pure expression

pureness/clearness/lightness of expression versus heaviness/thickness of vibration;

< Clarity 1 > As you change in your vibration, as you move forward in your own enlightenment, you are going to find that everything is more clear, and it is lighter. You see, sometimes you scan; you try to feel outer energies, and you sometimes associate the thickness of energy with the reality of the invisible… you see. In other words, if you feel something very heavy and thick on our side, you feel it must be there. It is more real. But, when you scan, and it feels clear, empty, you think perhaps you're not doing something right. Ah… time to change that thinking also. We come into this space, and we bring in a clear energy now. It isn't even at a vibrational level. We want to get beyond talking about things in terms of vibration because that is an Old Energy concept.

< Clarity 1 > If you scan into some of the more Earthbound dimensions, you are going to feel a thickness, a heaviness, a vibration because it is operating at a vibrational reality. In the New Energy, in the energy that you have already moved into - and now you are beginning to experience how you got there - it is a clear energy. It doesn't use vibration. It uses pure expression. It doesn't use force, as we have said recently. It uses expression or expansion. It doesn't have to project itself, or it doesn't have to maintain itself. It simply does.

So, when you were scanning the room, trying to feel our energy, and perhaps a bit perplexed about where it was, it is because we can now come in at a different level. We can be with you in a clearer way. And, at first it feels empty. Ah, but we're going to work with you in this series, in this Shoud today, how to see what's in the clear, how to see beyond vibration into expression.

< Clarity 1 > Let us release the concept that God is power. And, breathe in the pure expression of Spirit. Breathe in the pure expression. As you begin to understand that God is not power… God does not giveth and taketh away. God simply is. God is not an individual being, but rather in all things. Spirit has no agenda, has no desired outcomes. It simply is. You could say God is - Spirit is - your expression, your experience. Let us be the first here to put into consciousness that Spirit is simply expression. And, expression in the New Energy doesn't need a force or power behind it.