grand angel / greatest of the angels


< New Earth 1 > As each of you knows in your heart, you are indeed a grand angel disguised as a three dimensional human. But indeed you are a grand angel. This grand angel will not come from above to reunite with you. It will not come in the night on some grand chariot. This grand angel will simply emerge from within you and you will know that it has always been there.

< New Earth 1 > And so it is that there came a time for Spirit to understand the balances of energies, for the struggle and the wars in the universes had been long and many. And all sides were tired. There did not seem to be a natural resolution so this place of Earth was created. The energies and the patterns of those energies were set into place and this grand thing called duality was put into force. And then there came the call to the greatest of the angels. These were the ones who had experienced the most and endured the most. They came to this place for what we have called the final experience of the First Creation.

< Creator 8QA > It is so important for you, for those here and for those reading this energy to know that sometimes, simply BEING is the most important thing that you can do. You have been conditioned that in order to be important or to make a difference, you must have a flurry of activities, you must build things, or change many things.

When we look at you, as we do now, we do not see a human in clothing and with biology. We see a Grand Angel who left home; who went through very challenging experiences on behalf of all; who has been on a long, long journey and who is still serving; who is still giving. Each of you here has been given an opportunity to leave - to leave your human life - to come back to our side, to take a break for a while. And each of you said, "No, I will continue."

You have endured many challenging and difficult circumstances in your lives. You speak of going to a job or taking care of your family - to us who are not in human form, this seems so difficult to us. Being cut off from your conscious connection to Spirit is the ultimate sacrifice. Indeed there are many good things that come from your journey as a human. You are learning of love in the most difficult of situations. You are learning who you truly are.

< Ascension sp > Are you ready to SHOW and to express who you are? Are you ready to release the timidness, the hiding, the doubt? Are you ready to show yourself and the world and all of us the grand angel who you are? No longer hiding behind thin veils, no longer suppressing your own energy, no longer fearing the sound of your own voice when speaking to self or others? Are you ready to show your divinity and allow it to come forth, bursting forth into the "now" that you live in? Are you ready to take that foot off the brake, as Tobias has talked of, to show who you really are?

< Ascension spQA > That is why Metatron said today, "Are you ready to show your Spirit, to let it burst forth, to know that it is YOU and not look for a foreigner. Do not look for a grand angel. Do not look for some higher, distant self. Simply walk each moment in your divinity, knowing that it is there, knowing that it is so much a part of you already that perhaps you do not recognize it."

< Clarity 11 > Because we both know that it's easy to get stuck in this thing of Earth. It's easy for the doubts to come in. It's easy to play this game of a victim. It's easy for you, a grand angel, to get lost in this whole energy and overlay of Earth. But if you're hearing or reading these words, you didn't need to be here. You gave of yourself in an ultimate type of service to Spirit, to loved ones who you have known in other lifetimes. You gave yourself in love to the Crimson Council, which you are a part of, to come back here and pretend, to go through these things which, yes, have been very real. Some of you have the scars, physical and emotional, to prove it.

< Clarity 11 > It's going to be different from here on. You ARE going to be teaching. That's what you came here for. That's why you took on this most difficult challenge when you didn't have to come back to Earth, when you sat and met with the grandest angels - you being one of them - in the Order of the Arc and in the Crimson Council, when you, a representative for your spiritual families in the other realms, didn't need to come back but yet you did. That is sacrifice. That is love. That is crazy!