dragon / land of dragon

absolute clarity;  purity comes from the I Am;  

< DivineHuman 7QA > There is a fear… there is a fear of being powerful. There is also a fear of not having power. This is a conflict that is taking place within you. And you are not alone. There are so many who are experiencing this also. You feel that if you open up, perhaps the dragon within you will come out, the dragon that in the past has destroyed universes, destroyed other humans, destroyed yourself. So, there is this conflict. There is this self-sabotage.

< Returning 1 > We've been gauging this closely, watching how all of the energy is beginning to focus on the land, the largest populated land on Earth, the one that has been the most closed down, perhaps least accepting of outside ways, how it is now opening up. The Dragon is awakening. But, as the Dragon awakens, it's not fire that comes from its breath. It is a whole new awareness, a whole new understanding.

< Returning 1 > So all the energies - 8-8-08 - starting to focus on China, on the Olympians. Oh, these aren't warriors. These are athletes. You don't have to throw bombs anymore. The Earth is beginning to understand that it's a very small place. You're all sharing the same planet together. You're sharing the same concerns. This tremendous focus on the Land of the Dragon is going to rock things, change things, and I mean 'rock' in two ways. It will rock, as some of you say; and it will 'rock' as I say. It's going to create a very significant change in consciousness at a global scale this month. It will begin in the land of China but it will spread all over the world.

< Returning 1 > Afterwards, as I said, China will be drunk. People will leave, the attention will go away. They'll take a deep breath and say, "Now what? Now what? Can we go back to the old ways? Can we restrict people from the Internet? Can we have this type of old Atlantean philosophy of communal living that really doesn't work, but we don't want to accept it? Can we open ourselves to freedom?" I'm not saying - don't misunderstand me - I did not say democracy. I said "true freedom" - freedom in enterprise, freedom in spirit.

< Returning 1 > One of the things that's going to emerge out of China after this… it's already been emerging, but it's on different levels and that's why I say don't mess with the portals because spirituality has been emerging in China, particularly in the last nine years of time. It hasn't come in yet. It's hovering, it's in out in the wings, it's waiting to come in. China, by its very nature, is a highly spiritual but not a religious culture. It has its roots going long, long, long ago - its roots in spiritual families, its roots in Atlantis and in Lemuria. But it has been cleared out.

< Returning 1 > There's an old, old, long story, Chinese story, about spirituality. It's what created the Dragon in the first place. The Dragon was supposed to basically be the guardian or the guard of the divine energy. But when the energy was abused and misused by many, many from that culture, the Dragon turned into what it's now known as a fire-breathing demon. This caused a shutdown, a barrier in the true spiritual nature of this land. But the Dragon is changing. From its mouth will not come fire, but from its heart will come acceptance. It's a wonderful change, an incredible change, and it won't necessarily come easy.

< Returning 1 > There are those who will resist it and fight it. And as Saint-Germain has talked about, there is a potential for an internal civil war. I guess civil wars are internal! (chuckling) There is that potential, and as Saint-Germain also said, in these next three to five years, "Other countries, don't get involved. Let them handle it. Don't interfere." Those who are opportunists, taking advantage of weaknesses and strife and conflict, a warning to you - do not get involved. Do not think this will be a way to make an easy dollar for you will get very entangled in a very beautiful but very difficult energy.

< Emergence 6 > In ProGnost, we said that the dragon enters not only the planet, not only the planet right now, but it enters into yourlife as well with a very, very different effect than it has on the rest of the planet. But the dragon enters, it comes in. The dragon is something that probably touched more Shaumbra than anything else in a long time. The symbolisms of the dragon, the affinity, the closeness to the dragon, it touched Shaumbra all around the world, and so many of you had your personal stories about the dragon coming in, about your past with the dragon. And the role of the dragon in your personal life is to really clear a lot of the old guilt and shame. Guilt and shame from other lifetimes, but in this lifetime as well. Guilt and shame that simply cannot be brought withyou into Realization. It can't.

< Emergence 6 > The dragon also goes in and finds out where the lies are, where the lies and the distortion are, and you see, if you really feel into itfor a moment, the biggest generator of lies is  guilt and shame. People build their lies around their guilt and shame. You could almost say theoriginal lies were all about the shame and perhaps even the shame of being human, and that's kind of where lies started. When one is feelingterribly guilty and shameful, they'll lie to themselves, and then they'll lie to others and they create distortions of reality,distortions of truth.

< Emergence 6 > Now, it's not that that is necessarily bad, but what you have now is many different layers of perception occurring and sometimes battlingwith each other. You create a lie, there was still the original, let's call it, the truth that's there, and that continues to go on. But nowyou have the lie story, so you have two stories kind of opposing each other, contradicting each other, unfolding. Then you add more lies ontop of that and more lies on top of that, one thing after the other, and pretty soon you've got an old human ego that's based on manydifferent stories, oftentimes about the very same thing, but based on distortions or lies that are occurring.

< Emergence 7 > The dragon is here to help you find all the things that are still aspects, still in an aspect form. The dragon’s here to help bring those aspects forth so they can be integrated deeply, deeply within you. Not just mental integration, but that deep real integration. Some of you still may have some pissed off aspects, and they just don’t want to let go. They’re having too much fun with the games, and I’ll tell you one thing right now – just a little clue for when you’re playing with the dragon and with your aspects, and as things kind of get rolling this month with the aspects – aspects like to hide behind beliefs.

< Emergence 7 > Now you’ve got the dragon – whether you’ve gone through Threshold or not, you’ve got the dragon – that’s coming in and helping to find these aspects, because they simply cannot go into Realization. And we’re at the point, you know, it’s 11:59. Do you know where your aspects are? (some laughter) And if you don’t, the dragon is going to find them and put them right in front of you. Why? To do what? To integrate them. Yes, not to comfort them, not to try to coerce them or not to beat the crap out of them like some of you would like to do, but actually to integrate them.

< Emergence 8 > The dragon, by the way, we use the term “dragon.” It’s an ancient term and it was long before the humans popularized it as a creature with scales and wings and breathed fire and all the rest of that. Dragon simple means absolute clarity, purity. That’s all it means. And you can imagine it as this fire-breathing animal. You can imagine it as a chocolate chip cookie, it doesn’t really matter. But it is absolute clarity, and it comes from the I Am. It has no energy to it. There is no energy in the dragon whatsoever. The human likes to think it has a lot of energy. It doesn’t need it. For what it’s doing, it doesn’t need it and it’s better off without it.

< Emergence 8 > The dragon is responsible for the reorientation of how you work with energy. The dragon’s responsible for clearing out the dead energy that’s in there. You’ve got a lot of energy, but it’s dead energy. The dragon clears that out. You are only being asked to allow. The dragon comes in right now because you cannot fix your mind from within your mind. You cannot fix your biology from within your body or mind right now. You cannot.