four ages

  1. age of Lemuria
  2. age of Atlantis
  3. age of consciousness began 6000 years ago
    age of Christos began 2000 years ago
  4. age of New Energy after potential earth destruction;

< Ascension 6 >
Now, we shift into a new energy. You are not only shifting into a "4" year, but you are also shifting into the fourth age of God-man, of God-woman. There have been three ages before this. We will not go into all those details on this day, for we like to talk, (chuckling) but sometimes we are asked to keep our discussion within time limits. But, you are entering into your fourth age as God in human form.

< DivineHuman 8 > His word still has so much influence across your entire world, particularly with the Christian and the Jews. What Moses started almost 4,000 years ago still has such a strong influence on your world. Moses helped bring in the Age of Christos, the time when humans could begin to bring their divinity from the outer realms onto Earth to integrate with their humanness. Moses was the instigator, the implementer of this, working with so many of you.

< NewEnergy 1 > This is a monumental time, a time that has been going on for some three, four thousand years, an age of consciousness that is so ready for change. And, of course, as you know, you are the ones leading the change. This is a monumental time when the energies and the entities, who have paved the way up to now, and who have held a type of archetypical energy, are now ready to pass this on to you.

< MNEC2006-T > I point to the word "common" and "commune." This is important to understand for many of you - you've tried to go into commune and it generally doesn't work, not very well. And there's a reason... there's a reason. First of all it brings back too many memories of Atlantis and things that didn't work out so well there, but also in this era, the fourth era of humanity. It's not intended that you go into commune.

< Teacher 5 > Let's take a deep breath and allow this New Energy infusion, here at the end of your calendar year, but an end of a cycle right now. Your calendar tells you there are only a few more days left, but what's really important to look at is you are at the end of a cycle. A cycle that's gone on for thousands of years, specifically, but even a bigger cycle that's been going on for well over 100,000 years. You're at the very tail end of it right now.

< Teacher 5QA > Coming back to Earth in this time was indeed a choice by all of you. It wasn't for karmic reasons. As we've told you before, you got through all that. You didn't need to come back here. But yet when you saw the potential and the opportunity in this era of transition into the New Energy, in a sense you almost couldn't resist it. You've been such a part of creating Earth, of going through the ages of Lemuria, of Atlantis, of the Christos era and now going into this new era of New Energy. You almost couldn't say no.

< Teacher 6 > We begin a New Era. Now there's not a specific point in time that this era begins. You can't say that it starts today. It has been in evolution and process for thousands of years. Remember? Remember how 2,000 years ago you helped to bring this to Earth? It has been evolving and expanding ever since and it comes in now, this new era. I'm going to christen it the Consciousness era. We move beyond the Christos era, which was the time of bringing in the divine seed, the time of beginning the birthing process for the integration of the human aspect of you and the other aspects of you.