4000-5000 years ago


< DivineHuman 8 > His word still has so much influence across your entire world, particularly with the Christian and the Jews. What Moses started almost 4,000 years ago still has such a strong influence on your world (age of consciousness). Moses helped bring in the Age of Christos, the time when humans could begin to bring their divinity from the outer realms onto Earth to integrate with their humanness. Moses was the instigator, the implementer of this, working with so many of you.

< DivineHuman 8 > Number 3, Moses/Mohammed says, "Honor your lineage. Honor your ancestry. Honor your past." You have gone through so many lifetimes and incarnations to get to this point. Sometimes you do not even want to acknowledge who you were. Why do you think you forget about your past lives? Because you put them under the rug. You try to hide them. Honor everything you have done, even those lifetimes that you would consider despicable. Honor yourself and your past. Nearly 4,000 years ago Moses said, "Honor thy mother and father." Now, he says, "Honor your lineage. Honor who you were. Honor who you are today, indeed."

< NewEnergy 6 > She is symbolized by the white lotus. She is symbolized by the number 33. If you have been seeing this lately, Quan Yin and the energy of Quan Yin is right with you. She is symbolized as the vessel, as the nurturing energy, as the energy that gives birth. She is the essence of compassion and mercy. And, she is so very present with us in our space today. The energy of Quan Yin can be embodied within any of you, as we said. It is not like she is a person. She is an archetypical energy that you helped to create, that first began making its presence known some 2500 years before Yeshua. But, she made her presence on Earth very strongly known approximately 400 years after Yeshua left.

< MNEC2009-K > About 5,000 years ago Tobias decided to reemerge, decided to come back to the surface where now life was prevalent - many, many humans had come to the surface, few lived beneath - and he chose a lifetime on Earth. Chose the lands of the Middle East - Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iran and Iraq - the countries that you now call by these names. Tobias continued his suffering but in a different way. He suffered for God in the name of religion. Oh, he studied religion. Initially, he studied what you would perhaps call the Pagan religions. Then he became involved in Judaism and he studied every letter of every book that he could possibly get his hands on.