anxiety attack / panic attack


< DivineHuman 3QA > These panic attacks that you and so many others are dealing with right now… you move into the New Energy, and all of a sudden it is like the Old Energy is pulling you back. It is trying to bring you back, and this causes the anxiety. This causes you to wonder about what you are doing, wonder about how crazy this is to be living in the Now instead of driving down the old linear highway of the Old Energy.

We know so many of you have these anxieties. It wakes you up in the middle of the night, or stops you cold during the day. This is part of the "stop/start" rhythm of living in two worlds at one time. The best way to ease these and the best way to live in the moment is to simply breathe.

You cannot create the moment in your mind. You can simply create it by being there. This means being fully present in everything you are doing. Be fully present in every moment… whether you are at work… whether you are here with Shaumbra… whether you are off in nature by yourself… be fully present and fully alive. Gabriel comes in at this time to speak to all of you about breathing life, breathing life into everything you do. This will help relieve the discomfort and the craziness of these anxiety attacks.

< Embodiment 5 > You call these things "depression" and "anxiety." You have been battling with this, Shaumbra. You have been having a difficult time. It is difficult for us to watch too. It is so overwhelming, so difficult. It is a natural part of the process unfortunately. But, it doesn't have to be so difficult. There is a combination of elements that are taking place that cause this because part of you is dying, and there is the depression of the whole process of death within yourself. The Old you is changing. The New you is screaming out, wanting to hold on. This would appear to be a type of contradiction of goals or desires between the Old you and the New you. This causes what would be considered an energy inversion, which causes what you would call depression. The depression is very real. It is very deep. It is very overwhelming, as you know.

< Embodiment 5 > It is about allowing yourself to be fully embodied in it. And, we know this is not what you wanted to hear. Through the full embodiment of the depression and the anxiety will come a New type of energy and a New type of movement. Through the deep embodiment of this thing that you don't want to be deep into will come the energies of your past, your past lives, the energies of every sub-reality you have ever created. They will come rushing in. They will come rushing in to work with you, moving you through this depression.

< Embodiment 5 > The anxiety is deep right now for many of you because you can feel impending change. You can feel something is going to give. But, the question is - is that something within you, or something outside of you? You are feeling an anxiety because you are more sensitive than ever. Yes, you are opening up your sensitivities, and you are feeling everything. You are feeling anxieties from within yourself, AND in the world all around you. These can be overwhelming. The anxieties and all of these energies can be overwhelming.

< Embodiment 5 > One of the other points of being an Energy Mover is to always be the observer, even the observer of your own depression and your own anxiety. Be the observer of it. You are in there fighting with it, boxing with it, trying to eliminate it. Sometimes you think if you stop working, forcing against the depression that it is going to simply take you over. It will facilitate an energy move, but it won't take you over. It will facilitate a process, but it won't annihilate you. Shaumbra, we have to say here, too, that for all of you, whether you are experiencing the anxieties and depressions, you are experiencing the sensitivities. There is a tendency to want to shut down, to close down. We ask you to continue moving the energies, allowing yourself to be the observer, and to be sensitive all at the same time. The sensitivities are opening because you have asked them to. Everything is changing because you have asked it to.

< Embodiment 5QA > There is going to come a point where you feel disconnected and dispassionate from everything that was Old, and the New hasn't moved in yet. So many of you are literally allowing yourselves to be - how to say - reconnected to this thing we call "the field," the source of all energies. In this process of reconnection you are going to feel an experience - this loss of passion, loss of enthusiasm, or excitement - because you are really totally rebooting your entire system.

You are moving into a whole New method of living and operating. Therefore, you are going to experience things like the depression and the anxiety that we spoke of earlier. And, that is a natural result of being reconnected on "the field." And, you're going to feel a loss of passion… passion for your work… passion for your family… and perhaps even passion for yourself.

But, did you not give yourself… actually ask for this whole change process to take place? Did you not ask for this time of being reconnected to "the field" and reconnected even to your own divinity? Embody the process, instead of fighting it. Ask the process that you are going through what it is there for. It is not about a lesson, but it is about an energy dynamic, a changing energy dynamic.

We can say from working closely with Shaumbra that it is just part of the process that occurs for a relatively short period of time. Breathe through it. Embody it. Don't try to run from it. Understand why it is there.

< Embodiment 6 > One of the things that holds you back is your resistance to use your imagination, your lack of imagination. You actually have a very potent imagination, don't you? You've been shutting it down for a long, long time. As a child you were scolded for your imagination. We remember… we were there with you. You have been trained not to use it. You have been trained to use the mind only. One of the things that causes depression, by the way, is not using your imagination. For those of you who have been experiencing depression and anxiety and lack of passion, it is because you have put your imagination on the back burner. You have hidden it. You have suppressed it. No wonder you get depressed!

< Embodiment 9QA > Sometimes your body goes into pain, and sometimes your system goes into anxiety because it has a difficult time handling the overload of New Energies coming, the changes that are taking place. Sometimes you get the pain and the anxiety because literally your system is trying to protect you, saying, "Do you really want to be doing this? Do you want to be going outside of anywhere that you've ever gone?" So, it is acting, in a sense, as a bit of a - how to say - a balance for you to say, "Do you really want to go here?"

And, then once it understands, once your body and mind understand this is where you are going, it will help regulate the process. It will do so in a way that doesn't burn out or overwhelm your DNA and your cells. We know that to be a potential problem. As we have mentioned before, there was a small group that we worked with back, perhaps six, seven years ago on a very fast track. And, they agreed to go about as fast as they thought they would be able to. And, many of them are not on Earth anymore. They tested the limits of how fast the psyche and the physical body could go before burning out.

So, a lot of the pains, a lot of the anxieties are simply your body doing its own check-and-balance system. And, it is important for you to assure it that this is where you want to go. It is important for you to let go of the control, like what we said. Let the body purge and flush itself, as needed. Let the mind go through its own cycles. You are all going to find that.