< New Earth 13QA > There will be Earth adjustments in the upcoming months and years. These will be done in a loving and natural way. For as we have said, Gaia has held much of the energy of your past, much of the energy of who you are. She too is tired and weary, even as your old energy self is tired and weary. She too is beginning to release those energies of vibrations of your past lives. In doing so there will be adjustments. There will be adjustments in the magnetic grids that are in the Earth and surrounding the Earth. In doing so it should be expected that there will be some upheavals. There will be some changes in weather patterns. There will be very high winds that come about across many, many parts of the Earth.

< DivineHuman 10 > you will continue to see disruptive weather patterns. We are so delighted to report to you that the changes of the Earth are going quite smoothly. There are storms, earthquakes, and other types of natural events. But again, we say the loss of life has been very, very small. It is because there is a group who is making a change by changing within themselves. They are helping to release the energies of the past, of their past lives, of their past ways. They are helping Gaia to release the pressure, so now there is just burping, rather than vomiting. (audience laughter) The Earth can release gently.

< Clarity 3QA > Indeed the weather patterns, particularly the storms, are as a result of consciousness of humanity. These storms come in to help clear. And, there have been so many hurricanes, for instance, in the last year or so of time that start and also affect the area of the Bahamas, of Cuba, and now going up into the Gulf. These are the energies of Atlantis, clearing out old stuck energies, allowing a new type of Atlantis to come back up. So, indeed it is coming from the consciousness of humanity. Is it the result of deliberate and calculated planning by sinister forces who want to take over the world? It all depends. It depends on you. If you choose that to be, then you're going to live in that reality. You're going to live with these sinister forces around every corner. And, you're going to spend your days and your time worried about what new conspiracy.

< Clarity 3QA > Yes, there are those who are seeking more wealth. There are those who try to control governments and businesses. But, generally it doesn't work. There are those who literally have worked on trying to control weather patterns. And, their attempts have been minuscule compared to what human consciousness is doing to the weather patterns. And, this includes the use of old fossil fuel energies. If there's anything you want to work with to help resolve, it's the energy crisis on Earth right now. There are less oil reserves than what humans are being told. It is imperative to develop the new energy sources, whether it is from hydrogen, or other type of water-based fuels, whether it is from the sun, or any of these other remarkable energies that are available.

< Clarity 3QA > The Earth is causing the weather problems because, whether they like to admit it or not, there is global warming. It is caused by a whole layer of pollutants around the Earth that are preventing the proper intake and output of energy, whether it is from the sun or other realms. This is causing disturbances in the very delicate balance of Gaia. Gaia reads these disturbances. Gaia reads that there are weather changes, that there are temperature changes, and knows it is her time to come in now and do clearing. She rides off of this energy, brings in her troops - which would be the hurricanes and the earthquakes and the fires - and helps facilitate the cleansing and the change that is going on.

< Teacher 11QA > You literally went through these first on a very personal level. You went through the internal changes, the internal earthquakes and volcanoes and storms and hurricanes and tsunamis. You went through these. And yes I use these terms that have to do with the Earth because there is a direct relationship to consciousness and the weather, to things like global warming, to things like storms or erratic weather patterns that you're going to see this summer. So all of these things are happening all around you right now, but it's not you. You're feeling them but you're not causing them.

< Returning 6 > As consciousness is changing, New Energy is coming in, Old Energy is going out. Old stuck energy in the Earth itself is shifting and leaving. Bodies that were buried hundreds, thousands and ten thousands of years ago are now departing. Gaia, the planet herself, the energy and the essence of the planet is departing, turning over responsibility for this grand planet to the humans who inhabit it. She's not going to leave in a single day, and it may take many, many years, but that transition is occurring. There's a cleansing at the deepest level of Earth right now and that translates into major weather changes on Earth.

< Returning 6 > What you have here is because the consciousness of Earth is changing to such a degree that it's going to affect the weather. The weather comes in response to human consciousness. That doesn't mean that it always has to be nice and sunny. (some laughter) The weather provides clearing. The weather provides insight and awareness also.

< Returning 6 > The weather on Earth also helps in a very interesting way of sharing consciousness, of sharing energies all around the world. It used to be perhaps the single most important method of bringing consciousness from one culture or one part of the world to the other. That is how it brought it from an ethereal level of different pockets of consciousness to new places around the world. That is how it was possible for there to be an invention in China 10,000 years ago, and at a very similar timeframe on the other side of the world for that same invention. Part of it happens ethereal, part of it happens physical. So the weather was used as the deliverer of consciousness, and it still is. It still is. It's more tangible.

< Returning 6 > There is what you would call a heartbeat to the weather. There is a pulse to the weather. Now, when you look at it from a very statistical standpoint, it wouldn't appear so. But if you feel into the clouds themselves, if you feel into the Earth and the relationship with itself with the water and the air, you'll be able to feel the pulse, and you'll be able to understand that the weather, the changing weather on Earth here in the year 2009, is going to be doing its clearing. And it's going to be carrying a new message to the plants and to the animals and to the Earth and to the water. And you're going to be part of it. You're going to feel very, very connected to the weather.

< Returning 6 > The weather is going to provide important shifts in releasing energies that have been held within for eons of time that have been waiting to go. Most of you have reclaimed your energies, your dead pasts that were buried in the ground. But now other aspects of entities are going to be recollecting themselves now.

< Master 7 > So the Earth quakes, the Earth shifts, the Earth has fire and snow and all the rest of that. What's happening is the energy is transmuting. So, the world is releasing right now. You see it in earthquakes, you see it in strange weather - that's the obvious stuff. There are a lot of other things going on as well. You can become aware of it just tapping into it. It's not just shifting the physical Earth itself. It's shifting magnetic grids. It's shifting the axis and then an earthquake comes along and really shifts it into place.

< freedom 3 > It could be very severe weather. Pretty good chance of that. Why? Because consciousness affects – or actually creates – the weather patterns. They say it's global warming. Well, what causes global warming? Consciousness! And consciousness, whether it is about taking care of the planet or future generations or how energy is used, that consciousness causes a degree of global warming, which causes the weather changes in themselves. So it is probably Europe where you're going to see some of these bringing up of energy in the changes that are taking place right now.