New Think


< e2012 2 > Kuthumi talked about New Think at that point. A lot of you have been allowing the New Think to start coming in, to start being part of your reality, but you're thinking, "I'm not sure what New Think is. I'm not sure how to do it, so I'm going to wait until Adamus tells me." So I'm going to tell you. It's not about thinking. You can't think New Think. You can choose it, you can be it, you can experience it, but you can't think it, because the moment you start thinking it, then it's old think. So it doesn't really matter. But the implications are important here if you're allowing yourself to get into it.

< e2012 2 > New Think is not associative or associated thinking. What you do right now is all associated with some thing. Every time you think, what you're thinking right now is associated with something else. You're connecting the dot to something else - some other experience you've had, something you've read or learned or whatever - but it's an associated process. It's like you've created a mental network and that mental network is constantly at work. It kind of always works the same, and it's kind of always using the same patterns, the same logic, the same techniques to derive at results.

< e2012 2 > Most of you have started a process within yourself of New Think. And that's why some of you … How many are remembering some dreams now? More often than you were ten years ago? Remembering more. It's not a right or a wrong, and actually the dreams are occurring anyway. They're absolutely occurring. You just have a doorway that you close behind you. But it's time to start letting those in now. At first it's not real comfortable, constant dreaming all night long. Because you're bringing that energy, that consciousness back in with you.

< e2012 2 > In New Energy reality, which is starting to come into your physical reality, the mind would think that when you step off that ledge that something bad is going to happen. That's what the mind does. It tries to protect you. It says, "Don't step off that ledge." And it starts to try to calculate. It might throw a stone down into this dark hole and listen for how long it takes and go, "Oh damn! That's a lonnngg way."

< e2012 2 > In New Think, you step over the ledge and suddenly, the reality shifts and changes. It's no longer a ledge. It's no longer a deep hole. It's actually whatever you're choosing to experience in the moment. It's suddenly about choice, the choice that comes in so quick, so fast and manifests so quickly - faster than the speed of light - that suddenly it's a real experience, a real joy.

< e2012 2 > You're going through a very interesting transformation with New Think. As I said in the beginning of our discussion, can you remember your balance? Can you remember that you already have the tools? Now, here is the fine print. The balance isn't where your mind thinks it is. The tools aren't where you think they are, because that's old think. You have to be able to reach beyond, past, out. You have to be willing to be so trusting in yourself, or so open, or so crazy, whatever it happens to be, that you're willing to go outside of the old place where you found things.

< e2012 2 > Science validates what's happening in consciousness. Science is the beauty of discovering all the things that you've already created. Yes, you've already created them. Now you're discovering them. Interesting, isn't it? But it's very true. It's the same principle as walking backwards through time to discover what it was like to already ascend. It's the same with where the tools, where the balance, where the answers are, allowing the intuition to let you find them.

< e2012 2 > Most humans are about 99 percent pure crap. Really. Really. There is that one percent that actually uses these flows that are going through there for some constructive purpose, but most of it is just chatter. It's a chatter that drives you nuts and has caused you not to like yourself or being alone with yourself. What's more important is that in New Think you recognize that the crap thoughts that you have right now, the mind limited thoughts that you have, are very slow. Very slow wavelengths or very slow flow going through.

< e2012 2 > When your New Think allows the mind to grow naturally, to evolve now to where it's going to go to - you'll still have a brain, a mind, but it's going to evolve - and when New Think shows clear evidence that thoughts, even thoughts, can go beyond the speed of light … because most thoughts right now aren't; some are, most aren't. Most thoughts that go beyond the speed of light don't register within the brain and within this time-space continuum, so they become unknown thoughts. You know that they're there, but you don't know what they are.

< e2012 2 > What happens with New Think, …Your thinking starts going beyond the speed of light and beyond, and it goes beyond the need for any speed registration at all, beyond any sort of speed. And when that happens, you're going to suddenly discover what real insight is all about. You're going to discover how you really got trapped in a lot of needless old, slow, labored, boring thinking. You're going to realize exactly what we've been talking about for many years now that everything you need is in the Now. That's not just a nice little cliché.

< e2012 2 > By the way, you're also going to notice that this changes - that mouth. The mouth is a slave of the brain, and it yaks and yaks and yaks, sometimes just like the brain, and it comes up with a lot of words to fill a lot of space to bore a lot of people, and to keep you from really having to be in your presence. What's going to happen with New Think? Less talk. Hmm. Less talk. Why? Because you can make one sound - arr - and it - ppbbtt - any sound. And it can convey a tremendous amount of consciousness that attracts a tremendous amount of energy to it that can move mountains.

< e2012 2 > Here you have these two forces - last lifetime on Earth and you've peaked out. That's old think. Can you right now in this moment allow New Think … aah - stop right there. See? Right away I said that and some of you are already planning. There is no planning in New Think. There are no goals. There are no goals. You can't write down on a sheet of paper something that you want manifested. That's a fallacy. New Think is simply about making a choice, and then letting the winds come in. Letting the winds of change and evolution come in.

< e2012 2 > Just momentarily you didn't have to think. You were just present. You were just aware of what's around you. Interesting thing happens in New Think. Your awareness starts to expand. The mind kind of stops clicking away, the awareness just starts to expand. You're like, "Damn, I'm present." That's about all you need. In that flash, in that moment, everything starts changing. You can't put a linear factor on it. Everything suddenly is there. You don't have to plan it out or stress it out. It's a very, very different way of operating.

< e2012 2 > When you get into New Think, the drama goes away and with it the need to have highs and lows from a mental or emotional standing. You're going to feel a bit odd, because emotion even starts going out the door, and you're going to say, "Geez, I just feel emotionless, but funny, I feel much happier."

< e2012 2 > So most choices are directed towards the byproduct, the manifestation. They don't work, because there's not the real what I would call feeling in there. Real choices are things like choosing joy, choosing living in experience. A real choice is really just saying, "I Am that I Am." That's probably the ultimate choice. "I Am that I Am. I'm present. I'm living. I'm aware. Damn, I Am that I Am!" That's a choice.

A real choice is, you can even say, is just say, "I choose to live. I choose to live wildly abundant." Why not? Because you're choosing to live, which is important; wild, meaning you're willing to take some risks, go beyond the box; abundant, meaning full, rich. It doesn't mean just dollars and cents.

From there, all the manifestations start to work out. Don't focus on trying to manifest a pot of gold over here or you're going to cut yourself short. That's old think. The choice should have a feeling to it. The choice should have depth in it. It shouldn't sound like that mind crap. It shouldn't sound like makyo. It should be real. A real choice is just to live. To live.

< e2012 2 > So as we enter into New Think, a lot of stuff is going to start changing. New Think is a matter of choice. New Think is allowing a whole new set of un-sets to be in your life, a whole new way of being aware of your presence and expressing that.

< e2012 9 > It's you. It's your creative energy, but you allow those to come in. And instead of mentally worrying about the problem – this comes back to the point of trust – you allow the creative energies to just wash it, flow over it, flow with it. You don't start worrying about the consequences of your thoughts or your decisions. You take a deep breath … and by the way, this is very much like the New Think that Kuthumi talked about. You take a deep breath. Let that creative energy come in. And just be with it for a moment. It's very, very simple. You just be with it for a moment.