gray aspects / dark aspects / shadow self

dark angel; your darkness; hitchhiker; earth-bound;
wounded dissociated aspects of your own soul's past lives;

< New Earth 10 > Understand that what you have felt for so many years of your lifetime, the dark entities around you, has been true. Just as your own guides and angels left your energy in these past months, my friends, there was a counter to those. You could call them your "dark angels." They were there. For indeed you do not think you were simply a being of light? You are a being of All That Is! And certainly as much as your guides and angels were with you, there was a balance. There were the "dark angels." They now walk past. For all the harm and all the grief and terror and fear and death and destruction that they brought to you over the period of lifetimes, they file past. You watch them in amazement, for in spite of the darkness they brought to your lives, there is a ring of light, an aura around them, an aura of love.

You know in the center of your being that they played an important part and a balance. Yes, what we are saying here, my friends, is that your guides left. Their shadows now leave also. We are telling you that it is true that these dark entities have been around you.

< New Earth 10 > With the awakening of the Christ consciousness and the releasing of all of your past lives, the releasing of the "dark angels," there is just you. And this provides the ideal energy now for your True Self to come in. It is time to allow this and to listen it and to be in the greatest place of trust with this happening.

< New Earth 10QA > It is after the departure of the guides that you have known that then their shadow also will depart. We can not put specific times on this, but we know that you are feeling much of the process take place.

< New Earth 10QA > First, it is to understand there are no "good" guys or "dark" guys - with the exception of your movies. (much laughter) We have called them, as you may remember, the "shadow" of your angel guides because they are simply a shadow. This is somewhat of a riddle for you. The shadow does not always directly follow the object. It is, in a sense, a residue. They do not necessarily move in unison, although they always create balance. And we will leave it at that for you to come to more understanding.

< DivineHuman 12 > These (seven seals) were seven attributes that had been created based on your journey from Home… through the Wall of Fire… through the Order of the Arc… and through all of your experiences on Earth. These attributes have been deeply embedded within you, by you. These are conditions that are ready for change. These are Old paradigms and Old dynamics, Old patterns that are now ready for change. These were not things that were inflicted on you by Spirit, or inflicted on you by the darkness. They are simply conditions and paterns of your journey.

The darkness is here today because it has taken part in that journey, that part of you. The darkness is here to show you exactly what it is and what it isn't, to show you that it was simply an attribute of the Old that does not need to exist anymore in the way that you had created it.

< Embodiment 11QA > This was what you would call a fragment of your own self. It does not have a name or an identity. But, it is a part of your own self that has been disassociated for quite a period of time that you could say that it was one of your creations. It was an aspect that you had been disconnected with for a long time. It was what you had perceived as your shadow self, or an aspect of yourself you did not like very much. And, it was coming back in now. You had created a safe space. You had created a beautiful, loving energy. And, it was coming back into reunite.

You have all been calling out to bring back the fragmented pieces. And, they do come in. The animals are highly sensitive to these type of energies. So, your dog when it… what was that noise that it made? (more laughter) They are very sensitive, but because pets are also a type of extension of your own self - they are little shadow selves, in a way - it perceived the other shadow self and didn't want to allow it back in. The shadow self you call your pet wants to have that close one-on-one relationship with you and wants to keep out the other aspects that are trying to come in. So, it is also important for you - all of you - to share with your pets that there may be some visitors coming in from time to time (more laughter).

It was not a lifetime per se. It was not that defined. It was more of just a portion of yourself, a sliver of yourself that has been dangling on for many lifetimes. It has been following you through many lifetimes. But, you could not say it has a name or its own type of unique essence. It has just been a disassociated piece, not a total fragment, but somewhat dangling on, following behind you. And, it has appeared at other times in your life, particularly when you were a child. It is just a part that needs the reintegration. And, you have done that now.

< Teacher 10QA > By default, Shaumbra, when you have these entity visits, you feel an energy lingering around and particularly feeding off of you, by default it is going to be an aspect of yourself first. It is going to be one of these disassociated or parts of you that is still lingering. A part from another lifetime perhaps, but very often an aspect of you even from this lifetime. You are so clever, you're such a grand creator that you can disguise even these entities as something outside of yourself, but understand it is part of you.

Now, with any of these entities, whether they are a part of you or outside of you, you - the essence who exists in this Now moment, the one who is conscious of these thoughts - is the Master ... is the Master in the moment - in every moment - and you can literally demand that these entities leave. If it is an external entity, which does happen - they will play games with you at times, pretend that they have control or power over you - simply demand from your place of mastery that they leave. They have to, by the way. And if they don't leave the first time because they don't necessarily believe you - why should they believe you when you don't believe yourself? - demand three times. Use the I am. "I am the Master. I demand you leave. I am the Master." You say it long enough to yourself, even, you might even begin to believe it! But use those simple words.

Now if it is an aspect of yourself, let that aspect know that you are the Master. Let them know that they are simply an aspect and without you they are nothing. Feel the energy of that aspect. Feel where it is blocked or wounded or hurt and then release that energy. You're not trying to annihilate that aspect, you are releasing its blocked energies. "I am the Master, therefore, I release the blocked, wounded or distorted energies of you."

Now, you are tougher to deal with than an external energy because you know all of your tricks. You know your shortcomings and weaknesses, and that aspect entity is going to try to fool you. It's going to try to tell you all sorts of things; that it can't leave until you give it all of these things; it's going to lay a guilt trip on you; it's going to try to fool you, perhaps even tell you that it's not you. But again, you go back to "I am the Master, therefore I release all energies that no longer serve me - and you don't serve me! So I release you back to your pure essence."

Simple as that. If you get more complicate than that; if you get into long discussions with these entities; if you allow them to keep coming back; if you give them an inch, they'll take a foot. "I am the Master and I release you from your blocked energies. And so it is." It's that simple. They will go away.

< Returning 1 > I call this the "Returning Series" because the parts and pieces, the creations of your very soul are returning as well. I call them your aspects - a past life here and a past life there, a wounded, sad, broken aspect, what we call the "gray aspects" - they're returning. That's why so many of you have had very vivid experiences, felt like you're definitely not alone, because these aspects are coming back. Your dark aspects, the ones more than any that want to come back but haven't felt safe or loved, they are coming back. Everything is returning, you see.

< (Next) 7 > What's keeping you from being free? I'll tell you. Aspects. Oh, those little - now I'm talking about what we described as the gray or the dark aspects, the disassociated - those little critters! They're like cockroaches, and they can hide so easily. They can survive your death, and they come back. They're still there. When the world ends it will be taken over by cockroaches. Your aspects are, in many ways, your cockroaches. (laughter) The disassociated ones. They are keeping you from being free. They manipulate you. They put those little words in your head. They tell you that you're not worthy. You let them do this. You let them get away with murder, literally, because you've given up your freedom and your free will to your aspects.

< (Next) 7 > A lot of the lack of freedom is still your lack of trust in yourself. We talk about ahmyo, but do you really understand what ahmyo is? Maybe there (head), but is here (heart) ready for ahmyo? No. No. You're getting closer, but when I say ahmyo, it's that complete trust in yourself, that you're not worried about your body anymore. You're allowing your body to heal itself. You're not worried about trying to think through everything. Stop thinking. The aspects have infiltrated the brain. They use the brain, and so does mass consciousness and so does all of the other hypnotic makyo out there - it uses the brain. When you really stop thinking you will be free.

< e2012 6 > Your own personal karma, your aspects that are out there. They have an influence on your physical health. Let’s say you have a very dissociated aspect, a very traumatized aspect. They tend to hang around. Why? First of all, they want something you have that they don’t. A soul. The aspect is a fragment of you, but it doesn’t have a connection with the soul. You do. So these aspects, the, what we call, gray or dark aspects, they hang around, just waiting for the chance to grab that soul. They haven’t figured out where it is or how to get it, but they think if they wait long enough, if you go through enough hell, that they’ll reach in and grab it.

< e2012 6 > Your own personal karma, your aspects that are out there. They have an influence on your physical health. Let’s say you have a very dissociated aspect, a very traumatized aspect. They tend to hang around. Why? First of all, they want something you have that they don’t. A soul. The aspect is a fragment of you, but it doesn’t have a connection with the soul. You do. So these aspects, the, what we call, gray or dark aspects, they hang around, just waiting for the chance to grab that soul. They haven’t figured out where it is or how to get it, but they think if they wait long enough, if you go through enough hell, that they’ll reach in and grab it.

In the meantime, these aspects are hanging around, and grabbing you like claws digging in. Digging in. They’re literally taking energy. This is what keeps … it’s their food. You. You. You’re like a big muffin for them. That’s how they stay focused, connected and present. So if you have a lot of these, you’re going to get real tired. They take that energy. Now, not that you can’t take more somewhere else, but you’re used to being connected in a certain way, receiving a certain amount of energy, so you don’t bring more in, and even if you did, you’d probably just give them more. So you’ve got this kind of interesting, weird balance worked out.

But in the meantime while they’re taking a little energy – no offense here – but while they’re taking a little energy, they could be affecting a vital organ, particularly the kidneys and the liver, taking that energy right out of you. It’s weakening the vital organs. It’s going to compromise your immune system, and no matter how much Spirulina or Echinacea or any of these other things that you take, they’re weakening your immune system.

Want your immune system back? Let go of a lot of this personal karma and a lot of the aspects, the unintegrated, the traumatized aspects. How do you do that? Well, quite simply, you bring these aspects back into love, back into you, by having a safe home space, your Now moment, where you are right now, your present moment. How do you do that? Breathe and love yourself. Unconditional love. As has been said many times, the toughest thing that you’re going to face in this lifetime is how to love yourself.

< e2012 6 > When you love yourself, you release the personal karma, you don’t have to feel guilty about anything. You do, but you don’t have to. Nothing. And you say, “But I really did something really bad, and I just have to carry that around with me.” No you don’t. Not at all. Try it for a week – letting go of all of the guilt, the remorse, the bad feelings, the feeling that if you were truly fully empowered, that you’d go do bad things. You’re not going to. You can let that personal karma go right now.

That way the aspects are going to come back in – finally, a safe space; finally, a place of love – and that's all they wanted. Like little lost runaway children, that’s all they wanted was the acceptance and the love. But if you’re not accepting yourself, there’s part of you – many parts of you called your aspects – that are out there lost, cold, angry, really, really angry, hateful, disillusioned, not ready to come home. Try loving yourself.

< e2012 10 > And the mirage is not just some hallucination. Hallucinations are real, by the way. The mirage is saying that “I've wondered inside. I've gotten that 'aha.' This is living ascension. I'm going to live it now. It's not going to go back up into some other ethereal plane. It's not going to cause some of my old aspects and constructs to come up and torment me now,” as you have had happen in the past. You have a little enlightenment; so often, then, those bad aspects have come up and haunted you and said, “You're making this up” or “It's not real” or “You're just a nut job” or “Get back, do your work. You have things that are important. Take care of other people. You're so selfish to have these little enlightenments for yourself,” you see.