto Earth before. They are waiting. They are waiting. They will not come in until the new schools are ready, because they will not put their energy into one of the infected educational systems.

< (Next) 7 > One of the problems with education right now is the responsibility is turned over to something else, and humans don't know how to educate themselves anymore. The parents blame the schools, but the parents should look at themselves and their sons and daughters.

< e2012 2 > There is such an emphasis on mental structure, and when children are two years old now being forced to study. Now, studying isn't bad, but any time - and this could go to … we need to have a discussion about New Energy education, but a lot of people are going to get really upset. Any time there is study of a science or of a math or of a language, there also needs to be the associated study of the other potentials. It should never stop at what's written in the book or what can be put on a chalkboard or put into a calculator. So when children are being taught, they should always, always be taught about other potentials. What ifs. Why nots.

< e2012 2 > When something is put in a bottle, something is boxed up, something is structured, when science doesn't explore totally new possibilities outside of any of the current theories, it explodes. What happens with education right now, it's being ground down. The creative, all the arts, are being taken out, the music taken out. As I've said before, art will save the world. It truly will. When a society can be artistic, first and foremost, that means it has liberated itself. It's not the painting that's going to free somebody. It's the consciousness that "We can spend our time with the joyful, sensual pleasures on Earth, rather than the mental, rather than the rules and regulations." That shows a free society.

< e2012 2 > So that's a child. Unfortunately, they're taking so much of the experience out of childhood right now. Ah, imagine, Shaumbra, somebody starting a fantasy school. And fantasy would include the study of mathematics. That is a fantasy. It truly is. Modern, current math, geometry - it's all fantasy. And accounting - that's creative!

< e2012 3 > Education on this planet is basically a disaster. And I say that not because of the passion of the teachers, not because of their desire to serve, but the methods that are being used. It is linear. It is mental. And it's interesting, because, as you have learned, mental activity alone does not last over time. The mind forgets itself. You forget all the mental things you learned, but you retain things like emotional or drama, life experience, tools, these type of things. The mental stuff goes away. It's not that important.

< e2012 3 > The education right now is focusing on mental activities, very, very mental. You could learn more, literally, by putting your hand on a book and feeling its essence than you could by studying it. You could really learn a lot if you immerse into it, if you read it, feel it, see it with your eyes, have it go through your mind, but also are participating in it. That's real learning.