master painter


< e2012 8 > The old masters, the masters that painted back in Europe hundreds and hundreds of years ago, they weren't just painters. They were energy workers. They would take a combination of paints and herbs and sometimes even ground-up crystals. They would combine them and they could paint life into a picture.

The art is almost lost now. Very few artists know how to do that, but they could create a painting that the energies would endure for hundreds or thousands of years so that when you stood before the Mona Lisa or some of the other paintings of the master, it did something to you. You can almost measure the energy coming out of it.

And the sinister side, they also knew how to paint somebody's soul – not really their soul, but their essence – into a painting. Trap them there. It's a type of black magic. They could paint your portrait in a nasty way, and now you're trapped in that picture. But we're not going to go there.