ley lines / grid lines

crystalline magnetic grids of earth; crystalline grids of Gaia;
the vortexes of Gaia;

< DivineHuman 6QA > The grids, the magnetic grids that were adjusted by the Kryon entourage that are now finished… these affected you. This did not change or affect the grids of Earth, the ley lines that you talk about. This did not affect the vortexes of Gaia. The magnetic grids that Kryon adjusted affected the individual humans.

Now, there are the grids of the Earth, what are called the "crystalline grids." These come into adjustment now, and this would be more along the lines of what you speak. These have to do with ley lines. These have to do with energy vortexes. And, most certainly, these have to do with energetic connections to the outer dimensions and universes. These are all being adjusted now by you, the humans. Your consciousness will change the crystalline grids of Earth. This is your responsibility. You do not need to focus on it each morning when you wake up. It is being done naturally in response to you.

Here is how it works. When you, all of you, first came to Earth before having physical body, you seeded Earth with your energies. You seeded this rock of earth with new life. You placed very special energies all around the Earth that now form a crystalline lattice, a crystalline gridwork. These crystalline grids then helped to bring life as you know it on Earth - the plants, and the waters, the animals, all of these things. The crystalline grids help to bring that to Earth. The crystalline grids are the giver of life to Gaia.

Now that your consciousness has changed, now that you are putting two feet into the New Energy, this changes the crystalline grids and adjusts them. It also releases a whole new energy. In a sense, you could say that you buried this energy in the Earth long before you came here. You buried it and said, "It will not be available until my consciousness, my vibration, is at a certain level. And, then it will come forth from the Earth."

So, you are getting ready now to connect with the crystalline grids of Earth. This will give the human biology and your spirit a whole new energy. The crystalline grids are yours, all of yours. You placed them there before you came here. Now you activate them.

The old energy vortexes indeed are changing, or have changed. They are shifting.
There are new places sprouting up.

< DivineHuman 11 > She is going through drastic changes in her Old systems, in her ley lines and her grids and all of the energy flows of Earth. It is causing somewhat of a hardship on the angel Gaia. But you know what, dear friends? She is celebrating this. She is celebrating the change within her own system. She honors the process.

< Embodiment 7QA > It is valid because it is a potential. It is something that can be expressed as a reality. We don't want you to - or any of you - to get stuck on ley lines. We'll tell you right now - every ley line you thought was there has changed. Those who continue to go back to the old ley lines and the old gird lines are working in very Old Energy.

There is a precious gem, an energetic gem, in understanding that ley lines have moved. They're even performing differently. They don't have the same type of energy structure to them any more. They're actually… you can't even call them lines anymore. They are simply a point of reference now that connects Earth and the New Earth… and it goes on and on and on. It is very interesting mathematics. But, don't any of you tie yourself up with ley lines.

You choose the potential. If you want to get to the potential through drumming… if you want to get it through anything else… that is fine, but YOU pick the potential. You pick the potential.

< Returning 8 > We sat less than two weeks ago with an amazing group of Shaumbra from all over the world in a vortex - a real vortex - called the Great Pyramid. Not only because it is a vortex aligned with grids and ley lines and things like that, but because it has become a vortex for humanity. Consciousness helped to create it as such a powerful vortex. It is imprinted in the memories and the consciousness of humans all over the world. It is imprinted on some of your paper money. It is a vision and a picture that the large majority of humanity has seen and knows about. And with this group of Shaumbra sitting in the inner chamber talking about the mysteries of life, getting into the real secrets of life.