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< Clarity 1 > A couple of points on doing any clearing: keep it simple, very simple. Remember this is not a logical path. And, we know that troubles some of you. You think, "But we have to maintain logic here." No, not at all… we are going to go beyond logic. Logic in itself is a very stuck energy. And, there are those who believe in the illusion of logic and will defend it to its end. Logic is stifling. Logic is so Old. Logic is last week (some laughter).

< Clarity 1 > So, this whole process of clearing, it's not about logic. You are not trying to find a logical pathway back to the essence energy. You're just clearing the way so you can feel the core energy in anything. Keep it simple. If you get tied up in your brain with it, just take a deep breath, and give yourself permission to clear. Go back to core energies.

< Clarity 1 > So, Shaumbra, keep it simple. Don't force the energy. Don't use logic. This is an illogical pathway from here on… you see. We have seen some of you write down your lists before, your likes and dislikes. That is a logical way of doing things. Here it is about clearing. It is about… yes, write a list of what you are perceiving as you clear. But, it may not be logical. Give yourself the freedom to experience.

< Clarity 1QA > When you begin to open up, when you begin to clear now, that this Old way of handling your life, dealing with your life, this thing called logic, begins to change. It is very difficult to even imagine going out of a state of logic because logic was… well, so logical (some laughter). It was designed to make absolute sense out of a very focused and limited amount of energy standards or a limited amount of criteria. And, it did allow you to operate within this reality.

< Clarity 1QA > But, again, as you expand, you're going to find it challenges the logic. You are going to find that you need to get out of just that way of existing. You say, "But is there a new logic?" No, there is not. There is a new way of being, but it is not logical. It does not follow a linear path. It is totally different. Some of you are already experiencing now this whole way of living in a New Energy, but yet it is difficult to define. It is difficult to understand. The mind becomes so overtaxed, or it just simply doesn't understand the data coming in, so it goes into a type of freeze and sometimes - how to say - a total meltdown.

< Clarity 1QA > Some of you find it difficult. Your sense of time and space seems to be evaporating. Some of you are so used to keeping track of every linear moment of time, and suddenly that all disappears. Now, we know you feel that you are losing your balance, or perhaps losing your mind. And, quite literally you are, but at the same time it is being replaced with a whole different type of operating system, a whole different way of dealing with energies and potentials.

< Clarity 1QA > Let yourself go. Let yourself not become overly concerned about trying to stay in the Old way of doing things. Sometimes it can be disconcerting indeed because you are truly making tremendous changes. Sometimes you - how to say - are going to get very frustrated because you're not sure yet how to bring in this whole New way of dealing with energies. But, it is a natural part of you. It is not a system that you need to design. It is already there. It is simply a matter of letting that come forward and using it. Some of you perhaps feel dizzy; you feel disoriented. You feel that you can't remember things. It is, again, because you are going to a whole New way of perceiving information, getting off of the logical.