original duality of male and female


< Ascension 3 > There are old unbalanced energies of Earth regarding the original duality of male and female. It is time for those to change. Things cannot go forward without these changes. So, what happens? They come up to the surface. There will be other events here in the next several years of your time. There is a whole area that has an explosive energy. It is a terminal energy. It is a low energy that will only eat on itself and destroy itself. It needs releasing. This is your area of Africa. Look at the energy there. It is seeking release. But remember, remember the third lightworker. Do not go there as Pollyanna-ish Shaumbra to try to change the world. It will come to you, and you will know what to do. You will know how to handle it.

< Ascension 4QA > Relationships are one of the first casualties of the New Energy. This is truth, because relationships with a male and female were created and are grounded in so much old duality. It was one of the original expressions of duality.