The story of Aaron


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Now there was a sailor by the name of Aaron who was charged by his government to go out and discover new places and lands for the kingdom. He was given a crew and a ship. He was given supplies for his journey. He was told to return in the period of one year after he had discovered these new places.

So Aaron set out to sea. He talked to his crew and gave them orders and the details of what he expected. He told them how he wanted the masts rigged and how he wanted the sails positioned. He explained to them how he wanted the ship run. When they first set out to sea, they passed familiar territory. As they got further and further out to sea, they sailed into new, uncharted territory.

Now Aaron and the crew worked with the forces of nature and sometimes worked against them. They worked with the winds and the currents and the waves. Occasionally storms came along, and they battled these.

Aaron worked with his compass each night to determine which direction to go in, whether he would sail east or west or north or south. There were many trials and tribulations that they went through, going into these new territories. Aaron would chart their progress. He would plan for their next day. He would continually look through the telescope off onto the horizon to help guide them. They would stop at new islands and observe the environment and energies. They would collect new supplies and new food and meet new types of people.

All of this time they were traveling, Aaron had the unsettling feeling he was not truly discovering new lands. He felt the ship was not truly venturing to far off and exotic lands. He felt that the places they were exploring were just different shades of where he had come from before. But he continued his journey. He continued to use the wind to move his ship. He continued to push his crew to work harder. The days and the nights were long and difficult, full of struggling. Many of the crew became sick. Some of them died along the journey. There were fights with tribes on islands that were not so friendly. The journey was difficult, and it took its toll.

As they sailed back for home at the end of one year, Aaron looked at the treasures that he brought back. He looked at the new types of foods, at the new types of goods, and thought to himself, "I have accomplished the goal, but it is not terribly fulfilling; it is not terribly fulfilling, for the toll has been great." Many of his men were not even returning with him. Many were still sick. Many were bitter and scarred. And so ended Aaron’s journey. And so ended even his lifetime on Earth.

Now he returned in the next lifetime, once again as a sailor. He returned, going through those things in his childhood that would groom him to be a new type of sailor in a new type of energy. When Aaron became of age, he was ready to sail once again. But this time Aaron did not have a full crew. This time he chose to go alone. He chose to go by himself. He made the choice to not to work for the kingdom, and not to work for some government but instead to journey on his own. He built himself a ship that was just right for the voyage that he was about to embark on.

Within his cellular being, there were many hidden memories of what he had learned in his previous lifetime as a sailor and explorer. When Aaron pushed out for sea in his new ship, he left home his compass. He left home his supplies. He left home his charts and his papers. And when he got out to sea, instead of fighting the currents, instead of fighting the winds, he simply put up the sail and allowed himself to be taken on a new course.

In the early days of his voyage, Aaron was nervous and afraid, for he thought that by simply "allowing" his journey, it might take him to disaster. "Allowing" would perhaps take his ship and crash it upon the rocks. But he let go. He trusted. Certainly the winds and the currents began guiding him on a different path and a different direction. Aaron lived each day not worrying about charting his progress from the past, not worrying about using his compass to direct him in the future.

He lived each day, allowing in all appropriateness for his ship to be guided where it should go. In Aaron’s mind, there were time when the path did not seem to be the right way to go, but Aaron knew that he should let it be.

Aaron learned to stay in the moment. Certainly in its due time, Aaron was brought to great new lands, lands that were wonderful, lands that were filled with things he could not have possibly imagined before. Oh, these were not like the small islands that he had experienced in his past lifetimes! These were grand new lands with new energies, new opportunities, and new powers. He allowed his ship to be guided to areas, to lands, to discoveries that were beyond his comprehension!

By putting aside his old energy tools, he was taken by the currents and the winds to these new places. In these new lands he received many gifts, gifts of understanding and wisdom, gifts of self-empowerment, gifts of co-creation, and gifts of peace and joy. He brought these gifts with him when he returned back to his home land. When the people met him and asked about the gifts, and where he got them, he simply explained that he had been to new and wonderful places. He explained that he had been guided by a divine hand, and he knew that it was his own divine hand! He brought these gifts back to share with those who were in his home land. And so goes the story of Aaron.