open and free consciousness

expanded now
; safe and expressing consciousness;
consciousness that is fully open and expanding multi-dimensionaly;

< NewEnergy 12 > You sit in this Now moment in a safe energy, in a sacred energy. And, it is safe to open up to everything… everything… everything that you are. We have talked about being in the Now moment and allowing yourself to express once again… no more holding back… allowing yourself to be grounded in the Now moment… but so fully open and expanded that you can express. Dear friends, this safe energy - this fully expanded energy, grounded in the Now moment - is where the miracles occur. But, the true miracle - the true miracle - is the remembrance of why you are here, the remembrance of who you are. The true miracle is the open and free consciousness.

< NewEnergy 12 > You don't have to waste lifetimes of energies trying to be an energy miracle worker or a magician. It happens naturally when the miracle of the open and free consciousness occurs. But, it can't occur unless you are in that safe energy. It can't occur if there are still things that are being held back, things that you are frightened of, things that you have locked away in the closets of your soul. And, you already know this, Shaumbra. You already know this.

< Embodiment 1 > As we said before, the miracle - that true miracle - is the open consciousness. And, the open consciousness allows you to break out of that limited linear human condition, go into the multi-dimensional while still staying present, fully present, fully present and alive in the Now moment.