vessel / vase

1. container; body;
2. placenta; womb; nurturing container; nuturing energy; grounding energy;

< NewEnergy 4 > One triangle is the male energy. It is the phallic energy… the out-going energy… the action energy .The inverse is the feminine. It is the grounded energy and the nurturing energy. It is the vessel. Yes, it is the vessel. It is the chalice, as so many of you have been reading about (referring to the current novel entitled "The Da Vince Code," author Dan Brown). These two energies overlap - male and female. They are up and down. They are also representative of - what you would say - light and dark, good and bad. And, they are representative of divine and human.

< NewEnergy 6 > She is symbolized by the white lotus. She is symbolized by the number 33. If you have been seeing this lately, Quan Yin and the energy of Quan Yin is right with you. She is symbolized as the vessel, as the nurturing energy, as the energy that gives birth. She is the essence of compassion and mercy. And, she is so very present with us in our space today. The energy of Quan Yin can be embodied within any of you, as we said. It is not like she is a person. She is an archetypical energy that you helped to create, that first began making its presence known some 2500 years before Yeshua. But, she made her presence on Earth very strongly known approximately 400 years after Yeshua left.