commune / communal living


< MNEC2006-T > I point to the word "common" and "commune." This is important to understand for many of you - you've tried to go into commune and it generally doesn't work, not very well. And there's a reason... there's a reason. First of all it brings back too many memories of Atlantis and things that didn't work out so well there, but also in this era, the fourth era of humanity. It's not intended that you go into commune.

Communes tend to be - how to say - feeding buffets for those who are partaking. They generally start off with very high and inspired ideals and dreams, but what tends to happen is the humans in the communes start feeding off of each other, many times very inappropriately. When we look at the energy of many of the communes, many that start out with such wonderful and clear ideas, you'll find that there is a sexual imbalance that begins to take place in the communes, and they don't generally work out, especially for Shaumbra.

Why? Because it's about finding the God within, remembering who you truly are - by yourself, first. By yourself. Developing your own ability as teachers. Understanding you. Having to live with you without deferring to others.

< Returning 1 > Afterwards, as I said, China will be drunk. People will leave, the attention will go away. They'll take a deep breath and say, "Now what? Now what? Can we go back to the old ways? Can we restrict people from the Internet? Can we have this type of old Atlantean philosophy of communal living that really doesn't work, but we don't want to accept it? Can we open ourselves to freedom?" I'm not saying - don't misunderstand me - I did not say democracy. I said "true freedom" - freedom in enterprise, freedom in spirit.

< (Next) 7 > The community came in big about the time of Atlantis - not to blame everything on Atlantis, but it makes for good movies and books. So everything in Atlantis became very communal. You all lived together, and you shared everything - meals, work, children, families. It was like one great big dysfunctional family. Humans were afraid to be alone, because they didn't understand what was out there or in here. So instead the distraction was becoming communal. Communal was good to a point, because it got humans to cooperate… a lot of good that's done. That was funny. Yeah. So it didn't work.

< (Next) 7 > So communal was good to a point, but it took away the individuality. Communal was a good way of assisting each other, but it also helped to develop this thing that we call mass consciousness or extreme hypnosis, because in a commune it's much easier to psychically and energetically and mechanically program the mind. So you've spent the next 100,000, 150,000 years trying to get out of that, and I'm amazed some days when you talk about living in a commune together. Do you know how long that would last? One afternoon. (laughter) Because you, Shaumbra, are aspiring for your own sovereignty and your individuality.

< (Next) 7 > I talked recently about the new type of community that you have here (Crimson Circle). There are no rules. You're not living together. You're learning to be independent sovereign beings by yourself, but you're sharing your stories with each other. You're sharing your experiences. And whether you come together once a month or once every six months, that community serves a purpose. But communes, that type of thing, no.

< (Next) 12 > Well, Atlantis fell, for whatever reason - wars, weather, destruction, asteroids, all the rest of that. It fell. It didn't happen all at once, but it was painful. It was very, very painful. Most of you have gotten through that pain, but there's still some residual pain left over from that, because it was a land that for so long you truly loved. Atlantis was a place of communal society, meaning that you lived together. There was no individuality. There was no uniqueness. It was the big one. Your children were raised in community. It was like one great big kibbutz. One great big commune.

< Discovery 4 > Yeshua was not a carpenter at all! Yeshua wouldn't know how two rub sticks of wood together. First of all, there wasn't much wood in Israel at the time. Secondly, he lived in a commune, an Essene commune. The Essenes were very communal. Extremely. About the only work they really did was growing food so they could live. They were not merchants. They were not bankers. They were not tradespeople at all. They lived in communities of anywhere from a low of 100 to maybe 500 at a time. They were considered outsiders by the rest of the Jewish community. They were considered kind of the weirdoes. Oh! Here we are again! (laughter)