inner looking; inner vision;
ceremony that you do to ground it when you come to an "Ah" moment;

< e2012 10 > Next, is a cousin to the merabh – cousin, because it is also effortless. It glides. It's in its natural form. But here is a little bit different, because this is really a ceremony. It's an acknowledgement and it's a grounding of something. It's called a mirage. Mirage means “wondering inside.” Wondering. Would you write that down? Not wandering; wondering inside. Mirage also means the mirror or the reflection. A mirage means the inner look.

< e2012 10 > Over the years it's been associated with the person without any water in the desert and starts hallucinating and seeing things. But the original definition of mirage was actually that of going within, the inner vision. The inner vision. So the experience with the mirage is wonderful. It's a ceremony. We can't necessarily try to experience it here. It has to come in that moment where what was previously a mental idea or thought or hopeful belief suddenly starts to become real.

< e2012 10 > Tobias explained many years ago when he talked about Ah,* the “Ah moment.” So a mirage is that moment when suddenly “I Am that I Am” is no longer just a string of nice makyo words, but suddenly you go, “I get it. I'm not thinking about it anymore. It's here. It's arrived. I'm not just saying it to impress somebody or saying it because Adamus told me I had to say it. I understand what it … I get it. I get it.” Ta da!

< e2012 10 > Do a mirage. Oh, that is a mirage, but take it to the next level. This is where you ground it. This is where you break out the candles and the incense, truly, and say “This is the time for a ceremony.” When you suddenly get it and it's not just a thought anymore, it's here (in the body). You're “Oh! Ah! I get it!” It's a feeling and a sense now. It's a new consciousness. That's when you do a mirage. That's when you do the ceremony of the mirage. No matter what you're doing, you stop. You break out a candle. You get down on your knees. You do something to acknowledge that moment. Why? Because it grounds it. It solidifies it. Otherwise, there is a tendency to have a moment like that, a fleeting moment of a little enlightenment, because enlightenment comes in small doses. Why? Otherwise you blow up.

< e2012 10 > And the mirage is not just some hallucination. Hallucinations are real, by the way. The mirage is saying that “I've wondered inside. I've gotten that 'aha.' This is living ascension. I'm going to live it now. It's not going to go back up into some other ethereal plane. It's not going to cause some of my old aspects and constructs to come up and torment me now,” as you have had happen in the past. You have a little enlightenment; so often, then, those bad aspects have come up and haunted you and said, “You're making this up” or “It's not real” or “You're just a nut job” or “Get back, do your work. You have things that are important. Take care of other people. You're so selfish to have these little enlightenments for yourself,” you see.

< e2012 11 > You're coming to small breakthroughs right now. Small openings. We talked about them in or last gathering. It's called a mirage. I said when you have that “aha,” that little inspire, that you finally stop thinking about it and you just understand it. You don't have to think about 'I Am that I Am.' It's just there. And you don't have to think about abundance. “How do I get abundance? What is abundance?” It's just there. It's suddenly integrated. When you're thinking about it, it's not integrated. It's a concept. It's floating out there somewhere.

When it's integrated, it just … Ah! That's it. And I told you last month, when that happens, do a mirage. A mirage. Just a brief – “Oooh! I just had that enlightenment. I felt it. I promise I'm not going to think about it, I'm just going to experience it.” Do something. Have a glass of wine. Dance down the street. Take a bubble bath or whatever it happens to be, just to acknowledge the moment so that the next breakthrough and the next breakthrough and the next breakthrough come.