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< (Next) 5 > What the world needs now, in my humble opinion, clear everything away - community. And you're seeing it happen, kind of. It's trying to happen on the Internet and other ways. When I talk about communities I don't mean communes. We're not going back to communistic ways or Atlantean communes or communities that take away the individual identity. But actually, the New Energy community takes a lot of self-empowered, self-realized humans, puts them together and what happens? The sum is greater than all the parts. And everybody - every individual part - can then tap into that greater sum. More potentials are created than, potentially, what you could create on your own. Anyway, a different set of potentials; potentials that you can tap into.

< (Next) 5 > This New Energy community is already underway. It's already here. It's you. I challenged the group of Crimson Circle Angels to feel into what the true New Energy community is. You have a beautiful beginning of it. Your Internet site is a community. It's where you go. It's a place to learn, it's a place to gather, it's a place to get information. When we gather like this, it's a form of community. And you don't have to follow certain specific guides, you just be here. There's a sharing that's taking place right now. You walk out of here with more potentials and more, you could say, energy than when you walked in here.

< (Next) 7 > The community came in big about the time of Atlantis - not to blame everything on Atlantis, but it makes for good movies and books. So everything in Atlantis became very communal. You all lived together, and you shared everything - meals, work, children, families. It was like one great big dysfunctional family. Humans were afraid to be alone, because they didn't understand what was out there or in here. So instead the distraction was becoming communal. Communal was good to a point, because it got humans to cooperate… a lot of good that's done. That was funny. Yeah. So it didn't work.

< (Next) 7 > I talked recently about the new type of community that you have here (Crimson Circle). There are no rules. You're not living together. You're learning to be independent sovereign beings by yourself, but you're sharing your stories with each other. You're sharing your experiences. And whether you come together once a month or once every six months, that community serves a purpose. But communes, that type of thing, no.

< (Next) 7 > Social interaction is good up to a point. What tends to happen in social interactions is there is a tremendous feeding energy. It comes from the need of humans to be accepted. Humans don't accept themselves, so therefore they look for it in other people, in society. They look for acceptance from their parents, first of all; from their teachers; from their peer groups, their friends. They look for acceptance on the outside because it's not coming from the inside. Do you want to know how to make a person really happy? Accept them. Acknowledgement and acceptance means more than a paycheck. Acknowledge them and accept them; it means much, much more. Much more.