white light

energy of the Christ consciousness;
Christ energy; Christ light; crystalline energy;

< New Earth 8 > We will tell you now that there are certain parameters with this that you have set up for yourself but we will repeat to you. If you choose to use energy of the white light, the Christ consciousness, for totally self-serving purposes, it will not work. It will be blocked. You have set up this energy pattern for yourself in love and honor.

< New Earth 8 > My friends, the reason we mention this is also to help you understand that all things that you need as humans, all things that you need in terms of your health, in terms of your abundance, in terms of your energy levels - assume that they are there. Do not work from a position of lack, but assume that they are there. You will find that your own Christ-self responds to that when you assume that all things that you need are there, when you have trust in yourself. That is why you set up the energy parameter of not using this new empowerment for things that you need for yourself. It was assumed that you have all things.

< New Earth 8 > It is not that it is bad to use this energy for selfish purposes; certainly, it could be. But you have set up the energy dynamic that it would be dormant because you assumed that you would have all things that you needed. Begin walking in that space of trust and knowingness, that everything that you are is in perfection. Begin using the energy of the Christ consciousness with your committed intent and with the help of the runners who come in to work with you.

< NewEnergy 6 > You didn't feel safe with the energies around you, from other people. You created this thing of "white light" that you encased yourself in and shut yourself off from the rest of the world, using it as a tool because you didn't feel safe. You felt like the other energies of humans were going to attack you and devour you. You didn't feel safe, so you created your own little island. You entombed yourself from outside energies… afraid to touch people at times… afraid of germs… afraid of energies. So, you shut yourself off.

< NewEnergy 10 > But, right now you are literally sitting in a safe energy. Yes, there can be all sorts of things happening around you. But, your energy is safe, because you are creating it that way. It is a very simple concept. It doesn't need a lot of explanation or a lot of thinking. If you choose a safe space, it is there. We have spoken before that you don't need to create these walls all around you of white light. It is simply about acknowledging that you are always in a safe space. When you get onto an airplane, the airplane becomes a safe space, because you are on it. When you are driving in your car, it becomes a safe space… if you choose that. Every moment of every Now is a safe space.