< DivineHuman 10 > In the world around you right now there is an interesting virus (SARS). Last fall, when we were talking about the state of Earth, we said a new virus would pop up. Certainly it has. Certainly it is causing quite a bit of interest, causing quite a bit of concern, and much fear. We tell you, Shaumbra… and Cauldre please… we tell you, Shaumbra, you can be in the heart of this thing called SARS. You can be amongst people who have it, and it will not affect you because you have learned to breathe in life. Look at this disease. What does it affect? The respiratory system. It is a breathing disease. It is bringing awareness of the importance of breathing, the importance of life, and saying "yes" to life.

< DivineHuman 10 > This virus is indicative of what is happening in the consciousness of humanity right now. Humanity forgot to breathe. It is that simple. This virus is reminding everybody to breathe, but in doing so, it is also bringing up many fears. SARS will continue to grow. Even when they say they have found a cure, they will realize it is much smarter than them. The cure will be only temporary, and it will continue to proliferate around the world for a period of time. Yes, it will eventually die out on its own. It will disappear just like it appeared.

< DivineHuman 10 > It will not be vaccinations or medicines that make it go away. It will be a change of consciousness. That change of consciousness can be affected by a small group of Shaumbra who are consciously breathing. And, if a large group of Shaumbra breathes, it can truly change. We will challenge this group to breathe deeply, to breathe in life for yourself and to have it affect all of humanity.