Are you ready? / You are ready


< Ascension sp > Are you ready to FREE yourself? Are you ready to free yourself of the patterns and the ways of the Old? Are you ready to free yourself of the duality that you have been walking in? Are you ready to allow yourself to soar; to let go of the wounds of the past; to free the spirit within you that is coming forth, this divinity that is trying to come forth and express? The blockages, the walls, that you still have around are not allowing you to be free. So, we ask each of you. Come now the time. Are you ready to be free?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to LOVE yourself? Are you ready to truly love yourself? Not in the ways that you might have thought of in the past. Not in a way that is simply pampering yourself. Rather, in a way that is an acceptance of everything you have done, everything that you have been, both light and dark. Are you ready to accept that you have been in duality and that all the experiences you have had have built the wisdom that Tobias was speaking of? Are you ready to truly love yourself as much as you have loved others, and as much as you have tried to love God? In the Old Energy of duality, you were taught that loving yourself was not appropriate. Are you ready to love yourself now, to love everything of who you are? Not to love some illusion of some grand angel that might or might not be you, not to love something in the future that you think you might want to become, but to love yourself NOW. Are you ready to do this, to love yourself now?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to KNOW yourself, to truly know yourself? In the past you have known aspects of who you were. You have tried to know yourself. You have tried to find yourself. But, are you ready to truly know something about you that has been kept within, that has been kept a secret from you by yourself? It has been kept a secret, because in duality there was part of you that did not want to accept who you are  Ea unique being with all of the energy and all of the power of God. We know it is difficult to accept. But, in knowing yourself, you will come to know this. You will come to know who you truly are. It will shatter the illusion of who you have thought you were. And in that could be fear. In that there could be holding back. Are you ready to truly know yourself, fully and completely? It is not the illusion that you have thought it would be. It is something totally different. Knowing yourself as a Christed one, knowing yourself as one with Spirit, who came from Spirit… that is a very difficult challenge. Are you ready to know yourself?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to OWN your divinity? To not only love it, and to not only know it, to not only have it in freedom? But, dear ones, are you ready to own it within you, to understand that it IS you, to hold it within you, to not try to hide who you are? Are you ready to own that this is yours? Your divinity was not given to you by any other. You have had it all along. It has been sealed. It has been locked away by seven seals, held tightly within. The seals are now ready to burst open. It is like they have been filled with stress. That is what you have been feeling, the seals wanting to burst open, all seven of them, not one by one by one. The seals do not open that way. They open in unison. They open together. Are you ready to own what comes forth, to accept it within your being and to know it has always been there? It has only been locked away. Are you ready to own the God that you are?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to SHOW and to express who you are? Are you ready to release the timidness, the hiding, the doubt? Are you ready to show yourself and the world and all of us the grand angel who you are? No longer hiding behind thin veils, no longer suppressing your own energy, no longer fearing the sound of your own voice when speaking to self or others? Are you ready to show your divinity and allow it to come forth, bursting forth into the "now" that you live in? Are you ready to take that foot off the brake, as Tobias has talked of, to show who you really are?

There is no greater example for another human than to see one who is owning their divinity and expressing it. If you do not show who you are, the energy becomes tangled up within you, and it becomes painful in your mind and in your body.

We ask you, Shaumbra, are you now ready to show who you are, to release these past lives you are trying to hide behind, where you said, "I will never expose myself as one who is filled with Spirit, for I was ridiculed, for I was put down and even imprisoned for this." In this New Energy that is shifting out of duality, showing who you are is one of the keys. That does not mean to be evangelistic. That does not mean to try to convert others. It means to ILLUMINATE your energy outward. There may not even be words that need to be said. It is simply illuminating who you are, expressing it through your being. As the seven seals come open, this energy of you will want to come forward. Are you ready to show who you are?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to ALLOW others their space, their consciousness? Are you ready to accept that the things that go on in people around you and energies around you are appropriate? It is not up to you to judge the right or wrong, but rather to be in a place of allowing. Are you ready to allow, to accept other, and all things around you? This is a key to moving into the New Energy. It is what Tobias has spoken of in "standing behind the short wall." In doing so, you will understand how things are truly created, but you will also honor the others for their path. Are you ready to allow others their path, their space, and more importantly, their consciousness? For if you do not, your energy becomes intertwined with theirs, and you could find yourself joining them on THEIR journey, rather than continuing yours.

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to RECEIVE the gift, what Tobias has spoken of as the "Fruit of the Rose?" It is your divinity! You have carried it with you ever since you left Home. Your divinity has always been there. It is your gift to yourself. Within the Fruit of the Rose is the solution that you already placed within your consciousness. Dear God who is sitting before us today, you have already created the solution, but you wanted to explore other possibilities! The solution is in the Fruit of the Rose that has always been with you.

You have never given yourself a challenge where you did not prepare the answer. You prepared the answer in love and compassion for yourself and placed it there. And now, each time you have a challenge in your life, understand that the Fruit of the Rose is the solution you have already worked out. You have just not been willing to look at it. You have been looking at other potential solutions.

There is a divine solution, and it was not written, or created, or given to you by Spirit, by Metatron, Tobias, your guides, or angels. It was created in your own heart, and that IS the Fruit of the Rose, the solution to everything that comes within you. But, you have to accept it as your own, that it is not given to you on a silver platter by another entity. For that is the game you have been playing. That is the game, looking for solutions created by others. Are you ready to receive the Fruit of the Rose, your divine solution?

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to release the illusion of duality? Are you ready to release this grand illusion, an illusion so strong that you consider it real and truth? Your consciousness is changing now. You are beginning to understand the energy dynamics of duality. You are slowly coming to understand that DUALITY IS SIMPLY AN ILLUSION. Are you ready to release this illusion? To you it might seem like a platform. It might seem like your foundation or your grounding. It might be fearful trying to release this, not knowing what the new foundation or the new grounding is. You are on the fence right now. You are on the fence, one foot in duality, the other in ascension, wanting to drag the foot that remains in duality. We put out the challenge to all of you today at this crucial time in the energetic balance of Earth. Are you ready to release duality, the illusion of duality? So strong, it is difficult to perceive it only as an illusion, but it is. Are you ready for this change in consciousness?

< Ascension sp > We have asked to interrupt your regular series to be here, not only for your path, but also for all of our paths. Consciousness, dear ones, the consciousness of Earth, and what happens on Earth affects all of us. So goes the consciousness of Earth, goes the consciousness of the universe. The decisions you make not only affect the consciousness of who you, but also have a direct affect on consciousness of all other parts and places. It pierces through the dimensions. It pierces through space  Eyour consciousness and the consciousness of all who are on Earth. The delicate balance that humanity is in right now, affects us, affects us.

< Ascension sp > That is why we come to you today, to ask you at this time:
Are you ready to be your divine self?
Are you ready to give up this illusion of duality and weakness, of illness, of loneliness, of despair?
Are you ready to give up the illusion of love, of what you thought it was like?
Are you ready to give up the illusion that you are not free?
Are you ready to give up the secret place you have been hiding yourself behind, the seven seals?
Are you ready to know who you are at the deepest and the most intimate and the most compassionate level?
Are you ready to release this game, this game you have been playing of trying to find yourself, a wonderful game that has gained you much wisdom and us much consciousness?

We will call it what it is  Ea game of trying to find yourself. All of the layers of illusions that you have put around you… wonderful, playful, very creative. But, are you ready, God, to come forth? The rest of humanity, the rest of the universe is waiting for your answer, your answer that is within. So goes the consciousness of you, also goes the consciousness of All That Is.

< Ascension sp > Be in a place of peace as things happen around you. You are ones who are open to feelings, to energies, to shifts. You have opened yourself well to these. But, in opening yourself, you become fragile, when there is not the deep inner ownership of your divinity. You become very fragile, when you are not allowing your divinity to express.

< Ascension sp > We come to you today to say that there is the strong potential for grand and swift changes upon your Earth at this time. Be in a place of peace with your divinity. That is the grandest thing you can do.

Stand behind that short wall.
Allow others their space and their experience.
Release your illusion of duality.

< Clarity 11 > Four years two months ago Metatron asked you a question, "Are you ready? Are you ready?" And today Metatron comes in, and Metatron speaks to each and every one of you because it is your voice also. Metatron is an entity - is a collective energy. Metatron is you also. It is your Authentic Self, your Godself. And Metatron comes in today to work with us in this Shoud, the Shoud where we close out the Clarity Series. Instead of a question, Metatron makes a statement and says "You ARE ready. You are ready."

< Clarity 11 > And if you're not.... If you are not ready, Shaumbra ... and we're going to bypass any filters Cauldre might throw in here... (more laughter) If you're not ready, perhaps it is time for you to find a different group. Perhaps it is time to look elsewhere for the answers. Perhaps it is time to go somewhere and work with other humans and other angels who will continue to do processing with you, continue to do facilitating with you, continue to work through your issues, because henceforth the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra is not going to focus the energy on that.

< Teacher 4 > So Shaumbra as we begin today I'm going to ask you a simple question. I'm going to ask it now and I'm going to ask it at the end of this Shoud. The meaning - it is not hidden - but the meaning may not be immediately apparent to you, but indeed it will be over the next six weeks of time. So I ask you the question today, each of you, without leaving anyone behind: Are you ready to accept change? Are you ready to accept change?

< Teacher 5 > This New Energy is not about duality. This New Energy is not linear. This New Energy is truly expansional in every way. So when it comes to visit you and it comes to be with you in your life, it works totally different. That is why Saint-Germain said to you in the last gathering "Are you ready for a change?" The change IS the New Energy. The change is how it works. You've been used to a certain way of operating in your everyday life - certain patterns, ways of thinking through things, ways of handling problems, ways of trying to answer questions. You're very used to these old patterns.

< Teacher 5 > While that old cycle is slowly, slowly dissolving away, the new cycle - the New Energy - is slowly making its place known. That is why we are spending a few moments here today, for this infusion. I am not doing it, I am not forcing it. The other angelic beings who are in the room are not making it so. It is you that is allowing it into your life, into your reality. It is the change that Saint-Germain talked about. A transformation of energy, but actually energy going to a whole new level.

< MNEC2009-T2 > I know you’re wondering … you’re wondering, "Am I ready?" I can feel it. "Am I ready?" Part of you is saying yes, part of you is so ready to go forward. But there’s that other little voice, "Am I really ready, Tobias? Maybe some other Shaumbra are, but am I?" I look at you - each and every one of you - and I know that you’re ready. Perhaps even a bit past ready, over ripe. (some laughter) Yes, you’re ready. You know, a human can study and study and study and have lifetime after lifetime after lifetime on Earth, thinking there’s something more they have to do or prepare for. But the moment you say, "I’m ready," then it’s time. Then it’s time.

< freedom 6 > The true Embodied Master, simply walks the Earth knowing that they no longer have to be here. There's no longer any terms of service or obligation to others. The true Master walks on Earth simply to shine their light. The true Embodied Master that you are soon going to become, still has challenges with duality, still feels the harshness of this reality, but knows they are not trapped, knows that at any moment they can simply walk out. The hardest thing of getting from this Awakening Human into the Embodied Master is the question, in the immortal words of Metatron, “Are you ready?”