dark energy / black magic / psychic attack

  1. curses and spells; dark arts;
    Some of them are that which you put upon other people in past lives.
    And the funny thing is that it always comes back to the originator.
    So you're feeling a lot of this old black magic energy that you laid out there.
  2. earthbound disincarnated entity;
  3. gray energy (alien agenda)

< MNEC2009-K > But there is another type of energy that … almost a … oh, you would say spiritually radioactive energy you really been picking up on lately, and it's been causing you a bit of confusion and grief. Because you are growing more sensitive, you are aware that these energies are there and they are very sharp. They like have little spears on them, and they get right in. And sometimes they penetrate the ethereal field and go straight into the body and the mind. These are energies of what you would have previously called black magic, witchcraft and the dark arts, and you're accumulating them in your energy field right now.

< MNEC2009-K > There are several reasons for this. First, some of these are old curses and black magic that you put upon other people in past lives. And the funny thing about any form of black magic, it always comes back to the originator. So you're feeling a lot of this old black magic energy that you laid out there - curses and spells and everything else - coming straight back at you - whoosh! - as your aspects come in. Don't be so naïve to think that all that old black arts wouldn't come back in either.

< MNEC2009-K > You're also feeling psychic attacks from other people. They're not necessarily conscious of it, but it's happening. As more and more humans are going into a slightly deranged mental state (laughter), it is also propelling them into a deranged psychic or spiritual state. They are somewhere between here and there - here, being Earth; there, being the other dimensions - very confused and very lost. And what they tend to do is send out what you would say would be black magic arrows, not in anybody's particular direction, but guess who they're attracted to first? Ones who are more open and increasing their vibration and their consciousness, and that happens to be you.

< MNEC2009-K > There is also a lot of very deliberate, what you would say, curses or dark energy assaults right now. As Earth is making its transition into a New Energy, there are many Old Energies and aspects, cultures and civilizations that don't want to see it happen. Some of these are literally in the physical realm and actively practicing very dark energies.

< MNEC2009-K > Some of them exist in the Near Earth realms where they are also laying an assault of this very confused energy on Earth right now. They have an agenda. They are vested in the old way. There is an underlying belief that they will go out of existence if Earth goes through its evolution. They are doing anything, in a very righteous and very deliberate way, to hold on.

< MNEC2009-K > What is also happening is your divine energy, your oversoul energy is coming in closer and closer, filling you up, particle at a time, coming into your energy field, into your body and into your mind. Its brightness is also feeling and attracting some of these very, very difficult and dark energies on Earth right now.

< MNEC2009-K > It's just energy. That's all it is. Of course, it's energy that's been packaged and shaped and formed into a certain structure and thrown at you. But it's just energy, and with just a little simple change of perspective, what you're going to find is that you're no longer dragged down by these Old Energies. You're not carrying them around anymore, but it's just energy coming in to serve you. So what do you do? Well, of course, you know the first part of the answer is to breathe.

< MNEC2009-K > While you're breathing, breathe in those energies. Oh yes, breathe them in. Stop resisting them. Stop trying to push them away. Having been masters of, let us say, dark energy works - as all of us have been at some time or the other - and being masters of New Energy, you don't have to try to run from them anymore. And you spent a lot of lifetimes running from dark energies, because you used to be there. You used to work with it. You understand its potency.

< MNEC2009-K > After you breathe it in, then you do something extraordinary. You imagine something - anything you want. You just imagine it.
And the moment you imagine - set yourself free. Open yourself up. Let yourself flow in creative, dynamic, divine energies. You have just transformed any dark energy, any stuck energy, any assaults, any of these psychic arrows. You've just changed them, just like that. Just like that.
The imagination is the transformation of energies that would otherwise torment you, haunt you and chase you.

< MNEC2009-K > That's how you clear some of these dark junky energies that have accumulated, that have gotten into your energy field. Some have even gotten into your body, and a lot of them have gotten into your mind. You free yourself. You cleanse yourself with simple imagination. That's all. Imagination. Once you start imagining on a regular basis, you're going to realize that it is also a tool of manifestation.

< Master 1 > This totem is also going to help - protect is not the right word, Cauldre - it's going to keep you aware of energies all around you. Yes, there are some very dark energies, very manipulative energies out there on Earth right now, and they're actually intensifying. They actually would like to come in and strike fear in you, because that's the way they feed. They actually like to get your energy in a place where they can manipulate it. These are nonphysical for the most part, but there are physical beings too who are still practicing some of these dark arts. They haven't learned yet that it just works against them. But your totem is going to help keep you aware of energies all around, in the dimensions right around you and the dimensions that extend a long way out.

< (Next) 6 > Cauldre didn't feel me. Why? Because there are some other energies here today. I guess you should be proud of it in a way, but these other energies are not what you would normally have here at one of our gatherings. We've been fairly isolated for a while. Been doing our own thing quietly, peacefully, without a lot of outside interference. But it's hard to stay hidden. We've attracted - you've attracted - some attention from the outside.

On top of that, when they do that, they attract energies from the other realms, not necessarily directly associated with their group, but other energies that are attracted to the drama, saying, "Good, we're going to have a good old fashioned psychic fight going on."

But a funny thing happens when we gather like this. We don't create a shield, because actually that's what they would want you to do. We don't create a white light encasement around ourselves, because there's no need to. Matter of fact, you, Shaumbra, you listening in, you who are tuning in even for the first time, understand you just breathe it in with compassion. The psychic assault is no longer a battle or is no longer something that has to cause you to go into hiding. You breathe it in, it's just energy.

Now, they're throwing the energy at you in an assaulting fashion, but you don't have to accept it that way. It's just energy, you breathe it in. The moment you do, you - being an alchemist in human body - you transmute that energy. You don't even have to hang onto it. You just let it go. You let it flow out to your potentials, to the rest of the world or whatever.

< e2012 8 > The old masters, the masters that painted back in Europe hundreds and hundreds of years ago, they weren't just painters. They were energy workers. They would take a combination of paints and herbs and sometimes even ground-up crystals. They would combine them and they could paint life into a picture.

The art is almost lost now. Very few artists know how to do that, but they could create a painting that the energies would endure for hundreds or thousands of years so that when you stood before the Mona Lisa or some of the other paintings of the master, it did something to you. You can almost measure the energy coming out of it.

And the sinister side, they also knew how to paint somebody's soul – not really their soul, but their essence – into a painting. Trap them there. It's a type of black magic. They could paint your portrait in a nasty way, and now you're trapped in that picture. But we're not going to go there.