limb regeneration / organ regeneration


< Creator 6QA > It is not set up within the keys of your biology to have that inherent ability to do that. We do not see that this is going to happen in your lifetime in the biology that you are in. On the other hand, dear friends, we do not want to limit your ability as creators! We simply want to help you understand that the keys for doing this are not necessarily in place.

However, if there is enough passion on your part, and there is enough communication with your inner biological and spiritual being, indeed you have the potential to create this. The new ones coming in, in particular those who gather here tonight that will be coming into biology, will begin to have the first of those keys for organ regeneration and rejuvenation. It is one of the things that will distinguish them and will amaze the scientists.

< Creator 12QA > Limb regeneration, new organs - it is all possible. But we caution you. We caution you. The extent of healing is still up to the ones that you work with, your clients and patients. There are also biological and physical conditions that make it more challenging to regrow a leg than it is to heal a wound. There are still earth physics involved. So we caution you. If you are riding that high wave and things do not quite work out how you would like them to, and you go crashing for a while, simply get back on and go again.

< Creator 12QA > You come here to this conference to learn of some of the most advanced developments in medicine, the most advanced understandings of what is taking place at your DNA level, which is, dear friends, quite simply the awakening of your divinity. Your divinity is wrapped around your DNA. That is why you are here. All of the potential for instant healing is there. All of the potential for limb regeneration, for life extension is there, but understand even the great one Thomas Edison did stumble at times. He did not always get it right the first time. Allow yourself. Allow yourself patience in your process.

< NewEnergy 5 > It has the natural ability even to re-grow limbs. But, that portion has not been exercised in so long - re-growing an arm or a leg. You're already doing it on a rather crude sense with things like teeth and some tissues. But, it has the ability to re-grow limbs. It is not one of the strong suits of your DNA structure right now. But, it has the ability to come back if you give it permission. You will see great advances, even in this next year of your time, in medical research. You will see many more over the next years. And, you will see this accelerate even more rapidly after our date of 2007. But, dear friends, still the fastest and the most effective way is to allow your body to rebalance itself.

< Clarity 5 > Within you is "shadow biology," the potential for your body to be truly anything. The potential for the body to re-grow a limb… we were asked several years ago, "Is it possible?" And, we said, "It is possible but not probable at this time because of the overlay of consciousness. But, now within Shaumbra even that overlay is going away. The "shadow biologies" are all of the other potentials… yes, indeed the potential to re-grow hair… the potential, Shaumbra, to clear through some of the physical discomforts. The "shadow biology" also incorporates its own tremendous healing capability that will literally… has the potential to go into old scars, even literally that have been carried over from past lives, and to rejuvenate those as well.