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< Embodiment 8 > Let's talk about the fourth major hypnotic effect that has its influence on you. It is your family. Now, that hypnotic effect - how to say - is very narrow, but it is very strong. It does not have the depth. It doesn't have the fear factor of religion. It doesn't have the financial control of business. And, it doesn't have the other controls that the government hypnosis has in it. But, your family hypnosis ties directly, so directly, into you. It knows how to push your buttons. Your family hypnotic effect started very early, of course. It helped to shape some of your belief systems that you still carry with you, particularly the beliefs about who you aren't.

< Embodiment 8 > It (your family) didn't serve you very well as a radiant being in your early years because you were trying to glow, and you were trying to open up. You were trying to let that Christ consciousness come into this reality. And, it was shut down through family members who let you know very quickly that you shouldn't be shining your light… that you should be humble… that you should be small… that you are insignificant… that you should not be so pompous, as I've been called (some laughter)… that you shouldn't be so sure of yourself.

< Embodiment 8 > Most of you experienced that - a very strong hypnotic effect that is still with you. You still hear those voices - don't you? - mother/father voices in your head. Modern psychology has had a wonderful time trying to assess and understand all of this. They have been trying to figure it all out. It is very simple. It's a hypnotic effect that has been placed on you by your parents. And, now you see them as archetypical figures, and they have this control over you. It is only hypnosis. That's all it was.

< Embodiment 8 > The family hypnotic effect goes into other lifetimes, past lifetimes. Tobias has talked about ancestral karma. We understand that he is going to give a whole session on it. I will be there with him. There is a karma that follows the lineage of your forefathers. And, this type of hypnosis affects your entire family tree. And, you are part of your family tree. You go back several lifetimes ago when you were probably your grandfather's great-grandfather or great-grandmother. You are part of your family tree. And, you carry that hypnosis with you and through you.

< Embodiment 11 > Shaumbra, so many of you lately have been experiencing this whole - how to say - phenomena of being ejected from the duality world, from your jobs and from your families and these other things, being popped out of them because your energy is no longer compatible in those environments. But, you are creating new environments for yourself. It's a bit scary sometimes, letting go of all of the old ways. But, you are creating a new environment of synchronistic living for yourself. You had to be ejected from the old way so that you could discover the new. You could discover that it is already there.

< Embodiment 11QA > Indeed… they are so desirous of your love and your attention and wanting to be with you that, in a sense, it hurts them to see you change. There is something at the unspoken inner levels within them that is somewhat frightened and concerned. They think that you're leaving, in a way, if not physically, then that you are leaving energetically. So, they feel the transformation that is taking place within you.

This is also like a glue. It is holding you back, in a sense, because you can feel what they are feeling. You can see yourself through their eyes changing and leaving. And, in a sense, you are going through your own withdrawal sufferings about your own story changing.

What you are experiencing right now are the pangs of letting go. The family - it's a symbol of yourself really - the family doesn't want to see you go. You don't want to see your old self go. Just breathe through it and let it go. Assure yourself and your family that you are just releasing energy that was stuck. But, it will always be there. It will always come back and serve you. You don't have to say this with words. But, through your actions, let them know you're still going to be there for them. But, more than anything, remember that this difficulty that you're having, that you say is with your family, is really about yourself with yourself.

< Clarity 6QA > Biological families are - how to say - we could talk forever about this … but so many of you chose a - how to say - the quick fix for getting back here to Earth. You selected a biological family that perhaps wasn't the most appropriate. Some of you chose biological families that you had had little or no connection to in past lives, so therefore you appear the black sheep of the family. Some of you chose what you know was going to be karmic hell but you chose it anyway, because you wanted a family to come into. You wanted that physical body and you also thought you could handle the old karma very well. So sometimes there wasn't - how to say - the most balanced reason for choosing your family.

On top of that, because your energy tends to be at a different level than theirs, at times you are invisible to them. Just as so many of you are invisible at work, invisible at the grocery store, and you wonder why people don't notice you or see you or pay attention to your need. Because they almost don't see you or feel you. You are, in a sense, almost ghost-like to them. They know you're there, but in a sense, you don't really fit in and you're really not there. They tend to forget to invite you over for Christmas. They tend to forget to invite you out to dinner .... because they kind of forget. But I saw the consequences of trying to jump back in very quickly.

One of the most difficult things is releasing the biological family. That, in itself, is a heavy overlay or a heavy hypnosis. That you have to get acceptance from your biological family before you can even get acceptance from yourself. It's difficult, or as tough love as it is to say, sometimes you just have to - how to say - divorce your biological family.

You are being - how to say - at one point we talked about clamps and claws in you. And in a sense they have theirs in you and you have them in them. Sometimes, as difficult as it is, you just have to walk away. Not in anger or not to be dramatic, but simply because that biological family has outlived its purpose for you. There was a carrier vehicle to get you here to Earth. And when they threw you out at 17, you should have known …(laughter).

Now what does tend to happen often when you let go of some of those connections and you find your own new balance, a lot of times you find that they do come back to you, but you can't disconnect with them with that expectation. You have to be truly willing to let that go and let it run its own course.

< Clarity 7 > So you cut yourself off. You cut yourself off so you would have to go inside and begin looking. You would have to explore yourself. In the same token, along those same lines, you've cut yourself off energetically in this life from things that you knew didn't serve you anymore. You cut yourself off from families, because it's been difficult to an extent. You've cut yourself off from jobs and businesses and lovers. Not because you did anything wrong, not because you didn't deserve it or because you were abnormal. You have cut those things off so you continually, working together with your soul based energy, have to go in and in and in - the Self discovery.

< Clarity 10QA > It is to understand that the greatest gift you can give yourself is to realize that everything has been a gift. Right now what you're talking about with the old family energies - first of all, they have an old spin to them so it's difficult to release them. And we know you and all of Shaumbra have been going through tremendous releasing. But sometimes when that spin is still there and sometimes the - how to say - the old energies are very sticky, then these are going to be difficult to release.

So the best thing is to understand that every one of those things was a gift. If your parents were alcoholics, look at the gift that was in there. If you have had lovers who were abusive, look at the gift that was in there and understand you gave yourself that gift. That changes the vibration and the energetic dynamics of those experiences and it takes this spin off, as we say, and then these old ghosts no longer come around to haunt you any more.

< Master 6 > And as I said a number of times before, birth is much more difficult. That's why babies cry. Birth means forgetting, in so many cases - forgetting why you've come here. Birth means a long life ahead. Birth means having to repeat a lot of the things that you went through before. Birth means having to put up with the biological family that you chose in haste, so often. (laughter) Birth means having to catch up where society is. So death actually is much easier. Death actually is much easier, and when you realize that, the rest of your life can be so much more dynamic.

< (Next) 8 > To these ones that are coming in - very pragmatically, pick the right damn family before you come in! Why play at the craps table with your biology when you can pick the right family - a family of consciousness, a family that's going to be nurturing and provide a safe energetic environment?

< (Next) 8 > Picked the wrong family, absolutely. Sexual energy flows through ancestral lineage, and there is nothing biologically that you can inherit from somebody else about with sexual imbalance or sexual deviancy. Oh, they've done studied and they've tried to prove it, because they said, "Well, the grandfather had this same issue," and all the way down the line to the children. Well, it's not biological, although it eventually finds its way into the cells and into the DNA, yes, but where did it come from? It came from this SES virus going right through into the ancestral line. Absolutely.

< e2012 6 > No matter how much planning and no matter how enlightened you think you are, when you get to the other side, you think that you’re not going to incarnate, or if you do, you’re going to choose a healthy, wealthy family, there’s a very good probability that you won’t. Why? Because of a type of almost a magnetic or electromagnetic attraction. A suction that pulls you right back down into that same bloodline, into that same family. Old karma, old relationships, love, in some cases, happiness and satisfaction in some cases, but this ancestral karma has profound impact.

< discovery 2 > You've had many years on this planet. You chose to come back at the best of times, but yet perhaps the hardest of times. You chose families based partly on karma, partly on convenience. You chose early life experiences that would ultimately funnel you into your awakening. You did. You chose experiences that would keep you from getting distracted. You chose experiences of love and of careers and of so many other things that really kept you from getting distracted, kept you from coming into embodied enlightenment. Sometimes the methods that you used were rather harsh to keep you into this funnel of your own enlightenment, but this is what you were determined to do.